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With a large selection of Roblox audios, you can really select your favorite audio in Roblox. Choosing your favorite song/ audio in Roblox is necessary, especially if you get stuck when playing a Roblox game. In other words, listening to your favorite song/ audio while playing a Roblox game can be a mood booster.

One of the easy-listening audio you can listen to is Sans’ songs that were based on Undertale, a 2015 role-playing video game. To listen to Sans’ songs, you will need the ID code. Since Sans’ songs are so many, it may be a bit hard for you to find the Roblox ID of all the Sans’ songs. No worries! You will get the Sans song IDs through our post. Here you go!

Here’s a Full list of Sans Song IDs in Roblox!

Almost all the Sans songs are rapidly popular in Roblox, since many creators uploaded their own version of the Sans songs into the library. Certainly, there are a lot of players who are looking for the ID of this song, so that they can listen to this song while playing their favorite games.

So, here are all Sans song IDs from Undertale that are available in the Roblox library.

Song Code
(~Undertale //Stronger Than You//Frisk)~ 344884629
Undertale – Undyne! 333875306
Undertale – Megalo Strike Back 342274063
Undertale – Battle Against A True Hero 333552980
Sans and Papyrus Song – An Undertale 447501075
Megalovania Piano Remix (Undertale) 336265697
Undertale Remixed – Finale (Holder Remix) 689694304
Undertale OST – Spider Dance 301655154
Undertale – sans. 403170171
Undertale – Your Best Nightmare 319332416
Undertale – Flowey’s Theme 317393485
[Undertale Remix] SharaX – Tokyovania (FULL) 1072410152
Undertale: “Ghost Fight” 305163432
Undertale – Megalovania 3182300166
Undertale – ASGORE 342214544
Metal Crusher – Undertale 300788227
Undertale OST – Dummy! 301663783
Heartache – Undertale OST 322005043
Undertale – Your Best Friend Remix 430782599
Undertale DONT TOUCH MY CHILD 378555957
The Fallen Child (Chara’s Theme) – Undertale 320355925
Undertale – Papyrus 380911489
Undertale – Hopes and Dreams (Asriel Fight) Remix 328606227
Undertale – Once Upon A Time 313391614
Megalovania – Undertale 4070613979
POWER OF NEO – Undertale 342261363
Undertale Megolavania Parody [Megalovonio] SrPelo 400272640
Undertale / Toby Fox – Megalovania (Holder Remix) 378007360
undertale undertale 353445543
DJSMELL – Bad Time (Undertale) 672135041
Last Goodbye – Undertale 391120393
Undertale – Core 362772556
Shop – Undertale 320178240
Undertale – Megalovania 357055865
WAY DEEPER DOWN – Undertale Rap 1165378792
Undertale – Asgore (Dj Jo Remix) 445999517
Quiet Water – Undertale 320358862
UNDERTALE Bonetrousle slowed down. 377370273
Undertale -Asgore orchestral remix 459170375
Undertale – Burn in Despair! 323746498
Close to you (Undertale Version) 1365364754
Undertale – Don’t Give Up 327340572
(Sans Parody) Undertale Stronger Than You 323794401
Undertale – Sayonara Maxwell – Megalovania Dual 360042276
megalovania – Undertale 3331079795
Undertale – Stronger Than you Trio 394624079
Undertoad (Undertale AU) – L-Trousle v2 504658454
Megalovania undertale sans meme 2121093267
Undertale – Fallen Down 314069452

How to Use Sans Songs in Roblox?

Sans Song Roblox ID

After finding the Sans Song Roblox IDs, you can then use them for any purposes. One of the main things you may do with Sans Songs is to play it while you are playing your favorite Roblox games. Aside from listening to Sans Songs while playing a Roblox game, you can also use those songs for other purposes.

Here’s how to use Sans Songs in Roblox:

    1. Play the Sans Songs while playing a game

Listening to a song while playing a Roblox game is what most players do. If you also want to listen to Sans Songs while playing a Roblox game, you can use the Golden Boombox that will allow you to play any Roblox audio.

The Golden Boombox can be found in the Roblox catalog. After you find it, you can then click on it to bring it into the game. Once the Golden Boombox appears in your game, click on it to bring a GUI window. On a GUI window, you can enter or paste the Sans Song ID, as you want. Then, click the ‘Play’ button to start playing a Sans song.

    1. Use the Sans Songs as a background music

With the IDs of Sans Songs from Undertale, you can also use the Sans Songs as a background music in your own game. As a game developer, you may want to add music as background to your game, making it more interesting and inviting to play.

To use Sans Songs as background music, you need to find its Asset ID. You can find it by going to Roblox Studio and then login with your Studio account. In order to find the Asset ID of Sans Songs, make sure to use the Toolbox on the left to open the Marketplace.

From there, you need to search for the asset ID of Sans songs from Undertale. To make it easier for you in finding the asset IDs, you may need to narrow down your search by looking for a creator by selecting the available filter. You can then right-click on your selection and choose ‘Copy Asset ID’.

After that, you can go to Roblox Studio and click the ‘View’ tab. Then, select the ‘Explorer’ and ‘Properties’. Here, you may want to insert an object by clicking the (+) icon and selecting the ‘Sound’ option. Then, you can add the Sans songs asset IDs into the ‘Soundid’ section and press ‘Enter’

Now, you can click the ‘Playing’  button to check if the audio is played. Well, that’s how to use Sans songs from Undertale as a background music in Roblox.

    1. Use the Sans Songs as sound effect

To use Sans songs as sound effects, you will need the scripts. You need to add a new ‘ScreenGUi’ in StarterGUI and then enter a new ‘Textbutton’ within it. Then, you should select a new button and attach a LocalScript. Make sure to remove all the contents on the script bar.

Here are the following scripts you can use:

Local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService(“ReplicatedStorage”)


— Require audio player module


local AudioPlayer = require(ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild(“AudioPlayer”))


— Set up sounds




            [“SimpleClick”] = 3061551819




— Reference the button


local textButton = script.Parent


— Function activated when button is pressed


local function onButtonActivated()







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