Parag Agarwal Net Worth

With Jack Dorsey stepping down from his position as the CEO of Twitter on November 29, 2021, Parag Agrawal was appointed as his successor. Since then, many people have been wondering about his life, including about his net worth. If you are included as one of those who are curious about his net worth and many other things about him, you are encouraged to check out this post until the end.

Net Worth

According to The Sun, Parag Agrawal has an estimated net worth of $1.52 million. PeopleAl sources also stated that his estimated new worth is around $1.55 million. As of now, his real salary is still unknown. However, according to the Insider, the co-founder of Twitter named Ev Williams collected a total of $275,000 in 2018. From that, everyone believes that Parag Agrawal would also get a six figure salary.

Actually, Twitter is not new for Parag Agrawal. He has been working with the team since 2011, meaning it has been almost 10 years of him on Twitter. Before joining Twitter, he used to work with Microsoft, Yahoo, and AT&T.

Parag Agarwal Net Worth


Following the departure of then Chief Technology Officer or CTO of Twitter named Adam Massinger, Parag Agrawal was announced as his successor in October 2017. Actually, he has been working in the company since October 2011 as a distinguished software engineer. Before working at Twitter, the man was a leader at big companies such as Microsoft Research and Yahoo! Research. As displayed on his biography on the Twitter leadership page, he is the one who is responsible for the technical strategy and overseeing machine learning and Al across the consumer, revenue, and science teams of Twitter.

8 years after joining Twitter, the CEO of Twitter named Jack Dorsey announced that Parag Agrawal would be the one that is in charge of an independent team of open source architects, engineers and designers called Project Bluesky. The team as an aim to develop an open and decentralized standard for social media that would help better control abusive and misleading information on its platform.

Parag Agrawal said that their role is not to be found by the First Amendment, but to serve a healthy public conversation. It focuses less on thinking about free speech, but thinking about how the times have changed. He said this when asked about balancing the protection of free speech as a core value and the endeavour to combat misinformation in an interview with MIT Technology Review in November last year.

On November 29, 2021, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, came with a shocking news, announcing that he would be stepping down from his position as the CEO of Twitter and that Parag Agrawal would be appointed as the new one.


    • Birth name: Parag Agrawal
    • Nickname: Parag
    • Gender: Male
    • Place of birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    • Date of birth: 1975 or 1976
    • Age: 45 years old
    • Occupation: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Twitter
    • Education: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay), Stanford University
    • Nationality: Indian-American
    • Hometown: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    • Current residency: San Francisco, California, United States
    • Height: 170 cm or 5 feet 7 inches
    • Weight: 73 kg or 161 lbs
    • Eye color: Black
    • Hair color: Black
    • Spouse: Vineeta Agrawal


Parag Agrawal studied in Indian Institute of Technology Bombay or IIT Bombay and earned an undergraduated degree from there. Then, he continued his study at Stanford University and earned a PhD in computer science.

Personal Life

Parag Agrawal is reportedly married to a woman named Vineeta Agrawal. The woman is known as a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz. For your information, it is a venture, capital firm, and leads investments in biology companies, including therapeutics, diagnostics, and digital health. From the marriage, they are blessed with a son.

Richest Indian-Origin CEOs in the World

There are a lot of successful and influential CEOs in the world who are originally from India. They made their way in Silicon Valley and have inspired a lot of people. While not everyone included in the list below is an entrepreneur, they can still earn a lot even while they are sleeping. If you are curious about the richest CEOs in the world that are from India, here is the list for you:

    1. Thomas Kurian
      Age: 60 years old
      Company: Google Cloud
      Net worth: 11,300 Crore
    2. Jayshree Ullal
      Age: 59 years old
      Company: Artista Networks
      Net worth: 9,100 Crore
    3. Ajaypal Singh Banga
      Age: 60 years old
      Company: MasterCard
      Net worth: 7,200 Crore
    4. Nikesh Arora
      Age: 52 years old
      Company: Palo Alto Networks
      Net worth: 6,500 Crore
    5. Satya Nadella
      Age: 53 years old
      Company: Microsoft
      Net worth: 5,900 Crore
    6. Sundar Pichai
      Age: 48 years old
      Company: Alphabet (Google)
      Net worth: 5,900 Crore
    7. Shantanu Narayen
      Age: 57 years old
      Company: Adobe
      Net worth: 4,500 Crore
    8. Indra K Nooyi
      Age: 64 years old
      Company: PepsiCo
      Net worth: 3,500 Crore
    9. Ignatius Navil Noronha
      Age: 45 years old
      Company: Avenue Supermarts
      Net worth: 3,200 Crore
    10. Aditya Puri
      Age: Unknown
      Company: HDFC Bank
      Net worth: 1,300 Crore

Thomas Kurian tops the list of the richest Indian-origin CEOS in the world with 11,300 Crore. He was born and brought up in Kerala India. He was good at studying that’s why he got a partial scholarship from the Princeton University. Since the time, the career of this man is on the rise. In 1996, he joined a company named Oracle and transformed it and he managed to secure lead positions. Just three years ago, he joined Google Cloud and within two years, he became the richest Indian CEOs in the world, even though his fortunes are mostly from his stock sale in Oracle.

With the latest announcement, it seems like Parag Agrawal will make it to the list in the future. All that you have to do is to wait as the time will tell. The list will become more interesting knowing there might be some new faces joining and wreaking the list like a wrecking ball.