Securus Tech Monthly Plan Review

Securus offers subscription programs which give more affordable choices to stay connected with loved ones in jail. The fixed-rate monthly plans are easy to set-up, accessible and affordable.

Securus Tech – Call Subscription

Securus Call Subscription plan gives convenience of a single payment each month and promotes more call connection with your beloved one in jail. With Call subscription, you are able to receive up to 100 calls per month without worrying about the length of the call or how much money you have left in your Securus account.

Securus Tech – Video Subscription

Securus Video Connect subscription plan is the most convenient method to communicate via video. As an additional choice to the standard pay-per-session, a monthly subscription will offer more video sessions at a lower session price and also gives a predictable fixed cost per month.

Now, Securus Video Connect monthly subscription will allow a payment option plan which allows Securus Video Connect users to subscribe to unlimited video sessions for a monthly subscription fee. Automatically the subscription will renew and charge the users credit card on file. Warning: Refunds are not offered for missed sessions or the monthly subscription cost.

Securus Tech Monthly Plan Review

Benefits of the Subscription Plan

Here are some benefits of the Subscription Plan:

    • Simple
      Your subscription plan links your phone number to a participating facility of your option to assist you save big per minute per call.
    • Predictable
      Now, you are able to select to make a simple fixed-price monthly payment for calls from your incarcerated loved one.
    • Convenient
      A convenient automatic payment choice is available to make sure that you never miss a renewal payment.

For note: You have to register using Securus Online or the Securus Mobile App to set up an account and then choose the Subscription option. Need to know that Securus Subscription is under limited availability at participating facilities at this time.

Is signing up for a Subscription account mandatory?

Of course, no. You are able to select to use your AdvanceConnect prepaid account or pay for each call individually with your credit card if AdvanceConnect Single Call is available at the facility. You are going to be charged the applicable funding fees each time you added funds to your account and calls will be charged against your account based on the Facility call rate per minute.

What happens if I miss a renewal payment?

By the way, what happens if you miss a renewal payment? For this case, all calls from your loved one in jail would no longer be covered by your subscription. Usually, Call Service is going to turn back to a prepaid AdvanceConnect account. Thus, you are going to be charged at the normal Agency call rates. If your subscription expires, then you have to sign up for the subscription again from the Securus Online website or by signing in to your Securus Mobile App. For note: Securus offers an Automatic Renewal choice to take the risk out of missing a payment.

How to set up automatic payment?

You are able to select your subscription automatically renewed by choosing Auto Renewal during your sign up registration. Also, you are able to change a Manual renewed subscription to Auto Renewal from your Subscription management screen. The Auto Renewal process will ask you to provide your specific credit or debit card information to remain on file and to be charged for the future renewal payments. Keep in mind that any change to your payment choice will be effective upon the expiration of the current subscription period.

How to Cancel my subscription at any time?

You are able to cancel your subscription at any time, but your Subscription is going to be active until the end of the current period.

Here is how you are able to cancel your Subscription plan:

    • Please choose the gear action icon provided in the Subscription management screen in your Securus Online web page. If you are on your Securus Mobile App, you are able to choose “Unsubscribe” and your subscription is going to be marked for cancelation.
    • The subscription is going to remain active until the current subscription period expires. For note: There are no refunds for early cancelation prior to the expiration date.

Adjustments and Refunds

Call Subscriptions are for calling services given over a specific time period. Are there Adjustments and Refunds? For your information, there are no refunds or adjustments for early termination before the expiration date of your subscription. But, if you have any problem with your subscription payment, simply you are able to contact Customer Care at 800-844-6591

How to Check Usage of Subscription?

For this case, the Securus Call Platform voice prompts are going to inform you of the number of calls remaining in your subscription period each time you accept a call covered by your subscription plan. Also, you are going to see the remaining number of calls in your Subscription Management screen provided on Securus Online web page or on the Securus Mobile App. Aside from that, you are also going to receive a reminder email when you are approaching the call limit for your subscription.

What if my family member is at a facility that is considered out of state? How can I pay for her/his call?

You have to know that Call Subscription just covers instate calls at this time.

To pay for interstate or international calls:

    • You are able to sign up for Securus AdvanceConnect prepaid account which enables you to fund your own prepaid account. Your account is going to be charged for calls at the facility charge/minute call rate for the call duration.
    • Also, you are able to select to pay for a single call with a credit/debit card if the AdvanceConnect Single Call service is available at your family’s location

By the way, how do you update your credit card information? If you want to update your credit card information, simply you are able to do that under “Manage Account” in your Video Subscription account.