How Do You Report a Lost Streak on Snapchat

You may get a big problem where you lost your Snapstreak from your Snapchat account. The problem is commonly caused by some reasons. The most obvious  reason why you have lost your Snapstreak is that either you and your friend have not sent a Snap within the past 24 hours.

Aside from that, your internet connection can also be a reason why you lost your Snapstreak. If you have a bad internet connection, your snap will fail to send and surely you will not get a Snapstreak. Then, how to report when your Snapstreak disappeared from your Snapchat account?

Here’s How to Report When You Lose Your Snapstreak!

How Do You Report a Lost Streak on Snapchat

If you see your Snapstreak lost from your Snapchat account, you definitely can report this issue to Snapchat Customer Support. Reporting this issue is pretty easy where you just need to fill out the available form that can be found on Snapchat website, here’s what you should do:

    • All you have to do is to open the browser on your smartphone and go to the Snapchat Support page here.
    • After you are at the Snapchat Support page, you have to find the ‘Contact Us’ option. Once you find it, you can click on it.
    • On the Snapchat Support Page, you will see a number of problems that you should choose.
    • Since you lost your Snapstreak, you have to choose the ‘I lost my Snapstreak’ or ‘My Snap Streaks disappeared’ option.
    • If you see the  ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ option, you have to choose the ‘Yes’ button.
    • Then, you need to scroll down until you see the available form to fill.
    • To fill your personal information, you should provide your Username, Email, Mobile Number, Device, Friend’s Username. You also need to answer a bunch of questions available. On the available form, you also have to tell your issue in detail.
    • After you fill out your information, click on the ‘Send’ button.

Once you send a form describing your issue, you have to wait a few days to hear back from Snapchat Support via email and put your Snapstreak back in place. If you feel sneaky, it’s better for you to  use the same contact form to hack your snapchat streak number.

To contact the Snapchat Support, you may have to fill out the form the same way. However, there’s a box that will prompt you to tell how long your Snapstreak was, so you may also have to put the number that you want to streak to be.

To get a fast respon of your problem, you need to write a convincing message in the last text box that requires you to describe your problem. If it’s done, you can submit the form by tapping send at the bottom.

For more information, Snapchat Support will receive your claim and proceed with it as quickly as possible. After they have processed your claim, you will receive an email message from them. Afterward, the number of your Snapstreak will be increased to the number that you indicated in the contact form.

Why Does Your Snapstreak Not Return Back to Your Snapchat Account?

Keep in mind, the social media platform will not reinstate your Snapstreak if it just naturally waned. No matter if you were nearing 1000 days and if the individual forgot, that’s your own head at all. In this case, you can lie and also say something went wrong with the Snapchat app, however the Snapchat does not advocate that at all.

The service probably does not think the situation warrants a correction. In this case, you may have to start new Streaks. Commonly, a fresh start is a good thing to get back your Snapstreak.

Some Things to Recognize Before Getting Your SnapStreak Back

It’s important to note, Snapchat will recognize and appreciate its dedicated user base and some things may be out of their control. Of course, you can really recover your Snapstreak, as long as you recognize some things  to do.

Before you report you lost your Snapstreak, you should know that there are certain conditions that you should meet to get your Snapstreak back. You cannot perform it regularly and don’t get into the habit of losing your Streak and appealing to Snapchat. You should know that they will not fall for it and may only perform it once, depending on how generous the company feels.

Another thing you should recognize is if a number of your streaks have disappeared, this way will likely only work with one contact. Of course, there is a limit of one username per submission, so make your longest-running Streak the priority.

How to Keep Your Snapstreak Going?

Snapstreak can be defined when you and your friend have regularly snapped each other a picture or video every day for at least three consecutive days. Once you begin a streak, a flame with the number will appear next to your friend’s name that you have a streak with.

Only the two people that are involved in the streak will see the number of Snapstreak. Certainly, you should exchange a photo or video with your friend to increase the number of your Snapstreak.

The number of your Snapstreak beside the flame will track the number of days which you have kept the streak going. If you want to keep the Snapstreak going, you and your friend have to send each other a picture or video snap every day.

The main way to keep your Snapstreak going is to regularly send a snap to your friend on a daily basis. It’s important to note, the text chats do not count towards your streak. If you don’t see an hourglass next to your friend’s name, that means your streak is about to expire. if it happens, you have to ensure to send your friend a snap soon to keep your Snapstreak keep going.

If you know that you  and your friend snapped each other everyday, but your Snapstreak has disappeared, it’s highly recommended for you to report your issue to Snapchat Support to get your Snapstreak back.