NetLimiter Pro 4 Benefits You Should to Know

NetLimiter is an internet traffic control and monitoring tool which is designed for Windows. You are able to use this tool to be able to set download/upload transfer rate limits for applications or even single connection and monitor their internet traffic.

NetLimiter has some editions and one of them is NetLimiter 4 Pro. What are the benefits of this edition? You can read about it and other information about NetLimiter 4 Pro below.

Benefits of NetLimiter 4 Pro

There are a number of benefits that you are able to get if you use Netlimiter 4 Pro. What are they? You are able to see in the list below.

  • Internet Traffic Monitoring

With this feature, you are able to get real time traffic monitoring of apps and connections.

  • Connection Blocker
Connection Blocker

With this feature, you are able to block chosen applications from connecting to the internet.

  • Priorities

It allows you to prioritize traffic of chosen apps over others.

  • Quotas

You are able to block or limit applications if there is a specified data transfer quota which was reached.

  • Stats

It has long term data transfers statistics.

  • Limits

It can set maximum transfer speed for any apps which are running on your PC.

  • Filter Editor
Filter Editor

It can create custom filters to be able to filter traffic by direction, protocol, IPs, application and many more.

  • Scheduler

It can specify times when certain rules such as limit and priority will be automatically enabled or disabled.

  • Remote Administration
Remote Administration

It will remotely control other machines with NetLimiter 4.

  • User Permissions
User Permissions

It has the ability to specify which user can control or just monitor internet traffic.

  • Traffic Chart
Traffic Chart

It will show download and upload data transfer speeds for chosen applications or connections.

  • Info Tool
Info Tool

It shows various information about chosen connection, application or filter.

  • Rule Editor
Rule Editor

It has advanced tools for customizing NetLimiter behaviour.

  • Connection History
Connection History

It shows traffic stats grouped by IP address and application.

  • Connection Log
Connection Log

It shows information about connections in realtime and how they were processed.

How to Buy NetLimiter 4 Pro

If you want to buy Netlimiter 4 Pro, you are able to access the official website of Netlimiter. When you are in the homepage of Netlimiter site, you have to click on the Buy menu at the top of the site and when you are in the Buy page.

There will be four options including NetLimiter 4 Pro, NetLimiter 4 Lite, NetLimiter 3 Pro and NetLimiter 3 Lite. Since you want to buy NetLimiter 4 Pro, you have to choose it but usually when you go to the Buy page you will be automatically in the NetLimiter 4 Pro page.

On that page, you will have to choose the license type whether Standard License and Home License. But, what are the differences between these two licenses? The Standard License is suitable for normal and legal persons for any legitimate purpose.

You are able to buy an exact number of licenses and there is no limit for maximal number of licenses. How about Home License? It is designated to be used at home by natural persons for private and non-commercial purposes.

The maximal number of licenses which are able to be bought is set to 10 and the licenses are sold in packages of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 pieces.

Besides choosing the license type, you also have to choose the quantity. If you have any code, you are able to enter in the box beside the Buy button. And if you have chosen anything there, now you are able to click on the Buy button.

After clicking on the Buy button, you will be directed to the purchase form where you have to enter your personal information in the Billing Information section such as email, first name, last name, country, postal code, city, company and street address.

There is also a Payment Information section where you have to enter your credit card number, security date and security code. At the top of the page, you are also presented with the cart contents including the name of the products that you bought, delivery, unit price, quantity and total.

After you fill the information there including giving the check mark in the “The Recipient or License is the same as the Purchaser”, you have to click on the blue Buy Now button.

The Price of NetLimiter 4 Pro

The price of NetLimiter 4 Pro is various and it depends on the license that you choose and also the quantity of NetLimiter 4 Pro that you buy. The price of NetLimiter 4 Pro actually can be checked by clicking the Price Table under Quantity section. Here is the list of the NetLimiter 4 Pro prices.

Standard License


Time Unlimited Registration

1 – 2


3 – 4

5 – 9

10 – 19

20 – 49

50 – 99

100 and more

$29,95  / unit


$23,95  / unit

$18,95  / unit

$14,95  / unit

$11,95  / unit

$9,95  / unit

$7,95  / unit

Home License


Time Unlimited Registration

1 x


2 x



10 x







It is important for you to note that the prices are in US dollars and VAT is not included.

About NetLimiter 4

If you access NetLimiter site, you are able to see that NetLimiter 4 has two variations including NetLimiter 4 lite and NetLimiter 4 Pro. In the NetLimiter 4 Pro, you are able to enjoy features as we explained above.

But, if you choose the NetLimiter 4 Lite, there are some features of NetLimiter 4 Pro that you cannot enjoy such as connection blocker, quotas, stats, filter editor, scheduler, remote administration, user permissions, rule editor, connection history and connection log.

So, if you want to enjoy complete features of NetLimiter 4, you are able to choose NetLimiter 4 Pro. But, if you think that the features of NetLimiter 4 Lite are enough for you, then you are able to buy it.

NetLimiter 4 provides you full control over the network connection. With it, you are able to decide which applications will be permitted to connect to the internet and how much of total bandwidth that they will be permitted to use. For your information, it is designed for Windows 7, Vista, 8, 10, server 2008 R2, server 2012 and server 2016.

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