How to Get All the Skills in Bloxburg

Getting all the skills in Bloxburg is impossible, instead you can get and level up the skill one-by-one, not all-in-one. However, you ideally need to get all the skills in Bloxburg, as they are the important stats that can be leveled up by doing specific tasks.

There are currently 8 skills implemented in the game with a total of 10 skills. For the Crafting and Programming, they are not implemented in the game yet. Each skill will reward you with a trophy after maxed out to level 10. The good news! Each skill trophy can then be sold or placed. Let’s see our post below to get skills in Bloxburg!

Getting Skills in Bloxburg, Here’s How!

There are three skills of the ten skills in Bloxburg that have benefits including Cooking, Music and Gardening. Since these skills can really give you benefits, of course, we will show you on how to get these three skills first as the top three skills you should get.

1) Cooking

How to Get All the Skills in Bloxburg

If you level up your cooking skill, it will allow you to cook all kinds of extraordinary meals for your character. The main thing you should do to get cooking skill is to cook a meal, and then cook more and more dishes. If you cook more dishes, these will increase the hunger stat.

To start cooking, you need to take ingredients from your fridge and then choose a meal to cook. After choosing a meal, you can place the ingredients on the counter. To complete cooking and prepare the meal, you can just follow on-screen instructions.

When you complete the actions to make your meal, your cooking skill will slowly increase. To continue leveling your cooking skill, you will need to prepare more different dishes to cook.

2) Music

Skills Music in Bloxburg

To get music skill in Bloxburg, you will need to purchase and play various instruments. After purchasing the instruments, make sure to practice on various instruments. You can choose an instrument to play from various instruments available, since there are no specific skills for individual instruments.

After you master various instruments, you can use the DJ booth by purchasing the Unlocked Stereo gamepass for 400 Robux. You can then level up and improve your music skill, as well as unlocking more songs to play, after the music skill bar has reached 100%.

3) Gardening

Skills Gardening in Bloxburg

Since gardening is a great way to earn money in Bloxburg, getting and increasing the gardening skill is a must. Getting this skill is pretty easy, it just allows you to take care of your garden as well as possible. You can really water, sell, fertilize and store a variety of items in your garden. Today, you can only grow plants and decorations.

To level up your gardening skill, you can spend a various amount of Blockbux, but the cost will depend on the state of the plant. Then, you need to purchase a patch of wooden planter and then plant the cheapest plant in it. Make sure to water the plant and after it has grown to full, you can cut the plant and repeat the process again and again to increase this skill faster.

4) Athletic

Skills Athletic in Bloxburg

You can get Athletic skill by heading to the gym to train your character. To practice at home, you can buy some equipment, so you do not have to go to the gym. You can visit gyms around all the businesses in town. The gym is located right across from the BFF Supermarket.

To boost your athletic skill, you can use several different types of gym equipment. At Gym, you can use the treadmill in two different ways: Walk or Run. To simulate your character lying on the bench and complete some reps, you can click on the bench and select to Lift Weights.

In addition to keeping up your exercise, you can also speed up your athletic skill by buying and using a variety of items available in the Training and Garden sections of Build Mode.

5) Gaming

Skills Gaming in Bloxburg

Gaming is a great way to make your character fun. Playing more and more games on a computer is not only increasing the fun for your character, it can also improve your gaming skills. To get gaming skill, you must have a computer to play games.

To start playing games, you need to choose the ‘Game’ option first and select a game. To grow your skill, you need to interact with the computer setup and can see the game on the screen. If your skills menu is open, you will see your progress by clicking on the profile icon. To improve your gaming skill, you can continue to play the game until your skill reaches 100%.

6) Intelligence

Skills Intelligence in Bloxburg

To get intelligence skill, you can get it by reading a lot of books. To start getting the intelligence skill, you can just find books around your house either on a bedside table or in a bookcase. You can open the skills menu by pressing the profile button. While reading a book, you can see the Intelligence bar increasing. You will increase your intelligence skill after the meter fills to 100%.

7) Painting

Skills Painting in Bloxburg

To get and increase the painting skill, you can start by purchasing a Painting Stand from Decorations and choose the paint action. There are two easels in Bloxburg that consist of Decorative Easel and Painting Stand. If you want to increase your painting skill, a Painting Stand should be chosen.

To increase your painting skill, you just simply use the Painting Stand by pressing E to interact and pressing ‘Paint’. To watch the progress of painting, you can open the profile tab and head to the Skills menu. If your painting skill is levelled up, the particular objects can be unlocked to place in your house.

8) Writing

Skills Writing in Bloxburg

To gain writing skill, you will need a high-quality computer that can also be used to speed up your writing skills. After purchasing a computer, you can start writing a book by pressing the ‘Write Book’ option. Then, your character will type on the computer.

After your character completes writing, your skill should steadily increase and make sure to wait for it to increase. If it hits 100%, you will see the achievement informing you of your level up of writing skill that you can access in the Skills menu.

Okay, those are all the skills available in Bloxburg you can get. Make sure to increase each skill to allow you to do further actions. Since Programming and Crafting have not been implemented in the game, we’re sorry unable to share the way to get those skills in this post.

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