Where is the Policy Number on Fidelis Card

Fidelis Care is a health insurance company that offers a number of health plans including Medicaid, Child Health Plus, Essential Plan, Qualified Health Plans and Managed Long Term Care Coverage. With more than 2.3 million children and adults of all ages, Fidelis Care provides quality, affordable health insurance coverage.

Are you a member of Fidelis Care insurance plan? If so, do you find it difficult to find your policy number? In fact, most insurance holders find it hard to find their policy number on their own insurance card, whereas that’s very easy to find. To know where your policy number on Fidelis is located, you can dive into our post to find out the information.

Where Is the Policy Number Located on a Fidelis Card?

Just like most insurance companies, Fidelis Care provides the policy number of their member on the card that reads ‘Member ID’. The Member ID/ Policy Number on the Fidelis card can be found at the top of the card. If you’re a policyholder, the last two digits in your policy number will be 00.

Let’s see the Fidelis Card below!

Where is the Policy Number on Fidelis Card

On the Fidelis card, you can find your Member ID/ policy number, your name, PCP number, PCP telephone, member services, Davis Vision and DentaQuest. It’s very important for you to learn the common terms and abbreviations on your insurance cards, so that it will help you speed through the forms that you should fill out at the doctor’s office.

The policy number is very essential when seeing a doctor, as it allows healthcare facilities and their staff to verify coverage and arrange payment for services. This number can also be used to look up specific members and answer questions about benefits and claims.

The policy number is like an ID number that is a coded way of referring to you and your insurance policy that you have purchased. On an insurance card, the policy number is a shorthand that is a placeholder for all the different coverage levels you have bought.

Certainly, you will have different policy numbers for the types of your insurance such as health insurance, home insurance, car insurance, and others, even if you buy them through the same company.

Even though policy numbers are very important, but you shouldn’t memorize them so much. Instead, you have to keep your insurance card in your wallet. Make sure to place your insurance card in a safe, but accessible place.

How to Sign Up for a Fidelis Member Account?

If you’re a Fidelis member, you may want to access the Fidelis Care member portal. If you do not  register yet on the official Fidelis Care website, you may need to sign up first that you can access here. Once you are at the homepage of Fidelis Care, you need to click on the ‘Login’ button at the right top of the page.

There will be a drop-down menu that asks you to choose one option. As you want to sign up for a new Fidelis member, you need to choose the ‘Member Online Portal’ option and click on it. Then, click on the ‘Register’ button on the Login page.

In the Registration page, you also need to choose one option. Choose ‘Myself – I’m registering my self’ option (if you sign up for yourself) or choose ‘Dependent – I’m registering somebody I’m responsible for’ option (if you sign up for somebody).

In the following page, you will need to provide your personal details by entering your member ID that you get on your Fidelis card, your first name, your last name, your birthdate and your social security number.

In the next page, you may be allowed to create your own password. If so, make sure to create your password at least 8 characters combining the lower case letter,  upper case letter, number and perhaps the punctuation/ symbol characters.

After you have filled all of the fields, you can then submit your registration. After that, you will receive a confirmation email and you should open it and click on the information link. Generally, you will be required to set your security question and answer.

That’s it! You successfully create your Fidelis account to access the member portal.

Why Should You Create a Fidelis Account on Fidelis Care Website?

If you are a Fidelis insurance holder, making an account on the official site of  Fidelis Care is very beneficial. After creating an account on Fidelis Care, you definitely will have a Member Portal, allowing you to access your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Everything you want to do with Fidelis regarding your insurance plan will be done through the Fidelis Member Portal. Here are what you can do on Fidelis Member Portal:

    • Able to find health care facilities which accept your Fidelis Care plan
    • Able to pay your monthly and set up auto-pay
    • Order more member ID cards or new member ID cards
    • Able to change your primary care provider
    • To check your claim history
    • Able to submit Flex Reimbursement request (Medicare Advantage Flex and Dual Advantage Flex members only)
    • Many more

How to Renew Your Fidelis Coverage?

You will have the right to keep or change your health coverage during the annual Open Enrollment period, if you have a Fidelis Care Qualified Health Plan through NY State of Health. You may receive a notice by email, mail or also phone to tell you that you have to know about renewing your coverage.

You can renew your coverage directly with the NY State of Health during the annual Open Enrollment period. Here’s how!

    • First, you need to visit www.nystateofhealth.ny.gov
    • Once you are at this page, you need to click on ‘Get Started’.
    • You also need to follow the instructions to make a NY.Gov ID if you do not have one.
    • Once logging in, you have to enter your invitation code. The invitation code will be included in the letter you’ve received and are commonly located under step 2 in the instructions.
    • Sure, you need to follow the instructions on NY State of Health to complete your renewal.

Alternatively, you can make a call to renew your Fidelis Coverage to the NY State of Health at 1-855-355-5777.

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