Scaramouche Genshin Impact Info

You may wonder who Scaramouche is, as he eventually makes his long awaited return in the 2.1 update, months after his first appearance. Simply, Scaramouche is a non-playable character that came to the game for playing a part in an upcoming Archon Quest.

So, learn more about Scaramouche including the background history, appearance, personality and some facts about him through our post below!

Scaramouche Genshin Impact Info

Who Is Scaramouche?

Scaramouche, who has a real name as ‘Kunikuzushi’ or better known as ‘Balladeer’ is a supporting antagonist who made his first appearance during the Unreconciled Stars ‘The Crisis Deepens’ event quest. He was also first seen near the Stone Gate.

Scaramouche is the sixth member of the Fatui’s Eleven Harbingers, the executive officers of the Fatui and the Tsaritsa’s lieutenants. He returns in the third act of Chapter 2 in the Archon Quests as a minor yet pivotal antagonist.

It is said that Scaramouche is definitely a high-ranking member of the Fatur, even with his youthful appearance. He places the same rank as Childe (Tartaglia) and La Signora. Scaramouche comes from Inazuma who was only traveling when he found about the fallen meteorites.

According to the event, Scaramouche leads the investigation on the Meteorites. He was given this task by Jester. Moreover, he was also one of Raiden Shogun’s modeled puppets. Well, the puppet should be discarded, but Raiden Shogun felt bad to destroy this puppet. So, she decided to seal the puppet. Today, you can see the puppet wandering around Inazuma in a male gender with its own consciousness.

Historical Background of Scaramouche

Originally, Scaramouche is a puppet that was created by Raiden Ei in her test in creating puppet bodies. Raiden Ei’s creation was successful and was considered a prototype for the puppet that she used to be the Raiden Shogun.

Raiden does not intend to kill the puppet after he serves his use to her. She then sealed his powers as a divine creation before she released him into the wild. Finally, Scaramouche  wandered around Inazuma for hundreds of years until he was found by Fatui.

The Fatui members unlocked the hidden power within him. They then reprogrammed him and finally turned into Scaramouche as the sixth of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers.

During ‘The Crisis Deepens’ event quest, Scaramouche first appears where he introduced himself as a ‘vagrant from Inazuma’. Initially, he appears to be friendly at first. He then knows the Traveler’s identity as the Honorary Knight. He also attempts to break them down but that is only stopped by Mona who feles his intentions.

It is revealed that Scaramouche traveled to Liyue to do an investigation for mysterious meteorites. He then enters a dream in which he realizes that the sky and the stars are a lie. He thinks that Joker had intentionally sent him without what would happen previously.

Once Scaramouche leaves a promising threat against the Traveler, he then takes his leave to encounter the senior harbinger. Later, he goes to Inazuma to monitor the creation of Delusion at a secret facility and face the Traveler.

Scaramouche incites them to give up to the old god’s wrath, instead encountering them head on. However, the plan is foiled when Yae Miko walks in. Then, She negotiates for their safety by offering Beelzebul’s Gnosis that he receives and allows her to leave with them.

Scaramouche’s Appearance

Who Is Scaramouche

Scaramouche is described as a young man who has short dark blue hair and blue eyes. He is seen as a slender figure and a handsome face. If we see, Scaramouche has a youthful appearance with indigo hair covering his eyes and also his indigo eyes with bold red eyeliner.

Scaramouche wears a black shirt, sandals and pants. He also wears a decorated uniform with white and red drapes and a purple belt. His large hat with four upwards-curving hooks along the circumference seems to be his mask on the center.

Scaramouche also has two ornamental accessories hanging from red threads that are attached to the back of his hat. Then, a translucent black veil  that is separated into two hanging at the back of his hat decorated with ombre brown swirls near the bottom.

There’s a bronze medallion on his chest that is attached to a collar around his neck, resembling the Electro icon. He also has a massive conical hat on his head with four hooks around the circumference that curves upward, drap two long translucent black veils in the back.

There are also two accessories that are attached to the sides of the hat, resembling Prototype Amber catalysts connected from red threads. Overall, his clothes resemble traditional Japanese or Chinese wear.

Scaramouche’s Personality

There’s a rumor heard by Viktor where Scaramouche is a very cunning person who is not well-liked by people around. Some say that he has a disagreeable personality, making him so hard to get along with. Others also say that Scaramouche does not know when to keep his mouth shut.

As a Harbinger, he is naturally a cunning person, even his fellow Harbingers also do not like him a lot. In other words, Scaramouche is an unpredictable individual who is two-faced. On his first debut, he behaved in a friendly manner with the Travel to lower their guard, so he could kill them easily.

With a two-faced attitude, he successfully manipulates the Traveler under the disguise of a friendly vagrant in order to kill them. He likes to brag about using his authority over others. He also has a low intolerance towards his henchmen who don’t hesitate to berate them for actions he dislikes about them such as calling a soldier a fool for suggesting other plans at his behest.

Will Scaramouche Be a Playable Character?

As of this writing, there’s no announcement that Scaramouche will be a playable character in Genshin Impact. But in the game, he is voiced by a famous voice actor named Kakihara Tetsuya.

Because of this, many people think that there will be huge opportunities for him to be released as a playable character later. So, what you should do is to only wait for the next information from Genshin Impact.