The Meaning of Ion from Snapchat to Texting

Snapchat has a lot of terms and one of the most popular is called ion. In short, ion stands for In Other News. This term is actually an acronym that has been used quite universally. It is not only popular on Snapchat, but is also able to be found in text messages and DMs. There are a lot of emoji keyboards stickers related to ion. These stickers can be searched by using the acronym or just “in other news”.

How is ion used on Snapchat? Ion is usually used to change the topic of a conversation. For instance, if you are talking about a topic, but you want to change the focus to another, ion is able to be used and then start the next conversation. Aside from that, it is also able to be used to start a conversation with someone whom you do not usually talk to. In this case, ion is used as an ice breaker and introduces a topic immediately.

The Meaning of Ion from Snapchat to Texting

Used out of context, ion is the great way to grab attention to a fact that you want to share. Here is the example of the statement: “ion, UFOs are flying around the Earth, and no one is really surprised”.

What are the ways to use ion on Snapchat? The acronym ion is able to be used in several ways on Snapchat. It can be used in your snap, message, or even your Snapchat story. Apparently, there is also a sticker for “in other news” by Snapchat that you are able to add to your snaps.

When ion is used in a snap or story, you are recommended to make a separate textbox for ion. The intention of it is to highlight the topic rather than the ion text. If you do not really want to type it out, then sticker is the best option.

To be able to use the ion sticker on a snap, the first thing that you will need to do is to launch the Snapchat app. Then, click an image to set as a background to your snap. Now, it is time for you to tap the Stickers button located in the right side panel. You can look for “in other news” by using the search bar that is able to be found at the top. Feel free to tap the sticker that you want to add to your story. Once you get your sticker, you can continue and add the fact that you want to highlight. Please tap the background anywhere to add your text. Lastly, send your snap out as you usually do.

Ion could mean different things on different platforms. In Other News is not the only one, it can also refer to I don’t. Sometimes, this common acronym can be used with any other social media text messages and DMs including Snapchat. However, only some know about the ion in the Snapchat text message. It is the reason why it is needed to do quick research on Google to clarify the meaning of the word that your friend is talking about. If the ION is used in the text message by your friend in capital letter, then it might be used to change the point of a conversation. In this case, ION means In Other News. Here is the example in a conversation:

A: What did you do at home yesterday?

B: Not much, just sleeping.

A: OK. ION, I just got hired by the place that I want.

In the conversation above, the phrase ION can be used either seriously or as a sarcastic way to tell someone that their selected topic is not interesting so it is better to talk about something different. In addition, a few people use ion for “I don’t” in shorthand. When talking about the ion definition for Snap, ion is a slang and shorthand for the words “I don’t” as a way to shorten the word. Here is the example:

Sometimes, ion feel da luv so I draw a line from everybody

To make everything clearer, here is the example of ion in text messages:

A: What are you gonna do on this long summer break?

B: Ion know

A: Let’s go somewhere

B: Hmmm. OK.

Apart from ion, there are a few terms that relate closely to it. The good thing is that some of them are able to even be used interchangeably.

  • IMO: This one means In My Opinion. It is used to speak your own opinion about the things that you hold.
  • News flash: Just like ion, this one is able to be used to bring attention to a new topic. It is usually something that the person cares about.
  • ICYDK: This one stands for In Case You Don’t Know. The term is also able to be used interchangeably with ion and FLI to signify a change of topic.
  • FYI: This one is normally used to tell someone about something they probably do not know.

In the world of social media, knowing some different apps is not enough. Apart from that, understanding the lingo for each of those apps is also needed. It has been known that each of social media apps has its own lingo or slang that revolves around the platform, including abbreviations, emoticons, and many other ones.

Anyone who is on the internet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week knows it has its own language. Acronyms, slang, neologisms, and made up worlds can be really confusing for some people who do not spend much time on the internet. As stated before, the popular platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Tiktok, Snapchat, and so on have their own code talk some people might think them as nonsense. Phrases like dox, bump, troll, AMA, IMHO, have their own certain meaning in the digital world, some of which can be weird. It is sure that one day some internet historians will debate over the true meaning of the old phrases like lmao and gtfo.

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