Roblox Shindo Life Codes (August 2021)

One of the inviting RPG games that you can play in Roblox is Shindo Life. This game is based on a Naruto-style game, which takes place in a world similar to the game. In this game, you can create a character and determine the abilities of your character.

You can also roll the Bloodlines for your character through Spins. In other words, Spin is a chance for your character to roll Bloodlines. Moreover, Bloodlines are the abilities to equip to obtain  new powers and perks. Spins are the only one way to get Bloodlines.

Unfortunately, getting the Spins in the Roblox Shindo Life is a bit hard to do, unless you successfully complete the daily quests and play PvP in the Arena. Thankfully, there’s an alternative way to get more Spins, that’s with the use of the promo codes. So, let’s find out the Shindo Life codes in our post below!

Shindo Life Codes (July 2021)

Here’s a List of Shindo Life Codes! (New)

These codes below are still active and working codes that you can redeem to obtain more Spins. With the Spins, you definitely can make your gameplay of Shinobi Life better and easier. Certainly, if you already find the working codes for Spins, it’s better for you to redeem the codes as soon as possible. Here are the codes:

    • HotDogBigDog!: Redeem this code to obtain 90 Spins (NEW)
    • 200SPEENS!: Redeem this code to obtain 200 Spins
    • chaChingcha!: Redeem this code to obtain 90 Spins
    • itALLaGrind!: Redeem this code to obtain 20 Spins

All Shinobi Life codes from our list must be redeemed immediately if you want to get more coins and gems. However, if you find codes which are not working to redeem, instead you can try another code until you get the working one.

Please, don’t waste your time to redeem the codes listed below, as they are expired. Here are they:

    • RELLcoin! – 500 Spins
    • DeRELLCoin! – 500 Spins
    • SkunkBruv! – Free Spins
    • EngLishGalFiona! – Free Spins
    • ReUSkunkedMate! – 90 Free Spins
    • l00kaTM3Foo! – Free Spins
    • sockDropItFans! – Free Spins
    • SweeOnlyHands! – Free Spins
    • TaknaP1zza! – 90 Spins
    • TingsYaknow! – Free Spins
    • DeTingTingsTing! – Free Spins
    • YaKnoDeVibezman! – Free Spins
    • ThickUpz! – Free Spins
    • sickNHealthy! – Free Spins
    • shotyofaceFam! – Free Spins
    • BigManBadManTing! –  25 Spins
    • DeTINGZZZ! – 25 Spins
    • SavingsMad! – 90 Spins
    • CheckingsMad! – 90 Spins
    • dexp! – double XP

Here’s How to Redeem Shinobi Life Codes!

After finding the Shinobi Life codes, it’s a great time for you to redeem the codes. However, redeeming the Shinobi Life codes is pretty easy. To prevent error input or typo, you may need to copy and paste the code from our list above in the ‘Enter code’ bar, please avoid to type the code manually.

To redeem the Shinobi Life code, you only have to launch the game. Once you are at the game, you need to look for the ‘up’ arrow above the play option and click on it. It will take you into the edit screen for your character.

After that, you should search for the top right for the ‘YouTube Code’ box. Then, copy and paste one of the codes from our list above. Press the Enter key to redeem it. To redeem the code, ensure that you have less than 500 Spins, as that’s the maximum amount you can have. So, don’t waste your time to get some spins if you’re near the 500 mark.

How to Get Latest Codes for Shinobi Life?

The four new codes above seem not enough to obtain many spins to roll Bloodlines for your character. We think that you will be looking for the new latest codes to increase your amount of Spins. What you should do is to diligently discover the game of  Shinobi Life. It’s also recommended to look for any information about the developer of Shinobi Life.

Generally, a lot of game developers will release the codes on their social media channel or on the profile of the game in Roblox. Well, to get the Shinobi Life codes, you can find it through:

    • Twitter: @RellGames
    • Discord: @RellGames
    • Youtube: RellGames Channel

Of course, you just need to wait for the developer of the Shinobi Life to release. Make sure to keep an eye on their official Twitter and YouTube.

How to Get Spins in Shinobi Life?

Certainly, taking advantage of redeeming the codes is very limited, and it will only give you a few spins. Of course, you have to compensate by doing other things, in order to get more spins. Sure, there are some tips and tricks that you can perform to obtain more spins in Shinobi Life.

Here are they:

    • Play the game hourly

You need to know if you play Shinobi Life every house, you will get two Spins. It means that at least you need to be active for the entire hour. If you are inactive for around 30 minutes, you will be automatically disconnected from this game.

    • Complete daily quest

To get more spins, an alternative way that you can do is to play and complete the daily quests. If you complete the daily quest, you will earn about 20 Spins a day. To complete the daily quest, you need to check for any quests available in the game. Then, press ‘L’ and choose ‘Daily Mission’.

    • Play the game during events

Generally, Shinobi Life will have seasonal events. Through this event, you will have a chance to obtain more spins than usual. However, playing  the game during the events is such a great way for increasing the Spins you get daily.

    • Playing PvP in the Arena

In the Arena, there are a few game modes that let you earn Blue coins and Ryo. Certainly, you can exchange the Blue Coins for Spins. Every 1,000 Blue Coins, you will obtain three Spins.

Here’s how to play the Shinobi Life in Arena!

    • First, go to the menu on the game.
    • Then, choose the ‘Arena’.
    • After that, go to the screen where you can choose a game mode.
    • To choose the game mode, look for a green ‘Exchange’ button.
    • Last, you can exchange your Blue Coins for Spins.

Congratulations! You successfully obtain more spins through a bunch of ways listed above.