3 Fun Ways to Prank Your Friends by Making Their Smartphone Error and Restart Itself

You may have noticed that after receiving a WhatsApp message from someone, your smartphone abruptly restarts itself, despite the fact that your smartphone was working normally before. When you are experiencing it, you are most likely being pranked by your friends.

Although it is not recommended, there are many ways to prank your friends by making their smartphone crash and then suddenly restart itself through a WhatsApp message. There is no doubt that WhatsApp is currently the most popular chatting app across the world. In fact, almost everyone who owns a smartphone has WhatsApp installed.

3 Fun Ways to Prank Your Friends by Making Their Smartphone Error and Restart Itself

Pranks via WhatsApp: Why?

With a very large number of WhatsApp users, not a few people take advantage of WhatsApp bugs to prank others and make their smartphone get an error and suddenly restart itself. One of the popular methods that some people use is to send some special codes that can later make their smartphone work harder, like receiving a heavy file.

Then, it can cause their WhatsApp to crash or error, and even the recipient’s smartphone can restart itself. Once again, this method is not recommended since it can harm others, especially if they have low specification smartphones.

But, if you want to know some fun ways to prank your friend by making their smartphone crash and restart itself, we will show you the information that we got from the Urban Digital Website. Let’s check them out!

Way 1: Sending 4000+ smileys on WhatsApp messages

The first thing you can do to prank your friend by making their smartphone crash and restart itself is by sending them more than 4000 smileys on a WhatsApp message. The information to do this action is from Indrajeet Bhuyan, who explained it on his YouTube channel.

Of course, you can prank your WhatsApp friends only by sending smileys to them. This prank works on both WhatsApp mobile and WhatsApp Web. Bhuyan explained that WhatsApp Web can accommodate approximately 6500–6600 characters.

Sure, if there are around 4200–4400 smileys on a WhatsApp message, the browser used will work slower. Not only that, the browser will not suddenly respond. Of course, this condition will also apply to WhatsApp mobile. Well, the only way to overcome this is to delete the chat. Then, you will be safe from the WhatsApp bug.

Way 2: Sending a WhatsApp Message with Code

One of the unresolved WhatsApp bugs is code To prank your friend by making their smartphone crash, you can only send a unique code, and then their smartphone will lag and cannot be used for a while.

In addition to being able to make their WhatsApp lag, this unique code can also cause their smartphone to suddenly restart itself. It is no wonder if this bug is quite troublesome since it can make both the sender’s and recipient’s smartphones slow and hang.

Of course, you should be careful when someone sends the unique code to you via WhatsApp message. If you notice it, make sure not to open the chat. It’s highly recommended for you to quickly delete the chat without opening it.

After receiving the code on a WhatsApp message, it can really harm your smartphone and disrupt your WhatsApp activities, especially if your smartphone has a low specification with less than 2GB, because your smartphone will crash and even continuously restart itself. To solve this, you just need to delete the message containing the code.

Here’s the code:

Sending a WhatsApp Message with Code

Way 3: Sending the black dot code

The last way to prank your friend by making their smartphone crash and restart itself is to send the Black Dot Code. Your smartphone will also display an error after receiving this code. It happens when the recipient touches the black dot code, which then causes WhatsApp to freeze and not respond at all.

To do this prank, you simply copy the black dot code below and then send it to someone via WhatsApp message. When you receive this black dot code, we suggest you delete this chat without opening it if you do not want your smartphone to freeze.

Here’s the code:

Sending the black dot code

Okay, those are the three fun ways to prank your friend by making their smartphone get an error, crash, and then restart itself. However, these ways are bad and not recommended since they can really harm your friends, particularly if they really need WhatsApp for their daily activities.

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