Roblox Nullxiety All Codes

Nullxiety is the name of a game in Roblox that is created and developed by a game developer called Nullxiety. For those who are not that familiar with Nullxiety, you might know their most popular games, Nullwork and Recursion.

Just like most games in Roblox, the game called Nullxiety has some codes. While in the other games the codes are used to get rewards such as Robux or items, in this game the codes are used for different purposes. Can you guess what the codes are for?

Roblox Nullxiety All Codes

Apparently, the codes in Nullxiety are useful to unlock the giant metal door. As you probably know, there are some challenges in this game. One of them is to open a giant metal door. In order to open this kind of door, a code is needed.

Where do you find the codes? The codes are usually found in the storage room. Actually, it is not an exact code, it is a morse code. When you are in the storage room, the light will flash. It is not a common flash as it is a morse code. Here is the meaning of the code:

    • ● : It means fast light flash.
    • ꟷ : It means long light flash.

The code that you get should be de-scripted.

    1. 1: ● ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ
    2. 2: ● ● ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ
    3. 3: ● ● ● ꟷ ꟷ
    4. 4: ● ● ● ● ꟷ
    5. 5: ● ● ● ● ●
    6. 6: ꟷ ● ● ● ●
    7. 7: ꟷ ꟷ ● ● ●
    8. 8: ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ ● ●
    9. 9: ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ ●
    10. 0: ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ ꟷ

There are some possible codes, depending on how the light flashes. If you are wondering about the Nullxiety codes, some examples are 71821 and 18217. These codes are from a Youtube video shared by TussyGames. Both of them work well. Actually, these two are the same, just different in order. According to TussyGames, these numbers do not always have to be in order. If the first option does not work, you can just try rearranging the number and go with it.

Aside from how the light flashes, you are also able to find the Base64 format. On the video, TussyGames found NzMxMTE. Then, he went to a tool called Base64 to decode the format. If you want to do the same thing, you can just go to and then enter your data. Do not forget to push the Decode button to get the result shown under it. According to the tool, NzMxMTE means 73111. When entering the format, please enter just how it is shown. If it is lowercase, type it well and do not change it to uppercase.

After getting the code, it is time for you to enter it. If the code works, the metal door will be opened immediately.

If you are having a hard time unlocking the metal door or slaying the other challenges, you are suggested to watch a walkthrough video shared by DeletFalcon on Youtube. Here is everything that is written on the screen:


Our name is Null.

32 people are here.

Your name is DeleteFalcon

Let’s see…

Looks like you are not playing with your friends…

Your account was created 2347 days ago.

You are a Roblox veteran! That’s great.

You see, we know almost everything about you.

We need to choose the strongest players for the experiment.

I will choose you if you don’t… die…

Anyway, you have 3 lives.

Good luck! J


Alright, let’s start from a very easy thing.

A lot of people are drying on this for some reason…

Floor is going to be lava in 3 seconds.

Looks like 2 people died.


Okay, let’s try something else…

Now you can get off the boxes.

Let me think…

Alright, I have an idea.

Find a button to open the vent.

You have 1 minute.

Look like QuarterbackOG found it.

Great job!



Let’s do something else.

Go through the ventilation or die.

Let me build a parkour for you.

At least one of you must pass this parkour.

Then everyone will go to the next level.

If you can’t go through the parkour,

it’s better to stay in the beginning and wait for others to do through it for you.

I hope you will like it.

Honestly, I don’t care.

Looks like CH_Tan did it.



Let’s move to another location.

Please do not move, you may accidentally die.



Let’s go deeper.

You won’t like this place actually…

Welcome to the… Source

This is a kind of “Basement”.

You better cling together.

No one knows who might be here…

You must find and touch all orbs.

Great job! You found them all.

You are quite strong…

Power outage.

Find the generator.

QuarterbackOG found the generator.

Where is the light?

Don’t you see that it’s gone?

Do not give up.

You are getting closer.


This place is actually scarier.

Welcome to the… School

Hello class, today we will write a test.

There are only 3 simple questions in it.

If you listened to me, you will succeed.

Good luck.

What is your account age? (Number in days)

What is the experiment #1? (Game name)

What is my name? (Text)

Time is up!

Let’s see.

If you want to find the full walkthrough, all that you have to do is to go to Youtube and find the video about the full walkthrough of Roblox Nullxiety by DeleteFalcon. It should be easy for you to find one by taking advantage of the search bar. If you want a fast way, you can just go to link here.

Please watch the video until the end. In case there is something that you do not really get it or if there is something that you want to ask, do not hesitate to leave a comment on the comment section under the video and hope someone is kind enough to reply to you.