List of Old Roblox Games You Can Still Play

Roblox created its official debut on September 1, 2006. Since that, Roblox grown into a popular massively multiplayer online game. According to the research, in 2019, there were over 90 million active players on Roblox each month. Roblox allows the players to explore their creativity and create their own games.

Most of the oldest Roblox games were created by the Roblox team, and the games were famous enough. Unfortunately, most of those old Roblox games are no longer accessible through their original listing. However, some of the games are uncopylocked so that the users of Roblox are able to take copies and create them playable again.

Well, in this page, we are going to share a list of the old Roblox games that you can still play.

Old Roblox Games You Can Still Play

Here are some old Roblox games that you can still play:

Experience Gravity

    • Date Created: November 21, 2006
    • Creator:  Amanda
    • Total number of visits: Over 5.4 Million
    • Genre:  Sci-Fi
    • Still Playable:  Yes

Experience Gravity

Experience Gravity is an elegant game which is still very popular to this day. As its name suggests, Experience Gravity game allows “experience gravity” after they fall off the baseplate. The game only features a baseplate, standard Roblox gravity, and a wooden sign which reads: “Step off the Baseplate to Experience Gravity!” In January 2020, the game of Experience Gravity was updated, and so far over 5.4 million people have played this game.

Although Experience Gravity is a simple game, it is recognized for its numerous badges, which are awarded for many accomplishments such as meeting the game’s creator Amanda (rare), falling apart, diving into the sun, playing the game for varying degrees of time, and lots of more.

Classic: Crossroads

    • Date Created: 2006
    • Creator:  Roblox (originally John Shedletsky)
    • Total number of visits: Over 6.9 Million
    • Genre:  Multidirectional shooter
    • Mode(s):  Fighting
    • Still Playable:  Yes


From all classic official Roblox games, Classic: Crossroads is the most popular game. In fact, at the time of this writing there were many users playing the game. Over the years, almost 7 million users have played Classic: Crossroads and the game has been added as a favorite 138,390 times. For whatever reason, Classic: Crossroads appears to be the only classic Roblox game which has been recently updated and survived the 2017 shutdown of Roblox’s oldest games. In 2017, Classic: Crossroads was briefly removed, however was returned with updated graphics.

The game of Classic: Crossroads was originally made by Roblox Creative Director at the time, John Shedletsky, occasionally in 2006 and was intended to be a team game, even though the team mode was not introduced until 2007. After an update in 2007, the game of Classic: Crossroads never had a proper team function.

Base Wars FPS

    • Date Created: April 24, 2007
    • Creator:  Roblox
    • Total number of visits: Over 774,200
    • Genre:  Multidirectional shooter
    • Mode(s):  All
    • Still Playable:  Yes

base wars fps roblox

Base Wars FPS was one of the most popular Roblox games at the time, and also one of the first official first-person shooters (FPS). There were over 774,200 players who played the Base Wars FPS game throughout the years. According to the research, the game has been favorited almost 30,000 times. Since 2014, the game of Base Wars FPS has not been updated. However, the game is technically still playable. Also, it is uncopylocked, so the users are able to copy the game and add their own twist to it.

The game of Base Wars FPS has some shooter classes including Assault (the speedster), Brute (the tanky tank), Trooper (the all-rounder class), Support (the healer), and the Sniper.

Armored Patrol

    • Date Created: 2007
    • Creator:  Roblox (originally Wingman8)
    • Total number of visits: Over 68,120,000
    • Genre:  Military
    • Still Playable:  Yes

Armored Patrol

Armored Patrol is an old Roblox game created by Wingman8. The game of Armored Patrol is about two teams: Bright Blue and Bright Red, fighting for control of the flags by using military equipment and vehicles. Armored Patrol game has over 68 million place visits and over 730,000 favorites.

The game area is a flat land with the forests and angular hills, some being hollow. They are going to change position at the start of each match, starting a time limit of 30 minutes. Teams have to capture the flags located on hills around the map. A flag under control is going to give some points in a minute to the controlling team. After the match ends, the team with the most points will win. The players are able to use different weapons and vehicles in combat. Also, the players are able to build defensive structures, towers, and gun emplacements with the build tool. When you first spawn in, you are going to appear on a floating translucent platform with two big buttons: one red and one blue. By stepping on either one, you are going to join the team corresponding to the button’s color. Between the two big buttons is a blurb of yellow text reading “Choose a side; cannot unbalance teams”.

If one team has fewer players than the other, it needs to be chosen. Attacking a teammate is going to reduce health to almost zero and also will display a text saying “Do not TK! (Username) is on your team”. The players wear camo uniforms, as well as purchasable morphs and the gear.

Old Roblox Games You Cannot Play now

Here are some old Roblox games that you cannot play again now:

Classic: Rocket Arena

    • Date Created: January 26, 2006
    • Creator: Roblox
    • Total number of visits (as of 2020): Over 1.9 Million
    • Genre: Fighting
    • Still Playable: No

Forest of Desolation (Abyss’s Place)

    • Date Created: August 20, 2006
    • Creator:  Abyss
    • Total number of visits: 716
    • Genre: All
    • Still Playable: No

Yorick’s Resting Place

    • Date Created: October 21, 2006
    • Creator:  Roblox (under the name Yorick)
    • Total number of visits (as of 2020): Over 136,400
    • Genre: All
    • Still Playable: No

Sunset Plain

    • Date Created: November 15, 2006
    • Creator:  Schwaabo
    • Total number of visits: Over 20,400
    • Genre: All
    • Still Playable: No

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