MSI Gaming OSD 2.0 Best Settings

Gaming OSD is a program which permits you to be able to control the configuration of your monitor through mouse and keyboard. If you have an intense gaming session or watching a movie, and then you see that your screen is too dark, you are able to hit the hot keys that you have set in the Gaming OSD to be able to brighten up the screen. It is done without reaching your hand to the buttons beneath the monitor. And now, Gaming OSD has officially 2.0 version. What are the best settings for MSI OSD 2.0?

The best Settings for MSI Gaming OSD 2.0

Actually, if you want to get the best settings, it may be different for each person and even for each game. So, you may be able to try any settings for getting the best one. When we tried to search information about the best settings for MSI OSD 2.0, instead we found the recommended settings for MSI Optix MAG24C according to Tom’s Hardware. Here they are.

  • Picture Mode: Standard
  • Brightness 200 nits: 72
  • Brightness 120 nits: 38
  • Brightness 100 nits: 30
  • Brightness 80 nits: 22
  • Brightness 50 nits: 10
  • Contrast: 50
  • Color Tempt User: Red 51, Green 50, Blue 48
  • Gamma: 2.2
  • Response Time: Off

MSI Gaming OSD 2.0 Best Settings

The standard picture mode permits for white balance calibration. It has two gamma presets and 2.2 is the default which is measured accurately. If you want to access the Brightness slider, you have to leave Response Time off.

If you need more information about the best settings for MSI Gaming OSD 2.0 version, you are able to come to some forums and then ask others about it. Other people may inform you about the best settings that you are able to use for MSI Gaming OSD 2.0.


For a gamer, having the best way to view their games is something that they like. If they cannot see an enemy which is approaching in the game, it will be dangerous for them. So, it is important for using the correct monitor setting on the right time for the right game. Gaming monitors of MSI have a joystick. With it,  you are able to change the settings with your hand. New MSI series gaming monitors have an app.  The name is Gaming OSD App. With it, you are able to configure your MSI Gaming Monitor with mouse and keyboard.

What are the things that you are able to set with this MSI Gaming OSD APP? Those are monitor configuration, system settings, in game assistance, hotkeys, gaming profiles, and joystick configuration. In the monitor configuration, you are able to find all the settings that you are able to change. Here are some options of the settings that you can change.

  • Brightness. Here, you are able to set how bright your monitor will shine.
  • Contrast. Here, you are able to change the color intensity.
  • Sharpness. Here, you are able to sharpen the pixels.
  • Black Tuner. In this section you are able to adjust the blackness level of your monitor.

There is also a Color Temperature setting. Here, you are able to set the colors a little different. So, you are able to get the optimal colors for your game. There is also Response Time. If you set it to Fastest with at least 75Hz Screen Refresh Rate, Anti Motion Blur will be enabled automatically. It is recommended for FPS and Racing games.

How about the screen size? With it, you are able to manipulate the screen scale and size if you like to play on 4:3. In the Image Enhancement setting, it can enhance image edges to improve the sharpness. Then, there is also the HDCR button which stands for High Dynamic Contrast Range. It permits automatic help to set the right contrast. So, if you are playing in a room with high brightness, you are able to see some spots on your monitor well.

New Features in Gaming OSD 2.0

You may wonder about the new features that you are able to get in this Gaming OSD 2.0. Well, the first one is Split Windows. This is the best weapon for people who want to do multitasking. With it, you are able to select up to 5 programs to be shown on the monitor in the similar time based on the arrangement that you choose. Let’s say that you want to watch movies while having skype. You can watch movies and also have your skype beside your movie player. You just have to choose a layout that splits the screen into two and then you are able to select the programs that you want and then assign them to each screen compartment.

Ray-Tracing mode is another new feature of this Gaming OSD 2.0. As we know that NVIDIA’s RTX graphics cards are amazing because of the support of Ray-Tracing technology. It makes the visuals of gaming into the level of animation movies. In the Gaming OSD 2.0, there is a new mode that can further enhance the effect of Ray-Tracing. With the Ray-Tracing mode, the contrast of the light and the details of the darkness will be more noticeable and it covers up the sharp contrast that Ray-Tracing technology may generate to bring its max potential.

Synchronize is the new Mystic light mode in this version. This new Synchronize mode will be able to detect the colors that are now being shown on your screen and it changes the RGB led lights behind the monitor accordingly. Quoted from MSI site, it is location sensitive which means that the color position of the back RGB led light will be able to match the ones on your screen. When you are playing a shooting game, and then you just get shot at from your right side. The game will warn you by flashing red on your right side.

Useful Windows Tool is also another new feature in this Gaming OSD 2.0. The functions are Mouse Settings, On-Screen Keyboard, Magnifier, Power Shut-Down Schedule, Wireless Display Connect and Multiple Monitor Setting. If you do not like the speed of your newly bought mouse, you are able to go on gaming OSD and then change it. If people in your family often forget how to launch On-Screen Keyboard and Magnifier, Gaming OSD is easier to access and remember as well. If you really like playing games and it makes you forget about going to class, you are able to set a schedule for Computer Shut-down in Gaming OSD. With these all useful Windows tools, it makes it accessible through Gaming OSD. So, you will be able to have a much better experience by using this product.