How to Fix Youtube Vanced Error 400

YouTube Vanced is a modified version or a third-party alternative of the original YouTube app. With the capability of blocking ads on the video streaming platform free of cost, YouTube Vanced has successfully attracted a lot of users over the world. Unfortunately, YouTube Vanced is no longer available, because of receiving a legal threat from Google.

However, the users with the current version can still access YouTube Vanced for some time. Reportedly, a lot of users encounter error 400 that frequently appears on YouTube Vanced when they are accessing it. If you are one of them, you do not need to worry, as this post will show you the guide to fix YouTube Vanced error 400. Here you go!

How to Fix Youtube Vanced Error 400

Fixing YouTube Vanced Error 400, Here’s How!

The error 400 is a common error that often occurs on YouTube Vanced. Generally, error 400 indicates when your internet connection is unstable. Unstable WiFi commonly refers to the busy connection that you are on, since there are a lot of different devices connected to it, all taking up too much bandwidth.

Certainly, the connection may struggle to keep them all on the WiFi, if too many devices are connected and using the internet simultaneously. In addition to WiFi connection errors, YouTube error 400 may also appear if your device is not set to the appropriate date and time.

This error is a widespread error that will stop you seeing websites appropriately or streaming any videos. Even though the error 400 can also appear on a lot of different platforms, it can particularly be widespread on YouTube.

If you face the error 400 on YouTube Vanced, there are two main solutions that you can take to fix error 400 on YouTube Vanced. Here they are:

Solution 1: Try to update the app

When you get error 400 on YouTube Vanced, the first thing you need to do is to try updating the app. Since an update can resolve any bugs and issues within an app, ensuring the YouTube Vanced app is entirely up to date is a must.

The error 400 may also occur when there is a bug in the app. What you should do is to ensure the app is the latest version. Well, if you have missed an app update accidentally, it will prevent the app from working correctly.

Solution 2: Reinstall YouTube Vanced

If you have tried to update the YouTube Vanced app to the latest version but the error 400 still appears, you can try to reinstall the app by deleting the app and then installing it again. Need to know, deleting YouTube Vanced app will give your devices clearance of any backlog of cookies.

Solution 3: Check your data/WiFi

The last solution you can take is to check your data/ WiFi whether  or not it is currently online. However, the error may tend to appear when your internet drops out.

Okay, those are three main solutions that can fix the error 400 on YouTube Vanced. Generally, those solutions above can solve your problem when working with YouTube Vanced.

Unfortunately, there are still many users who  reportedly still face the error 400 on YouTube Vanced, though they’ve taken those solutions. No worries, there are some sources that give a bunch of methods to fix error 400 on YouTube Vanced if the three solutions above cannot fis YouTube Vanced error 400.

Here are some alternatives that you can do to fix YouTube Vanced error 400:

Alternative 1: Check your date and time settings

First thing first, you can try to check your date and time settings on your device, as error 400 can also be caused by incorrect date and time. To do so, you can go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘General Management’. After that, you can tap ‘Date and Time’. Make sure to enable ‘Automatic date and time settings’ and then launch YouTube again and check if error 400 persists.

Alternative 2: Check your internet connection

When your server connection errors, it may indicate your internet connection is unstable. If you use a mobile phone, you can try to turn off your cellular or WiFi and turn on Airplane mode for one or two minutes.

You can also try to restart your phone, re-enable your internet connection and launch YouTube Vanced again. Ideally, you may need to switch to a different connection and check if you get any improvements.

Alternative 3: Clear the cache

To clear the cache of YouTube Vanced, you can go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Apps’. Then, you can choose ‘YouTube’ and tap ‘Storage’. After that, click the ‘Clear Cache’ button. You can then check if this alternative resolved your problem. If the error 400 still appears, you can click the ‘Clear data’ button.

Last but not least, ensure you are using the latest app version. To check it, you can go to Google Play Store. Then, search for YouTube Vanced and click the ‘Update’ button if an update is available. Of course, you need to check if there is a latest Android version available. You can then install it and restart your device and launch YouTube Vanced again.

Alternative 4: Change DNS

For the last alternative, you can try to change your DNS settings. To do so, you can go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘WiFi’ option. Then, make sure to long-press the network you are connected to. Here, you can choose ‘Modify Network’ and go to ‘IP settings’ and use as your main DNS. If the error 400 still appears, you can try to uninstall and reinstall the YouTube Vanced app again.

Why Is YouTube Vanced Shutting Down?

As we’ve mentioned, YouTube Vanced is being forced to shut down. The app is being discontinued after receiving a legal threat and desist letter from Google. The letter forces the YouTube Vanced developer to stop development and distribution of the app immediately.

The developer has been asked to delete all reference to ‘YouTube’, change the logo and also delete all the links related to YouTube products. Reportedly, the company tried to elevate legal sanctions from Google by changing its name to just Vanced, but it didn’t really work. Finally, the app is being forced to stop.

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