How to Fix “your printer has experienced an unexpected configuration problem” 0x8007007e then Printer Cannot Print Anything [SOLVED]

Printers are really useful for your daily life. It is usually used for documentation purposes at home, in the office, or in school. These things come in different types, sizes, types, brands, designs, and models. They keep improving each year, making the printing process easier, quicker, and more convenient.

One of the useful features of printers is the option to print directly from the browser. All that you have to do is to right click on the page and then click on Print to send the webpage directly to the printer.

However, a few users have been facing printer issues, especially Microsoft Edge users. Whenever they try to print something directly from Microsoft Edge, the error 0x80007007e printer issue appears. Here are some methods to fix the issue that you can try.

Method 1: Use a different browser

Use a different browser

Using a different browser to print the webpage or online document is the first method to fix the issue. You will need to download Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or any other browser that you can to use as an alternative to Microsoft Edge. Please open the link using a newly downloaded browser and print from there.

It is actually a temporary fix and, meaning it does not fix your printer problem. Using a different browser is simply a solution if you need to have the document or webpage printed as soon as possible without having to wait for fixing the issue of the old browser. For those who want to fix the printer issue, you can try the other methods below.

Method 2: Update Windows 10

In order to make sure the smooth operation of all components of the Windows operating system, you will have to install the available updates through Windows Updates. Each system, security, and app update is released through Windows Update so you will just have to check it regularly, especially when you did not set the updates to be automatically installed in the background.

Update Windows 10

To check if you have pending updates waiting to be installed, first of all, you will have to click on the search bar located in the Taskbar and then type in Windows Update. Please press Enter to search. Next, select Check for Updates from the list of search results. Doing so will make the Windows Update show up.

If your Windows system is updated, you will be able to see the You’re up to date notification, which includes the data and time when the system was last checked. If it is not, you will be able to see a list of pending updates that have to be installed, in which case you have to click the Install Now button to start the update process.

After the installation is done, please reboot your computer to complete the update process. Once the system has been updated, you can test-print a webpage from Microsoft Edge to see if the error is fixed.

Method 3: Update the device driver of your printer

The error 0x80007007e printer issue can also show up when your printer driver is not up to date. Please take a note that Windows 10 no longer supports 32-bit programs so you will need to make sure that you have the 64-bit version of the printer driver installed.

Update the device driver of your printer

If you want to update your printer software, the first thing that you will need to do is to type in device manager in the Start search box and then press Enter. Then, click the top result to open the Device Manager. On the next step, find your printer device and right click on it. After that, choose Update Driver Software.

Lastly, click on Search automatically for updated driver software and wait for the process to be done. In case your computer failed to find the newest updates, you are recommended to check the manufacturer’s official website of your printer to install the updates manually. Do not forget to make sure that you have the exact model to be able to download the correct software updates.

Method 4: Remove the computer junk

Remove the computer junk

Sometimes, junk files can corrupt your system files or bother the computer processes, making the possibility of the errors such as 0x80007007e bigger. If you want to clear the system, you can just uninstall the apps that you no longer need and delete all unnecessary files using Outbyte PC Repair. If any of them got corrupted, the tool called the System File Checker of SFC can be used to replace the damaged files with good, working copies.

Method 5: Edit the registry entry of your remote printer

For those who are using a remote printer, the server that you use might be still running a 32-bit driver, which is not supported by Windows 10 anymore. Apparently, the 32-bit universal driver makes a registry entry on your computer, the one that causes the error.

If you want to fix the issue, you should delete the registry key located at HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\<printer name>\CopyFiles\BIDI. In the end, your computer will generate the new 64-bit registry entry the next time you connect to your remote printer.

Method 6: Copy the PrintCOnfig.dll file to the correct folder

Copy the PrintCOnfig.dll file to the correct folder

For a few reasons, the PrintCOnfig.dll is missing and is misplaced. This kind of situation leads to the error 0x80007007e printer issue. If you want to fix this problem, please follow these following steps. First, open the Run dialog by pressing Windows key and R at the same time.

Second, type in spool, and then press Enter.Third, open the Driver folder and then find the x64old folder. Fourth, open the x64old folder and look for the dll file. In some computers, this one is able to be found in the 3 folder within x64old. In case you cannot find one, please type printconfig in the search box above to find the file.

Fifth, right click on printconfig.dll and then choose Copy. Sixth, go back to the Drivers folder and find the x64 folder this time. Seventh, paste the printconfig.dll to the same place as in the x64old folder. Eighth, restart your computer and see if the issue has been fixed.

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