Where is the Policy Number on BCBS Insurance Card

BCBS Insurance card contains key information about your health insurance coverage. It is required when you need care or pick up a prescription at the pharmacy. Keeping your BCBS Insurance card in a secure location to protect you from medical identity theft. If you have misplaced or have not yet received your BCBS Insurance card, a temporary ID card may be available online.

When your BCBS Insurance card arrives in the mail, please take a moment to look for these several things:

    • Double-Check Details
      You have to check your new card to make sure details like the spelling of your name and the kind of plan you selected are correct. You are able to contact your BCBS company to address any errors.
    • Key Contact Information
      Your BCBS Insurance card has crucial contact information to assist you reach your BCBS company. You are able to look on the back of your BCBS Insurance card to find the phone numbers for the customer service and eligibility questions.
    • Your Member ID Number
      Your BCBS Insurance card has your member number. For your information, your member number, also recognized as your identification number. It is listed directly below your name. You are going to need this information when receiving medical services at the doctor, or when calling the customer service for assistance. If your group number is available, you are going to find it directly below your member number.
    • Your Plan Type
      If you forget or are not sure what kind of health insurance plan you have, then you are able to find out on your BCBS ID card. If you have an HMO, your insurance card may also list the physician or group you have selected for primary care. Determining whether a provider is in-network is a crucial part of selecting a primary care physician.
    • Your Co-Pays
      Your BCBS Insurance card may include a list of the co-pay amounts you have to pay for common services such as a doctor’s visit or trip to the emergency room.

The Location of the Policy Number on BCBS Insurance Card

Where is the Policy Number on BCBS Insurance Card

Need to know, the Policy number should be the Member ID number on BCBS Insurance card. Your member ID number will identify you as a covered member of BCBS (Blue Cross and Blue Shield). It is really important because it is how you access your benefits when you need care, like your credit card lets you use your credit account to make purchases. Your number connects you to your information in their systems. It is what providers use to ensure you are covered for a treatment or medicine when you seek care.

You are able to find your Policy number on your member ID card, which you should get in the mail after you sign up for one of our plans. If you are a current member and your plan does not change, then you may not get a new card. Do not worry, the card you have will still work. If you are in a plan via your job or another group, it will be listed on your card too.

Also, your member ID number will be listed on your welcome letter. If you have not received your ID card yet, you are able to use the ID number and group number from your welcome letter to log into Blue Access for MembersSM to access your digital ID card or print a temporary ID card.

How to Use Your BCBS Insurance Card?

It is crucial to take your BCBS Insurance card when you seek care, so that your doctor has your insurance information. Without a BCBS Insurance card, you may be billed wrongly for treatment or services. Also, your BCBS Insurance card is needed at the pharmacy to ensure your prescription is covered by your plan. Aside from that, you will also need to know your ID number when you call Customer Service or pay your bill. Your ID number is the key that gets you into Blue Access for Members, your online resource to manage your health care coverage. There you are able some things:

    • You are able to check claims status and review Explanation of Benefits statements.
    • You are able to find a doctor, hospital, dentist or vision provider using Provider Finder.
    • You are able to find a pharmacy and see a list of the drugs covered by your plan.
    • You are able to learn health facts about illnesses and diseases.

If you are already a member and have not signed up for Blue Access for Members, you are able to sign up right now.

Will Your Member ID Number Ever Change?

In some cases, your member ID number may change, such as if you switch health insurance plans during open enrollment. Your member ID number should stay the same if your plan does not change. If you are unsure of whether your member ID number has changed, simply you are able to call Customer Service at the number listed on your ID card

Access Your Benefits

You are able to use BCBS interactive search to find your local Blue Cross Blue Shield Company’s site. Your local company will help you gladly.

    • Your local company will help you to change your coverage.
    • Your local company will help you to estimate the cost of a medical procedure.
    • Your local company will help you to file or check on your claim.
    • Your local company will help you to replace your member ID card.
    • Your local company will help you to review your balance.
    • Your local company will help you to view your plan details.

About BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

Since 1929, BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield) companies have given healthcare coverage to members, allowing members to live free of worry, free of fear. In every ZIP code, BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield) offers a personalized approach to healthcare based on the needs of the communities where their own members live and work. BCBS work closely with hospitals and doctors in the communities they serve to give quality, affordable healthcare.