Huffman Genshin Impact Review and Who is the Voice Actor?

As a loyal player of Genshin Impact in completing all of quests, you probably will find one of unassuming NPC character but he’s totally important for any Genshin Impact quest. Who is the character and how to find him and why is he important for every player in Genshn Impact? If you’re curious for it, better for you to find out below!

Huffman NPC Character, Here’s for Review!

For a newcomer of Genshim Impact game, the review of all characters will be needed. However, many Genshin Impact players really do not know deeply for each character. Of course, when you take a look for any posts which explain for each Genshin Impact character, those really help you to understand for the character even thought you’re a new in Genshin Impact.

In this post, we’re going to give a review for Huffman, one of Genshin Impact character which is rarely discussed for some Genshin Impact reviewer. We here will show you a review of Huffman to make it more clearly to understand. Here’s a review for Huffman character!

Huffman NPC

  1. Well-Known as Unassuming Character

Well, Huffman is well-known as an unassuming Genshin Impact character. You may think that he’s actually unexpected and non-influential character in Genshin Impact but the true fact says another. In Genshin Impact, Huffman is not totally influential character but he’s really needed for a plenty of event within the game.

In other words, Huffman is a standar NPC which just roams in certain area. He also rarely does anything of interest, however, he will be needed for player for a few quest helps. The bad news, when you really need Huffman, he’s very impossible to find.

  1. Knight if Favonius Member

Huffman is also famous as the member of the Knights of Favonious. Even though Huffman seems like any other NPC roaming around the city, but he totally has a high-ranking members in the Knights of Favonius despite he does not look like it.

  1. Found in Multiple Quests

You may not guess that Huffman is a useful Genshim Impact character which will help you for completing some challenging quests. In some quests, Huffman will talk to you and kindy offer your for helps. There are several quests in which you can find him a lot including in The Aftermath, Darknight Hero’s Crisis and Diluc’s questline.

In The Aftermath’s quest, he is a quest-giver, while in the Darknight Hero’s Crisis and Diluc’s questline, Huffman is really worried for the Abyss Order.

  1. Dedicatedly Protect Mondstadt

Besides as the member of the Knights of Favonious, Huffman is also known as a Mondstadt resident who highly protects this city and also the citizens from any unwanted threat. That’s why Huffman never leaves the Mondstadt city. He’s not totally a knight but at least he’s dedicated in protecting the Mondstadt city.

  1. Talking for Unique Story

Which makes Huffman really different from other Genshin Impact character is in their speaking’s style. Well, if you talk to him, he definitely will offer the unique dialogue especially after major story events. That makes him so unique and attractive not to be missed.

The major events here include the completion of the quests The Outlander Who Caught The Wind and A Long Shot. Aside from that, he’s also going to talk to you about the events called “To Each Their Duty and Contingencies” which leads him as one of the NPCs to track down often. Unfortunately, it will be a bit hard to find him.

  1. Highly Hard to Find

As we’ve mentioned above, Huffman is one of the standard NPC which is rarely easy to find. The clue marks that he never leaves Mondstadt even so Huffman also never stays in one spot which makes him very difficult to find.

Is It Possible to Find Huffman? Where Is He?

Fortunately, there are many pro-Genshin Impact players who managed to find him easily. Then, where is exactly Huffman?

Some players found Huffman outside of Diluc’s Bar. He continuously patrols along Mondstadt street and never stands in one place. Well, if you want to find Huffman, you actually have to first run up to the church at the top of Mondstadt city with your character’s distance set as high as possible to make it easier reach to the church.

Once you reach the church at the top of Mondstadt city, you then should run down through the town and pass the Knight’s Academy and follow all the streets in Mondstadt city until you successfully find Huffman. Important for you to check the outside of the church, Diluc’s Bar and the main square. To note, all of them should be your high priority.

If you look for him difficult enough, you will actually come across an upstanding knight with a permanent grin.

Who is Voice Actor for Huffman in Genshin Impact?

Voice Actor is a very crucial role in animation, film and video games. Their ability is proven by how they can explore and show character only with their voice. Job that looks easy on the surface, but very difficult to do.

One of the games which attracts many people to also pay attention to the voice actor is Genshim Impact. There are many popular Japanese actors who contribute to the Genshin Impact character’s voice.

You may wonder who the actor voices Huffman in Genshin Impact. Unfortunately, there is no yet information associated with Huffman voice actors. But, a lot of Genshin Impact data-miners leak that Mihoyo will soon announce for the voice actor for Huffman character.

In this post, we just show you the voice actors for main Genshim Impact characters. Here they are:

Playable Character

  • Traveler is voiced by Aoi Yuki / Shun Horie
  • Amber is voiced by Manaka Iwami
  • Lisa is voiced by Rie Tanaka
  • Jean is voiced by Chiwa Saitou
  • Paimon is voiced by Aoi Koga
  • Diluc is voiced by Kenshou Ono
  • Kaeya is voiced by Kousuke Toriumi
  • Venti is voiced by Ayumu Murase
  • Barbara is voiced by Akari Kito
  • Razor is voiced by Koki Uchiyama
  • Xiangling is voiced by Ari Ozawa
  • Kamisato Ayaka is voiced by Saori Hayami
  • Bennett is voiced by Cristina Vee Valenzuela
  • Diona is voiced by Dina Sherman

Upcoming Character

  • Ayaka is voiced by Saori Hayami
  • Dainsleif is voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda
  • Xiao is voiced by Xiao