Mondstadt and Its Archon Not Showing Up? Here’s the Quest Guide!

Unlocking the Mondstadt and its Archon is one of the Genshin Impact quests that you should complete in this game. This quest surely offers you to obtain any rewards, find the locations of the Grace, Dandelion Seed and Anemo Archon Statue.

But, how if the Mondstadt and its Archon quest is not showing up on the game? Why does it happen? To find the answer, here’s the quest guide to unlock the Mondstadt and its Archon quest!

Mondstadt And its Archon is not showing up! Why?

However, the Mondstadt and its Archon is not showing up yet as you miss any previous quests that you should complete before. To note, in order to unlock the quest of Mondstadt and its Archon, at least, you should complete the two requirements before, they are:

  • You should unlock the Adventure Rank 36 before you’re able to unlock the Mondstadt and its Archon quest.
  • You should finish Carmen Dei Chapter: Act 1 for Venti’s Story Quests, that’s “Should You Be Trapped in a Windless Land”

Once you already complete the two quests above, you automatically can continue for the next quest of Mondstadt and its Archon.

Mondstadt And Its Archon Quest. Here’s the Guide!

You may now want to complete the Mondstadt and its Archon quest after completing the two quests above. If you complete this quest, you’re able to get the rewards, Here’s for the rewards:

  • Adventurer’s Exp: 100
  • Mora: 16,000
  • Items:
  1. Hero’s Wit x5
  2. Dandelion Seed x5

To complete the Mondstadt and its Archon at least you should follow the ways below!

The first thing that you need to begin the Mondstadt and its Archon quest is to talking to Grace, a nun that you can find near the statue in front of the Mondstadt Cathedral during the day time.

talking to Grace

Once you finish talking to Grace about Lord Barbatos, you then need to collect the Dandelion seeds and scatter them on the top of the Anemo Archon statue to complete the Mondstadt and its Archon quest.

The Dandelion here can be found easily at the right side of the Mondstadt entrance gate. To get the Dandelion seeds, you have to use an Anemo attack. Aside from the Monstadt entrance gate, the Dandelion seeds can also be found in the wild. If you have no the Dandelion seeds on your person, you’re easily able to gather some just outside the city’s gate.

To collect the Dandelion seeds, it may not be enough to just slap their head with your weapon due to you having to use the elemental attacks. For more information, the Dandelion here is a tiny seed which rides on the wind even though without featured wings. But it still holds the hope from afar within.  Once you successfully collect the Dandelion seeds, you just simply return to Grace and give the Dandelion seeds to her.

After you give the Dandelion seeds to Grace, she will then ask you to climb the Anemo Archon Statue. This statue is a giant figure right behind Grace which is very easy to find.

The next step that you should do is to climb the statue from behind onto the tops of its round head and then jump into its outstretched hands and then press the corresponding button to sow.

The last step, all you have to do to complete the Mondstadt and its Archon quest is talking to Grace again to confirm that you successfully completed for a final time in this quest. Well, those are the ways that you should follow if you really want to complete the Mondstadt and its Archon quest.

What is Archon in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, Archon is represented as a god who has a high level of control over one of the Elements in Teyvat. They directly distribute the power of Celestia through a Gnosis and can supply their own power to mortals through Visions.

For several thousand years ago, a lot of Archons existed and most of them perished at the hands of each other until only the The Seven emerged victorious. They then built the continent of Teyvat and its seven nations as you are known today.

Here are the seven Archons which survive until now:

  1. Venti – Anemo

Venti was presented as Barbatos aka Wind Spirit who became a boy. After investigating, Barbatos took the form of Venti because it reminded him of a friend from the past.

  1. Rex Lapis – Geo

The second Archon can be found in Liyue when an Archon Geo named Rex Lapis is said to be attacked by a mysterious force. At that time, Rex Lapis took the form of an Eastern dragon named Exuvia who fell from the sky.

  1. The Immortal Shogun – Electro

Players can hear a glimpse of Inazuma’s story from Ayaka in Liyue. Reportedly, the Electro element Archon is an Immortal Shogun whose identity is unknown while the Inazuma region is said to be a very dangerous area for ordinary people. It is also located on a remote island.

  1. The Tsaritsa – Cryo

The Archon Cryo named The Tsaritsa is an evil character because it is told as the party who attacked Venti and took his gnosis. One of his followers, La Signora, was revealed and is likely to become a big enemy in the next round.

  1. Lady of Fire – Pyro

Diluc is one of the characters told to come from this area. The Archon Pyro is called the Lady of Fire who in the past was honored as a brave knight.

  1. God of Justice – Hydro

In the writings of several books in the game, it is told that Archon Hydro is called the God of Justice and their territory is an underwater city called Fontaine. The concept may be similar to Atlantis.

  1. God of Wisdom – Dendro

Unlike other regions, Sumeru is known to have a very famous magic academy. One of the players’ characters, Lisa, is told to have studied in the area. The Archon Dendro is said to be the God of Wisdom who seems to be one of the strongest magicians in Teyvat.