Rita Moreno Net Worth

Who doesn’t know Rita Moreno? Yeah, she is a Hollywood legend that has spent most of her life as an actress as well as a singer and dancer. Having a bunch of awards, it leads her to always exist in the showbiz industry at her very old age.

Considering Rita is an influential figure in the film industry, sure a lot of fans are wondering how much money she has earned throughout her career. Certainly, we will know that she earns most of her wealth through her acting career. If you want to know her real net worth, let’s see our post below!

Rita Moreno Net Worth

What’s Rita Moreno’s Net Worth?

As of this writing, Celebrity Net Worth reported that Rita Moreno has a net worth that is estimated to roughly $23 million. She earns her wealth through her career in the showbiz industry over 70 years.

It is known that Rita has been cast in numerous films since 1950 that earned her to be a successful celebrity. Aside from her acting career, Rita also has released an album which has ranked in an enormous fortune for her. Don’t forget that she has also won a number of awards and nominations.

In her most of life, Rita stands to be an inspiration to the many young girls in the world. She also has shown the world that age is nothing, despite her advancement in age. We actually know that her life has taught us that challenges must be treated as a stepping stone to success.

How Is Rita Moreno Career?

Rita started her career when she was at a young age, around 11 years old. She began her career by voicing the translation of American movies to Spanish. When she was 13 years old, her first Broadway role in Skydriff attracted the attention of talent scouts.

In 1950, Rita played small roles in some films including The Toast of New Orleans and Singing in the Rain. Later on, Rita went ahead to be featured on the cover of Life Magazine. Then, in 1961, Rita also took a role in the Broadway musical West Side Story. In the 1961 film Summer and Smoke, she has a major role.

Rita actually put herself in a self-imposed exile from Hollywood as her being continuously being offered stereotypical roles that she termed as embarrassing. Then, in the 1968 film called The Night of the Following day, Rita made her return where she played alongside Marlon Brando.

Rita continued to perform in the 2014 film Rio 2 where her recent role was a small voice role. Aside from the film industry, since the 1970s, Rita has made a number of guest appearances on the television series.

Rita has also performed in some shows such as The Love Beat, The Cosby Show, Miami Vice and many others. Rita then played the voice of Carmen Sandiego in the mid-1990s in the animated series called Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego. She then took on the role of Sister Pete in the famous HBO series Oz in the late 90s.

In January 2017, Rita also played in the Netflix sitcom One Day at a Time whose first season premiered. In addition to film and TV, she is also a popular face in theatre where she has performed in her Broadway credits including The Ritz and Last of the Red-Hot Lovers.

As of September 2011, Rita also cast in the female version of The Old Couple. Then, she started performing a solo show at the Berkeley Rep Theater in Berkeley California. During the 1952 presidential elections, she was also known to be a staunch supporter of Adlai Stevenson’s campaign.

In 2000, it is known that Rita released an album of night club songs. She then contributed to Maual Miranda’s single called Almost Like Praying. That’s Rita’s career journey that you may want to know deeply.

Rita Moreno Career

What Awards and Achievement Did Rita Earn?

Reportedly, Rita has won numerous awards and achievements throughout her career that led her to be a successful celebrity in the American film industry. She won the 1961 Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for the best-supporting actress for her great role in the film West Side Story.

In 1972, Rita also won the Grammy Award for the best album for children. Then in 1975, she won a Tony Award for best-featured actress. More achievements that Rita has earned include two Emmy Awards, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a Sarah Siddons Award.

By 2004, Rita was also granted the Presidential Medal of Honour by President George W Bush. By 2009, she was given a National Medal of Arts by President Barack Obama. Then, she was inducted into the California Hall of Fame in 2007.

How Is Rita’s Life Journey?

Talking about her early life, Rita was born in Humacao, Puerto Rico as Rosa Dolores Alverio Marcano. Her father was Francisco Jose Alverio and her mother was Rosa Maria. At her young age, her mother moved to New York City taking her alongside without her younger brother Francisco behind.

It is known that Rita adopted the surname of her stepfather, Edward Moreno. That’s why her name is Rita Moreno. She then lived in the villages of Valley Stream, New York, on Long Island during her young age. Being born on 11 December 1931, as of today’s date 30th November 2021, Rita is 90 years old.

As a Puerto Rican Actress, Rita has experienced a tortuous journey of life. Based on rumour, Rita has a relationship with Marlon Bardon. Unfortunately, the relationship did not last because of his infidelity. Then, she was pregnant, but Marlon arranged an abortion  for her. After it happened, Rita tried to commit suicide.

Rita had a relationship with Elvis Рrеѕlеу fоr а period оf tіmе, but the relationship also has ended. Finally, she met аrdіоlоgіѕt Leonard Gоrdоn. They married on 18 Junе 1965 and thеу hаvе оnе dаughtеr together named Fеrnаndа Luіѕа Fіѕhеr. Unfortunately, Lеоnаrd Gоrdоn had to leave her forever on Junе 30th, 2010.