Simone Biles Engagement Ring Cost, Photos from Jonathan Owens

Simone Biles’ engagement ring is very stunning. She is making sure to share it with the world. By the way, how much Does Simone Biles’ engagement ring cost? If you really want to know that information, you should read this entire article.

How Much Does Simone Biles’ Engagement Ring Cost?

We are sure that you are very curious to know the cost of Simone Biles’ engagement ring. According to Jenny Luker, president of Platinum Guild International USA, the cost of Simone Biles’ engagement ring is around $325,000. Jenny Luker said in a statement to StyleCaster, it is an oval cut diamond that elongates the finger. And it is also the diamond shape that Travis Barker selected when he proposed to Kourtney Kardashian.

Simone Biles Engagement Ring Cost, Photos from Jonathan Owens

But, a Jewelry designer named Mark Broumand estimates the cost of Simone Biles’ engagement ring to be slightly lower at $300,000. He said that the ring features round diamonds studded on all three sides of the band in a domed shape as well as the center basket. Those oval-shaped diamonds are having a major resurgence as seen on Kourtney Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Hailey Bieber. Of course, this style is modern and super brilliant. Again, Mark Broumand would estimate the cost of Simone Biles’ engagement ring around $300,000.

All About Their Relationship

Simone Arianne Biles and Jonathan Owens are the definition of a power couple. Need to know that Simone Arianne Biles or simply known as Simone Biles is a seven-time Olympic medalist for gymnastics. While Jonathan Owens currently plays safety for the Houston Texans. This couple reportedly met in March 2020 right before the pandemic sent Americans into lockdown. We get information that this couple connected when Simone Biles sent Jonathan Owens a message on social media. Biles and Owens started hanging out in the months following.

They confirmed their relationship publicly in August 2020 by sharing a picture on Instagram. Since then, this couple has been relatively public regarding their relationship. Simone Biles frequently supports Jonathan Owens by attending Houston Texans games. And Jonathan Owens was an adamant supporter of hers during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Jonathan Owens posted after Simone Biles shared that she would no longer continue competing for the United States during the 2021 Olympics.

All About the Heartwarming Proposal

All About the Heartwarming Proposal

Actually we do not know a lot of details about their proposal. But, we are able to see a few clues from the pictures which Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens posted. According to their posts, Simone Biles wore a black bodycon mini dress and black Yves Saint Laurent heels. She sported a classic white manicure which looks stunning in the pictures of her new ring that features an oval-cut diamond.

Jonathan Owens wore a sharp gray suit with a black turtleneck underneath. Owens completed the look with black leather sneakers before dropping to one knee to propose. Also, we are able to see that their proposal took place in a gazebo. In his Instagram post, Jonathan Owens tagged their location: Houston, Texas. Aside from that, he also shared that the proposal was a complete surprise and that Simone Biles did not see it coming.

More Information About Simone Biles’ Engagement Ring

Based on the research, Simone Biles’ engagement ring was designed by ZoFrost. The ring has a large three carat oval diamond set in pave with 35 small diamonds around the ring. According to the Daily Mail, Simone Biles’ engagement ring is of high quality with F color and VVVS2 clarity.

What makes Simone Biles’ engagement ring more special is that Jonathan Owens did not come to the jewelry store to select one of the pieces for sale. The jeweler revealed on his Instagram that he and Jonathan Owens started the process together a few months ago to choose the perfect diamond for Simone Biles that was handpicked by Jonathan Owens. In fact, Zofrost and Jonathan Owens are also friends. Owens made sure every detail he wanted was on the engagement ring. The jeweler said on Instagram that Jonathan Owens wanted to add a special detail by adding a halo around the oval diamond.

Jonathan Owens was thankful for the perfectly designed ring and thanked his jeweler, ZoForst. Owens said that his jeweler ZoForst excelled with this piece. He made the night more special. Even though they did not reveal the price of the ring, some average estimates say that it exceeds 300 thousand dollars.

Also, Jewelry designer Mark Broumand said that Simone Biles’ engagement ring appears to feature a really large plump oval cut center diamond between 6-8 carats set in a micropavé band. The Simone Biles’ engagement ring features round diamonds studded on all three sides of the band in a domed shape as well as the center basket. Oval shaped diamonds are having a big resurgence as seen on Hailey Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian, and Ariana Grande. The style is very and super brilliant. Jewelry designer Mark Broumand estimated Simone Biles’ engagement ring at approximately $300,000.

Simone Biles Posted Her Engagement Photos on Social Media

Simone Biles had a really special Valentine’s Day. On Monday, the Olympic medalist Simone Biles was in for a big surprise when her boyfriend, Jonathan Owens got down on one knee to pop the big question. “THE EASIEST YES,” Simone Biles wrote on Instagram along with a series of photos of the proposal, and a video of the incredible ring which her fiance carefully chose.

Simone Biles posted her engagement photos on social media. Of course, it is still too early for the couple to select a wedding date, however it is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated of the year. Simone Biles and Jonathon Owens met in the year of 2020, and struck up a friendship via social media. They fell in love, and in August of that year the Olympic champion Simone Biles published the first photo of her with Jonathon Owens. Together they lived through the pandemic and the challenges in their own careers, now the couple are determined to spend the future side by side.

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