Roblox Extension That Finds Empty Servers

With more than 60 million monthly users, it’s no wonder that Roblox’s servers are very crowded and it’s almost impossible to find a server that’s still not fully loaded, let alone empty.

Of course, by joining the right server when playing Roblox, this can make your Roblox game run smoothly. Unfortunately, there are days when you absolutely cannot find the empty server to play Roblox.

However, finding an empty server to play Roblox is possible, though  it may be tricky and you may have to install some-third party software. Well, through this post, we’ll tell you some of the ways that you can use in your search for an empty server to play Roblox.

How to Find Empty Servers for Playing Roblox?

In order to obtain the empty servers to play Roblox, you can take advantage of Chrome Extension. The Extension here will work to allow you to join an empty/ small server. Certainly, if you have a server all to yourself on Roblox will make the game much more enjoyable to play.

There are a bunch of Chrome Extensions which work to find the empty server to play Roblox. However, the extension here is commonly not made officially by Roblox, just fanmade.

There are 2 Chrome Extensions which are trusted to work in finding the empty servers to play any games in Roblox. Unfortunately, these extensions may not work in some games in Roblox. What are the extensions?

The Chrome Extensions which work to find the empty servers are:

  1. Roblox Empty Servers

Roblox Empty Serves is a Chrome Extension which allows you to join an empty/ smallest server in any Roblox game. However, this extension will let you join an empty server to play some games in Roblox.

Roblox Empty Servers

If you install this extension, it will scan all of the servers to see which one is smallest and will join the smallest one. Then, to join an empty/ small server, you should press the button which is located under the play button anmed ‘Join smallest server’.

By using this extension, you can also play with your friends on small servers. If you cannot afford a VIP server or are playing a game which does not support VIP, we think Roblox Empty Servers Chrome Extension can be a great alternative.

Unfortunately, this extension may not work on some games, so make sure to refresh the page and try again a bit. Are you interested to use Roblox Empty Servers Extension to find empty servers to play Roblox? If so, you can install this Chrome extension by following multiple steps below!

    • Go to Chrome Extension.
    • Search ‘Roblox Empty Servers’ extension on the search bar or click the link here.
    • Once you are at the extension page, you will find the ‘Roblox Empty Servers’ extension, then click on it.
    • After that, you will find ‘Roblox Empty Servers’ and then click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button to add this extension on your browser.
    • Then, a pop up window will appear to confirm whether you will ‘add extension’ or ‘cancel’.
    • Click on the ‘Add Extension’ button.
    • Wait for a while until ‘Roblox Empty Servers’ extension is installed on your browser.
    • If ‘Roblox Empty Servers’ is successfully installed, there will be a notification that this extension is currently installed.
    • To check if the extension is enabled or not, you can click on the three dots menu on the top right of your browser.
    • Then, choose the ‘More Tools’ option, followed by choosing ‘Extensions’.
    • In the Extensions page, there will be a list of extensions that you currently use. If you find ‘Roblox Empty Servers’ on the list, it means that this extension is currently working on Chrome.

So, it’s your turn to get started using this Roblox Empty Servers to find the empty servers to play some games in Roblox.

  1. Roblox+  Extension

Another option of Chrome extension to find empty servers is Roblox+ Extension. This extension was created by WebGL3D, meaning it’s not an official extension made by Roblox. However, this extension adds features and notifiers to the Roblox site.

Some features added include item notifier (to get notified when a new item comes out or gets updated), avatar page filter bar, trade notifier, support dark theme on unsupported Roblox pages.

If you want to apply this extension, you can try it on the Jailbreak game. Here’s how to use Roblox+ extension to find an empty server to play!

Step1: Install Roblox+ Extension

Firstly, you need to install Roblox+ Extension on Chrome here to allow you easily search for servers and preview the population. If you do not use Chrome, you can also install this extension on Opera and Firefox.

Step 2: Go to your Roblox Game

Once you install the Roblox+ Extension, you can then go back to your game in Roblox and start searching for servers. The fast way to find an empty  one is to jump to the end of the list and browse the pages.

It may not work for every game, not to mention you may end up clicking for several minutes or more.  To launch the console quicker, you can press the F12 on the keyboard and the paste the following code into the command line.

Step 3: Copy the code into the command line

Make sure to keep pasting for a few seconds, then press ‘Enter’, when you enter the code into the command line. You will then see that the number of servers is going down in the counter at the bottom of the page.

In this way, you need to paste the code and hit ‘Enter’ a few times to get the number down to only a handful of servers. The thing you need to find is the server list under Other Servers with only one or two players.

Step 4: Join the server

After you get the magic number, exit the console and then scroll the list to find an empty one. You definitely can find at least a few servers with no players, depending on the game and number of players. To note, the list is not populated by the number of the players.

That’s it! You now successfully join the empty server to play Roblox through extensions.