Sony is Working on an Interactive 3d Avatar That Can Be Used in Video Games

Sony has just filed its latest patent, which relates to the development of interactive 3D avatars that the users can use to convey their emotions. The technology that the company is developing sounds like it could really give the users a new type of media utility, either through video games or other means of interaction.

Although Sony does not explain in detail about what the virtual 3D avatars look like, at least we are able to get a glimpse of the future technology that Sony is working on. Sony itself seems to have many projects underway. One of them is about the real-time translation of gamers’ emotions, using their virtual avatars.

According to the latest patent registered by Sony, the company is trying to develop video game avatars that allow for rapid modification of animations using information sourced from the user’s own facial expressions.

Referring to the image documentation of the patent registered by Sony, it shows that the user’s face is going to be scanned for various expressions, such as sad, happy, angry etc., which will then be converted into their own in-game avatar face. This new patent can be related to Sony’s AI-based facial animation patent. Also, the patent listing said that the users will also have the option to turn their own faces into 3D models for use in video games.

Sony is Working on an Interactive 3d AvatarUsed in Video Games

This is where Sony’s patented picture-in-picture technology will be used in the system, because it will allow the screen to display the user’s facial expressions in the form of an avatar in response to various actions in the game, such as victory or defeat. Speech bubbles, animated movements, hand gestures, and many other forms of movement are other features that will be present in these interactive 3D avatars

Sony will need a comprehensive way to capture the user’s facial data, before the user uses it in video games and 3D interfaces. In this patent, Sony does not detail the specifics. But it is possible that the system will be used in conjunction with certain types of hardware that can supply the data. It could be paired with the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality (VR) headset.

Apparently, Sony has announced the launch date of the PS VR2 headset on February 22, 2023. The price of this VR headset is much higher than many people expected. PS VR2 will be available on February 22, or more precisely a year after Sony revealed the design of the device, the PS VR2 Headset will be priced at $550. Of course, the price tag of $550 is considered fantastic because it exceeds the price of the PS5, which is the main device of the VR headset.

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