Snapchat Streak Lost, How to Get Back

If you lost your Snapstreak, what you should do is to try getting it back, right? Even though there are some causes why your Snapstreak is getting lost, the most obvious thing that causes your Snapstreak to get lost is that either you or your friend have not sent at least a photo or a video snap over 24-hours.

You definitely can get back your lost Snapstreak, as long as you meet some requirements. Unfortunately, you do not know how to get back your Snapstreak yet. Thankfully, this post will show you a guide to get back your lost Snapstreak. Here you go!

Getting Back Your Lost Snapstreak, Here’s How!

Snapchat Streak Lost, How to Get Back

The main thing you should do to get back your lost Snapstreak is by reporting it to Snapchat Support. There are two alternative ways that you can take to report your lost Snapstreak; through the Snapchat app and through the Snapchat website. No worries, both ways will be explained below!

Way 1: Through Snapchat app

    • To report your lost Snapstreak through the Snapchat app, you need to open your Snapchat app first.
    • Then, you need to log into the Snapchat app with your account.
    • On your Snapchat, you need to press ‘Settings’
    • Here, you need to go towards the bottom and head toward the ‘Supports’ section.
    • After that, you need to press ‘I Need Help’ and then tap ‘Snapstreak’.
    • From the ‘What if my Snapstreak has gone?’ option, you need to choose ‘Let us know’.
    • You can then choose ‘My Snapstreak disappeared’.
    • In this step, you need to fill in the form with your personal information as completely as possible.
    • Press ‘Send’ to submit your form.

If the hourglass emoji has been displayed before your streak ended, it is likely Snapchat will not help. But, you will be able to strengthen your case to get it back in the ‘What information should we know’ section of the form.

On Snapchat Website

    • First, you can open your browser on your phone.
    • Then, you can go to the Snapchat Support page here.
    • On the Snapchat Support page, you must find the ‘Contact Us’ option  and click on it.
    • On the Snapchat Support Page, you can see a number of problems that you have to choose.
    • Because you lost your Snapstreak, you need to choose the ‘I lost my Snapstreak’ or ‘My Snap Streaks disappeared’ option.
    • If you see the  ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ option, you must choose the ‘Yes’ option and scroll down until you see the available form to fill.
    • The form requires you to fill your personal information including your Username, Email, Mobile Number, Device, Friend’s Username. Aside from providing your personal information, you also have to answer a bunch of questions available. On the available form, you must tell your issue in detail.
    • Last, click on the ‘Send’ button after you fill out your information.

That’s it! You successfully report your Snapstreak and get it back. It’s your turn to report your lost Snapstreak and make sure to follow our guide above.

After sending a form to explain your issue, you should wait a few days to get a response from Snapchat Support through email and place your Snapstreak back in place. If you feel sneaky, it’s highly recommended to use the same contact form to hack your snapchat streak number.

Rules to Report Your Lost Snapstreak

In case contacting the Snapchat Support, you need to contact the Snapchat Support and fill out the form the same way. You will see a box prompting you to describe how long your Snapstreak was. So, you may also need to put the number which you want to streak to be.

To obtain a fast respon of your problem from Snapchat Support, you have to write a convincing message in the last text box that asks you to tell  your problem in detail. If it’s done, you can then submit the form by pressing the ‘Send’ at the bottom.

Additionally, Snapchat Support will get  your claim and proceed with it as quickly as possible. After your claim has been processed, you will then receive an email message from them. Furthermore, the number of your Snapstreak will be increased to the number that you indicated in the contact form.

For more information, Snapchat will admit and appreciate its dedicated user base and also some things that may be out of their control. As long as you recognize some requirements to meet, you can really recover your Snapstreak.

Certainly, there are certain conditions to meet in order to get your Snapstreak back before you report your lost Snapstreak. You regularly  cannot do it and do not get into the habit of losing your Snapstreak and appealing to Snapchat.

In this case, you have to know that they won’t fall for it. Depending on how generous the company feels, you probably perform it once. Another thing that you have to recognize is if a number of your streaks have disappeared, it will likely only work with one contact. Certainly, there’s a limit of one username/ submission, so make sure to create your longest-running Streak the priority.

If it just naturally waned, the social media platform won’t reinstate your Snapstreak. It does not matter if you are near 1000 days and forgot it, that’s your own head at all. Sure, you may also be able to lie and say something went wrong with the Snapchat app to Snapchat Support, but we do not advocate you to perform that at all.

You should know that the Snapchat service may not think the situation warrants a correction. If you do not get back your lost Snapstreak, a great way to get back your Snapstreak is by starting a new streak and making sure to keep snapping with your friend.

The only one way to get a high amount of your Snapstreak is by keeping your act to always send a photo or video snap to your friend on a daily basis. If you and your friend seldom send a snap to each other, you don’t hope your Snapstreak will increase a lot.

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