In the Mountains Genshin Impact Quest Guide

In The Mountains is one of the latest quests in 1.2 of Genshin Impact. In this quest, you are allowed to do some tasks which lead you to complete this quest. By completing this quest, you will be granted by any gorgeous rewards. Of course, to complete this quest well, you will need some guides to make it easier to do.

This post actually will guide you in order to complete In The Mountains quest easily. To ease you completing this quest, you surely have to notice some clues that we will explain in the below!

In The Mountains

In The Mountains Quests, Here’s the Guides!

The first thing that you have to recognize before you’re able to complete this quest is to make sure that you already receive the quest. Of course, to receive it, you need to talk to Iris near the entrance of Dragonspine. Afterwards, you can continue to complete “In The Mountains” quest.

you need to talk to Iris near the entrance of Dragonspine

Here’s for the guides!

Guide 1 – Go to the markers on the map

All you need to complete In The Mountain quest is to go to the markers on the map. Here, you will see a large ice crystal which cannot be destroyed by melee attacks or fire. Of course, to pass it, you have to run around the outside of the ice crystals to get the four red veins that are so easy to find.

If you really break them, it will melt the ice. At least, there are at low levels which are slightly protected by two shamans. However, if you have a small red glow around your character, it’s such a great idea to break the crystal.

In this first guide, you need to go back to the ice and then break it to move to the next part of In The Mountains quest. Then, if you are trying to reach the summit, you automatically will be blocked by the cold air. Afterwards, you have to return to the camp and talk to the quest provider to receive the next quest.

For the next quest, you have to get two more large ice cubes which are located in Starglow Cavern that you can see on the map and move to the bottom.

Guide 2 – Keep your body warm

For the second guide in completing In The Mountains is to keep your body warm. Here, you will confront two things ahead. First, you have to overcome this challenge and second you need to survive around the ice crystal. Of course, it’s very annoying because it always  freezes.

Well, keeping your body warm with the spirits which float in the flames is such a must to do. Moreover, it will break the shield around the ice crystal, so if you break the red ore, you really can hit it a lot. To note, it should be done one at a time.

The important thing that you should do is to break the ore, beat the crystal and repeat a total of 4 times. Of course, there are two on one side and two on the other side of the ice crystal. Then, one of them is hiding behind some rocks which can be broken. So it will attack the rocks which appear to be broken.

Guide 3 – Activate the Cryo’s Element

The next guide will allow you to activate the Cryo’s element. To make it active, you should follow the spirit of fire and need a silo man at the top. Need to know, it’s the way to illuminate the elemental stations with the Cryo.

Once you activate them all, there will be a fight with a guard of the area and if you win the icebreaker. From the last ice crystal, there are three red ores which are out in the open to break and bring them to home. Once again, you have to run one at a time to ensure the freezer bar is not filled or counted.

Guide 4 – Find the ores

Here, you need to unlock the lockage cage. Well, to open it, you have to return the two Fire Spirits to the statue. Otherwise, if you really miss it, instead you are able to use everything and glide to give something near the ice.

Once you unlock the cage, the second one is on the ceiling near the barrier in the area. In this way, you will need it to walk which allows you to escort it home and then it will fall. Then, you should grab the chest, break the last ore and smash the crystal. There, you need to wrap it back to Entombed City waypoints. You also need to climb to the top to complete the final challenge of In The Mountains quest.

Here, you have to break three more crystals. By climbing around the pillars, of course the first red ore is pretty easy to find. Afterwards, you can jump near the crystals and climb the broken platform to break in the ice crystals with the red ore.

The second red ore is protected by a mini boss. In order to get it, you just need to break it and get the crystal again. Then, slide it into the floating platform. The last ore can be found in the middle of the area around the Entombed City and Skyfrost Nail. To get it, you need a wind element character.

In order to get it, you have to follow the ring on the other side, defeat the bad guys, get the ore and slide down to the last crystal. Afterwards, you should follow it to the pillar and return to the Iris for your reward.

Tips and Tricks in Completing In The Mountain Quests

At least, there are two main tips that you should notice in completing “In The Mountains” quests, here they are:

  • Take the right lineup in Starglow Cavern
  •  Keeping your body to warm at all times

To keep your body warm, you can utilize the Warning Seelie and torches. Those are the two tips and tricks that you can take in completing “In The Mountains” quest.

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