How to Get Your Snap Score Up

Even though it’s not as hot as TikTok, Snapchat has millions of active users every day. If trending on TikTok is seen from the number of viewers in every upload you post, it is different from Snapchat. On Snapchat, your popularity can be determined by how much score you get.

Even though Snapchat score cannot be used for anything on, however, your score can be an indicator how popular you are, seen by how snap you’ve sent or received. That’s why a lot of Snapchat users are trying to increase their score. If you’re looking for the way to get your score up on Snapchat, let’s dive into our post to find the guide!

How to Get Your Snap Score Up

Increasing Your Score on Snapchat, Here’s How!

Scores on Snapchat actually indicate how social and how active you are on Snapchat. The only way to increase your Snap score is to actively use the Snapchat app and do more activities. The more you open and do activities on Snapchat, the more scores you will get.

Creativity will really require on Snapchat. If you frequently send plain direct messages to your friends, it will not increase your score. Instead, sending a Snap or continuing your snap streak will get your Snap score up.

After taking a little research, there are several ways you can do to increase your score on Snapchat, here are they:

1) Sending Snaps

Your Snap score will increase by 1 point, every time you send a Snap. If you do not open and perform activities on Snapchat for a few days and then come back to the app, sending your first snap will earn you 6 points.

Your Snap score here will increase when you send photo or video snaps. If you send a direct message to your friends, it will not get your Snap score up. It’s important to note, sending snaps in group messages will not increase your Snap score at all. So, make sure to send Snaps to individuals, and not just group messages.

2) Opening Snaps

Aside from sending photo and video snaps, receiving and opening snaps will also increase your score. Every time you open an unread Snap, it will get you 1 point. So, no matter the snaps people send to you, make sure to check and open them daily and quickly.

3) Posting Stories

Your snap score will increase by one point when you make and post a story. The great thing about Snapchat stories is that you will still get points, even if none see your story. If you decide to clear your story at any point, you will get some extra points in your account.

4) Through Snapchat streaks

To get bonus points, you can keep your Snapchat streak up and also open other people’s streaks. To start a Snapchat streak, you will need to send someone you know a snap. To send a snap, you will need to add a friend or more on your Snapchat account.

You definitely can send a snap to one or more of them. Once sending a snap, you may have to wait for them to send another snapback. Once your friend sends back a snap, you and your friends have to repeat the steps above daily for as long as possible.

Regardless of sending a Streak on Snapchat, it does not matter how random your snaps are and how short your video is. The only requirement you should meet is to send either a photo or video to your friends every day.

5) Adding New Friends to Increase Your Score

Last, adding new friends will get your Snap score up. Even though it may seem silly, Snapchat is a social media application and making new friends sounds normal. To add new friends, you can tap a Profile icon at the top.

Then, click on the ‘Add Friends’ option and tap ‘All Contacts’. After that tap ‘+Add’ to add them as your new friends on Snapchat. There are a number of methods to add friends on Snapchat, here are they:

    • Add Friends by Search
    • Add Friends by Mention
    • Add Friends by Quick Add
    • Add Friends by Requests
    • Add Friends by Snapcode

Okay, those are some methods to increase your score on Snapchat. It is known that Snapchat’s scoring system is like a video game. So, it will be great to track your progress, keep you engaged and create the application a little more interesting.

However, you cannot unlock any special features with a higher score. However, you can get the cute emojis if you hit a Snap Streak with a friend. Aside from that, you can also gain Snapchat trophies in the past, unfortunately, those are no longer available.

Although there’s no way to determine how Snapchat measures your score, but those methods above will surely help you.

Why Are Your Scores on Snapchat Not Increased?

The reason why your Snap score does not increase can be caused by several things. If you think that sending a plain message will increase your Snap score, you’re totally wrong. Contrary to belief, sending and receiving plain direct messages will not increase your Snap score.

Even though some successfully increase their score, in most cases, when you add friends on Snapchat, it will not increase your Snap score. However, you can add as many as celebrities from all around the world, but it does not get your score up. Instead, if you want to get 1 point, you may need to accept your friend’s requests.

What Are Benefits of Getting Your Snap Score Up?

Even though your Snap score is just for fun, but there are some benefits you will get, here are they:

    • Immense Satisfaction: Your high Snap score on your profile page will actually impress your friends.
    • Future rewards: If you turn your scores into something real, such as Snapchat filters or Snapchat merch with your username.
    • Trophies: Snapchat trophies are such an additional reward awaiting for you who are willing to increase your Snap score up.

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