Roblox All Star Tower Defense Codes (August 2021)

One of the survival games that you can play in Roblox is All Star Tower Defense. What you should defend in this game is your own base that will be destroyed by waves of zombies. To protect your own base from zombie well, you should use the stronger towers.

The stronger towers in All Star Tower Defense can be obtained by purchasing it with gems or coins. We think that getting many coins or gems in this game is a bit hard to do, unless you successfully defeat the zombies. Alternatively, you can take advantage of redeeming the All Star Tower Defense promo codes which will commonly grant you coins or gems for free.

Roblox All Star Tower Defense Codes (August 2021)

How to get valid and working codes for Roblox All Star Tower Defense? Thankfully, this post will show you a list of active codes that you can redeem to gain many coins. So, let’s find out the All Star Tower Defense codes from our post below!

Here’s a List of All Star Tower Defense Codes! (New)

To ease you getting many coins and gems for free, you can redeem these working codes below. Most codes of All Star Tower Defense will commonly give you free coins and gems, as well as other items that you can use to support your strategy to fight zombies.

    • Minishutdown: Redeem this code for 200 gems
    • morecodeforyouxd: Redeem this code for 175 gems
    • mrworldwide: Redeem this code for 300 gems

All Star Tower Defense codes from our list should be redeemed immediately in order to gain more coins and gems. But if you find inactive codes to redeem, you can try another code instead until you get the active one.

Don’t waste your time to try redeeming these codes below, as they are expired. Here are they:

    • morecodeforyouxd – 175 Gems
    • codeofprisma  – free Gems
    • codeoflight  – 175 Gems
    • listentothemusic132 – 175 Gems
    • howareyoutodaymyfriendo – 175 Gems
    • NAVYXFLAME4CODE –  150 Gems
    • fruitysubmore –  Gems
    • 4thofjulyupdate –  EXP III, 250 Gold and 250 Gems
    • lesgolesgoyuuh  – 150 Gems
    • supertime – 150 Gems
    • biggerthanlife1 – 150 Gems
    • fruit – 500 Gold, 550 gems, and 2x EXP III
    • 2021memorialday2021x – 150 Gems
    • Update53021 – EXP III, 300 Gold and 150 Gems,
    • Lovetobrazil – 150 Gems
    • addnewunitstobannerfix – 150 Gems
    • jahajha – 150 Gems
    • shotofmemories – 150 Gems
    • quickshut – 100 Gems
    • lieawake – 150 Gems
    • freedom – 150 Gems
    • likeapartyonthelist – 150 Gems
    • 1bvisit1b – 1,000 Gems
    • 1billionvisit21drip – Koku Drip Skin, 300 Gold and  200 Gems
    • eastercoda21 – 150 Gems
    • helloworld2021 – 150 Gems

Here’s How to Redeem All Star Tower Defense!

After finding the working code for All Star Tower Defense, you have to redeem the code immediately before they expire. We think that it’s highly recommended for you to copy and paste each code from our list, then type it manually. However, typing the code manually will cause typos or error input, as the code is case-sensitive.

To redeem one of All Star Tower Defense codes, you just simply launch the game. Then, find the ‘Gear’ icon located on the bottom right of the screen and click one it to open the redemption window.

After the redemption window appears, copy and paste each code from our list into the box. Last, click on the ‘Redeem’ button to start redeeming the code. If you successfully redeem the code, the rewards such as gems or coins will automatically be available in your inventory.

Congratulations! You successfully earn free items that you can use in the game of All Star Tower Defense.

How to Find More All Star Tower Defense Codes?

If you really want to obtain more gems and coins, as well as some amazing items for free, you diligently should look for more latest code for All Star Tower Defense. Of course, you already know that the latest code will be shared by the developer of this game. So, the only one way to get more codes is to follow their update news.

To find more codes for All Star Tower Defense, you can follow the Discord account of the developers here.  Moreover, they will share the latest code there. So, by following them on the Discord, you will have a chance to get the latest codes for All Star Tower Defense. Aside from that, you will get codes from content creator’s giveaway.

How to Play All Star Tower Defense?

Just like most Tower defense games in Roblox, to play All Star Tower Defense, you need to defend your own base from the waves of enemies. To defend your own base, you will utilize the towers. Moreover, you can put down or also upgrade your towers with money.

There are a bunch of ways that you can do to get money including killing an enemy, completing a wave or also earning money from special towers such as Lami (Wuno), Wish, Bellma (Money Corp) and Salesman.

If your base health gets zero and your enemies are too many at the end of the path, you will get lost at all. Otherwise, if you win in this game, you will gain the coins, gems and also EXP. Additionally, you can use gems and coins to get new towers such as Zaruto or Kuko.

Meanwhile, the EXP can be obtained, depending on which wave in infinite or story mode. The  infinite mode formula seems to apply  ‘n’(3 wave) or ‘n’(wave) in extreme mode. The ‘n’ here means the EXP which is gained per wave. While the story mode formula is n(StoryWave) or n(StoryWave)x3 for extremes.

All Star Tower Defense is the same as most other tower defense games where some towers or troops are better than other elements, bringing the strategy elements.

Talking about character, you definitely will get most of the characters through summoning and the character list here has a list of all towers. You can summon the ‘Hero Summon’ every hour, along with the emote shop.

In the All Star Tower Defense, you will level up, after getting enough EXP that can make for more usable slots in your load out. It also allows you to do more Trials. We recommend you to use ‘Future T’ tower, that’s very great for starting this game.

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