Why was Rod Reiss so big in his Titan form? Why haven’t the Marleyans used this to create an army of huge Titans

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There are a number of threads related to Attack of Titan on Quora. One of them is called “Why was Rod Reiss so big in his Titan form?

Rod Reiss so big in his Titan form

Why haven’t the Marleyans used this to create an army of huge Titans?” Under this post, there are several responses. Some of these responses are as follows:

1. Shadow Layman

Shadow Layman says that he has looked at more than one source and he is sure that everybody is wrong. First, the thing that is done by Historia right before going and saving Eren is tossing the Spinal Fluid that Rod was trying to inject her with and then flipping Rod on his back where there is a super audible crack in his spine. It is the only thing that he remembers. It is where an audible crack of bone is heard. Besides the audio crack of bone, there is also his Spinal Column. Then, he fails to stand both when he is human and in Titan form, forcing him to drag himself to the serum and the walls. In case a ventricle was missing and it was Titan blood that made you transform, it would not reach the rest of the body at the same rate. It is possible for some places to get more or lose some Titan blood compared to others. His spinal column was broken. It means the spinal fluid of a Titan would not pass through his body normally as it would someone with an intact spine.

It actually does not make sense thinking of Rod Reiss being Royal blood because of the transformation of Grisha’s ex wife. It also does not make sense thinking of him being abnormal because abnormal is referring to behavior and not physicality. Besides, Ymis was abnormal and she took on Marcus’ jaw without issue. Rod Reiss injected it wrong would mean Eren would not have the armor ability right now since he did the same. It also does not make sense because any single one of the nine gets passed down. All of them eat the spinal fluid. It is one of the examples where someone physically disabled has taken on a mindless Titan. There is no example of Armin but he does not have any broken bones and just has an extra crispy boy. It is also one of the notes and not mindless. It means no one knows the thing that is special. In fact, Rod breaks his spine and it is too small of a detail for them to include without intent.

2. John Levin

John Levin states that Kenny Ackerman was leaning against a tree. He was about to die when he pulled out a small box that had a syringe filled with Titan Fluid that was stolen from Rod Reiss. After a few minutes, Kenny was asked by Levi why he didn’t have enough strength and energy to inject like him. Upon hearing the question, Kenny explained how he could have. However, for one he would turn into a mindless titan that he would not want. If he injected himself the wrong way with the Titan spinal fluid, he would become a freak like Reiss, the thing that he also did not want. Basically, if the spinal fluid is injected in the wrong way, the process will go wrong. For instance, becoming 120-meters like Rod Reiss.

As for the reason why Marley did not make an army of 120 meter Titans, it is because it is hard to control them. They would be so hot and it would be hard for even shifters to get to them. The only thing that could get to them would be the colossal Titan, which is also unlikely for them to go against an army.

Second, the reason why Marley directs them at Walls and not at the Eldians inside the walls is because they would have to make the walls where they make Titans that are thicker and taller. It takes time. In addition, there is no guarantee that the 120 meter ones would break their new and improved wall.

In case the 120 meters is directed at the other neighbors, it could turn around and attack Marley instead. There is no way for them to build a wall around Marley to only direct the 120 meters toward their neighbors because the wall would probably be destroyed and it would take a long time.

Thirdly, there is probably no guarantee that the side effect would turn the Titan into a 120 meter. So, it might be a waste of time trying to make one with such a height. When the Titan serum was drunk by Rod Reiss, any number of mutations could happen. It was purely coincidence when he turned 120 meters.

3. Mingyue Ouyang

Mingyue Ouyang thinks that it is possible that it is a combination of a few things, such as:

  • The serum that was eaten by him was specifically for Historia.
  • Instead of injecting the serum into his bloodstream, he licked it off of the ground.
  • He only took part of the serum instead of full dose.
  • He is a part of the Reiss Royal Family, meaning something that is related to their bloodline may create unique Titans.

Due to its size, Armin mentioned in the manga that Rod Reiss was an abnormal Titan. Aside from that, it is because it seems to be ignoring them and heading straight towards Orvud District and Wall Sina. Meanwhile, in the anime, it was mentioned by Erwin.

There is a theory that says that abnormal Titans, including the ones that are Thomas in the Trost Arc, and so on, were created because they did not properly ingest the right dose of the Titan serum. The abnormal ones that were made as a result of this show different characteristics than normal ones. These characteristics include moving faster, moving in strange ways or ignoring some humans and only focusing on others. It may be due to Rod Reiss did not ingest the serum well that he became an abnormal Titan that ignored the Survey Corps and was much larger in size and deformed compared to other ones.

4. Dino Titan

According to Dino Titan, the reason why Reiss was so big is because he was an Abnormal. He believes that the reason Abnormals are created is due to them having a strong enough goal in mind. It is stated that Reiss wanted to retake the Founding Titan and the Founder is a powerful titan. So, he became an Abnormal titan twice the size of the Colossal Titan.

Dino Titan says that Rod Reiss took the Colossal Titan serum. It was mentioned both in the manga and anime that the serum would turn Historia into a strong Titan. It is clear that the strongest kinds of Titan are shifters. However, they are mindless and they might as well be Pure Titans. Rod Reiss is pretty stupid as he did not think that it would be a bad idea of having a 60-meter class Titan appears in a cave. Basically, Dino Titan assumes that Rod Reiss became an Abnormal Colossal Titan.

Marley did not make more 120 meter Titans because they would essentially be creating the Rumbling. It is hard to imagine having hundreds of these things moving around unchecked as they would almost certainly annihilate humanity.

5. Mian Uzair Abbas

The Titan size of Reiss is 120 meters. In Attack of Titans, Colossal Titan refers to a different term used to describe Huge Titan. It is the strongest and largest kind of Titan, except for the 120 meter form of Rod as it is considered unique. This kind of Titan is 60 meters tall. Everyone believes that it is the most potent titanic form. However, Zeke Yeager is known as the strongest Warrior and is the main weapon used by Marley against its enemies. The Titan form of Rod was known as a huge Titan ever at 120 meter tall.  Actually, it was 40 meter in height as it was dragging itself on its belly. However, it was still twice the size of the Colossus Titan, the one that is known as a huge Titan poking its head above Wall Maria in the Fall of Shiganishima Arc.

For anyone who is wondering the thing that gave Rod Reiss a huge Titan form and the reason why Marleyans haven’t used this form to make an army of Colossal Titans, it could be a mix of several things. The serum consumed by Reiss was made specifically for Historia. Instead of rejecting it into his bloodstream, he licked it out of the floor. He only took a tiny portion of it instead of the total dose. In addition, he is also part of the Reiss Royal Family, meaning some bloodline related to them could result in distinctive Titans.

Armin said in the manga that Rod Reiss was a huge Titan because of its enormous size. Plus, it seems to disregard them and to move straight towards Orvud District and Wall Sina. The one who mentioned this in animation was Erwin.

According to a theory, abnormal Titans, just like the one found in Thomas from the Trost Arc and others, were created because they failed to ingest the correct amount of Titan serum properly. Different traits are shown by the Titans who have abnormally formed due to this. The examples include speeding up strangely, ignoring humans, and focusing on others. Rod Reiss might not ingest the serum correctly. Hence, he turned into an unusual Titan who was not aware of his Survey Corps and was much larger and more deformed when compared to others.

One of the things that made Reiss famous was his huge size. People believe that abnormals are born because they have the right goal in mind. Reiss was eager to take back the role of the Founding Titan and it was formidable. He turned into one of the Abnormal Titans twice as big as his Colossal Titan.

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