How to Unlock Leatherface Masks DBD (Dead by Daylight)

Leatherface/ ‘The Cannibal’ or also known as Bubba Sawyer is one of the killers available in Dead by Daylight. The killer used the Leatherface mask that looks so scary. Leatherface was released on September 14, 2017. The presence of Leatherface was based on the 1974 Horror Movie franchise The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

A lot of players are wondering how to unlock the Leatherface Mask in Dead by Daylight. Reportedly, unlocking the Leatherface Mask in this game is so complicated. Is it true? To prove whether unlocking the Leatherface Mask is difficult or easy, you can try the guide below!

How to Unlock Leatherface Masks DBD (Dead by Daylight)

Unlocking the Leatherface Mask in Dead by Daylight, Here’s How!

There are a number of sources that give the ways to unlock the Leatherface Mask in Dead by Daylight, both on YouTube and also gaming forums. Those sources actually tell the way as detailed as possible, so you will think that unlocking the Leatherface Mask will be easy.

According to a YouTube Channel ‘EarthToLydia’ that shows a video entitled ‘How To Unlock THOSE Leatherfaces… | Dead By Daylight’, she said that to unlock the Leatherface Mask, the players will have to kill 25 of each survivor. You can watch the video from EarthToLydia to unlock the Leatherface Mask here.

Certainly, each survivor here means 25 claudettes, 25 dwight’s, 25 megs and 25 jakes. In other words, for each Leatherface Mask, you need to kill the respective survivor 25 times. Many people said that unlocking the Leatherface Mask is harder than before, as more people are playing the newer fresher survivors, so it may take you a while.

When you try to unlock the Leatherface Mask, we recommend you to look for more than one Jake in a lobby when you are playing any other killer, then you can switch to Leatherface. That’s because the Jake  face is very hard to obtain, due to him being the least common of the four survivors.

About Leatherface/ Bubba Sawyer

About Leatherfac, Bubba Sawyer

Leatherface was first introduced with PARAGRAPH II: Leatherface, which is a paragraph DLC released on September 14, 2017. Leatherface was described as a chainsaw-wielding killer that can trigger a deadly frenzy using his power. He will immediately down anyone in its path.

The Leatherface’s Perks include Knock Out, Franklin’s Demise and Barbecue & Chili. All his perks will make survivors easier to find while he is robbing them of their abilities and tools. Need to know, his perks actually revolve around the unknown, so nobody knows where anyone is, except for Leatherface itself.

Here are the additional information about Leatherface:

    • Name: Bubba Sawyer
    • Game Alias(es): “Leatherface”
    • Gender: Male
    • Nationality: American
    • Power: Bubba’s Chainsaw
    • Power Attack Type: Special Attack (Chainsaw)
    • Weapon: The Sledge
    • Movement: 115 % | 4.6 m/s
    • Alternate Movement speed: 132.25 % | 5.29 m/s (Chainsaw Sweep)
    • Terror: 32 metres
    • Height: Tall
    • Voice Actor: Filip Ivanovic (Art Director)

Certainly, you will not be aware of Leatherface’s presence until his chainsaw actually bursts through your spinal cord. There are 10 files in Dead by Daylight for the Cannibal’s face customization, here are they:

    • Default Face: CA_Head01
    • Prestige Face: CA_Head01_P01

Masks made after the original survivors:

    • CA_Head01_DF (DF stands for “Dwight Fairfield”)
    • CA_Head01_MT (MT stands for “Meg Thomas”)
    • CA_Head01_CM (CM stands for “Claudette Morel”)
    • CA_Head01_JP (JP stands for “Jake Park”)

Codes used to display the locked status for a mask:

    • CA_Head01_DF_L
    • CA_Head01_MT_L
    • CA_Head01_CM_L
    • CA_Head01_JP_L

Additionally, you can press and hold the ‘Power’ button to charge the Chainsaw. The Leatherface’s chainsaw actually has a default charge with cool-down times of 2 seconds. His tantrum will have a default duration of 5 seconds.

Leatherface’s Perks

As we’ve mentioned, Leatherface actually has three unique perks that you can unlock for other Killers through the Bloodweb. Here’s for the detail about his perks:

    • Knockout
      When you break down a survivor with the basic attack, their view will decrease and they will get the Blindness status effect. They then crawl 50% slower for 15 seconds. After that, the survivors cannot see the knocked down survivor’s aura farther away from them than 32, 24 or 16 meters.
    • BBQ & Chili
      Barbecue & Chilli
      All other survivor auras will be revealed to you for 4 seconds each time a survivor is hooked, as long as they are 40 meters away from the Hook’s location. You can also earn a 25% bonus to all Blood Point gains for each unique Survivor hooked once.
    • Franklin’s Demise
      Franklin’s Demise
      The survivors will drop their items when hit with a basic attack. Then, if it is not recovered within 150, 120 or 90 seconds, it will be lost to the Entity.

Here are the best perks and builds for Leatherface:

    • BBQ & Chili (The Cannibal Perk)
      A deep bond with The Entity will unlock the potential in one’s Aura-reading capability. Once you hook a survivor, the  auras of all survivors  will be revealed to you for 4 seconds, as long as they are farther than 40 meters from the Hook. You will get a stack-able 25% bonus to all Bloodpoints gains each time a survivor is hooked for the first time.
    • Hex Rui (The Hag Perk)
      A Hex affecting all Survivor’s generator repair progress. Then, all generators will automatically regress at a percentage of the normal regression speed every time they are not being repaired. As long as the related Hex Totem is standing, the Hex’s effects will persist.
    • Franklin’s Demise (The Cannibal Perk)
      When you use your vicious basic attacks, it will make survivors drop their regular items or limited items on impact. If it is not recovered within several seconds, the lost items will own their Charges that are depleted by the Entity. The lost items’ auras  will be revealed to you within 32 meters. Then, it will  fade from white to red slowly when the timer elapses.
    • Distressing (General Killer Perk)
      When you use your horrifying emanation, it will strike at a supernaturally long distance. When you use your terror, the radius will be increased by 22, 24, or 26%. Sure, your distress will give you 100% bonus Bloodpoints for actions in the Deviousness category.

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