When Does Stranger Things Leave DBD (Dead by Daylight)

In Dead by Daylight, there are currently 22 chapters that consist of ongoing chapters and finished chapters. One of the chapters available in Dead by Daylight is Stranger Things that was based on the Television Series entitled  ‘Stranger Things’ aired on Netflix.

Reportedly, the Stranger Things chapter has left Dead by Daylight, but a lot of players seem to not be ready for the end of this chapter, as it is very sure and challenging. However, this chapter has absolutely left the DBD. Let’s find out the real information about it through our post below!

When Does Stranger Things Leave DBD (Dead by Daylight)

When Did Stranger Things Leave Dead by Deadlight?

According to Behaviour Interactive, all Stranger Things content has not been available in Dead by Daylight since November 17, 2021. Certainly, the players could no longer purchase or unlock everything related to Stranger Things.

Specifically, Behaviour Interactive, the developer of Dead by Daylight, really  removed all contents related to Stranger Things on November 17, 2021 at 2 p.m EST that is 7 p.m. GMT in the United Kingdom.

On November 17, 2021, the gate to the Update Down was  closed. Then, the Underground Complex Map has been permanently sealed off to players. Some main characters such as Nancy Wheeler, the Demogorgon and Steve Harrington have not been available to purchase in Dead by Light.

What Are Contents Available on Stranger Things Chapter  in DBD?

As a throwback, there were a number of contents available in the Stranger Things chapter in Dead by Daylight. One of the main contents available are the characters, the outfits, the Hawkins National Laboratory Map, and many more.

Even though the Stranger Things chapter has not been available in Dead by Daylight, but the players who have bought any of the Stranger Things characters can still use those characters. They will still have access to them and be able to use them after November 17, 2021, though they are no longer to purchase.

Here’s a list of Stranger Things character for sale from August 18, 2021 – November 17, 2021:

    • Nancy Wheeler: 50% Off
    • Steve Harrington: 50% Off
    • The Demogorgon: 50% Off

You should know that all collections and outfits that are related to Stranger Things have no longer been available to purchase in Dead by Daylight. However, the players who have bought the Stranger Things outfits can continue to equip them after November 17, 2021, though they are no longer to purchase.

For more information, the players who wanted to buy any of the character outfits before November 17, 2021 should buy them at full price or at half price. Even though the character outfits have not been longer available in Dead by Daylight, the players can still use them.

Here’s a list of Stranger Things character’s outfit for sale :

On August 18th – November 17th (11am EDT)

Nancy Wheeler

    • Business ’85: 50% Off
    • Justice Seeker: 50% Off
    • Snow Ball Dress: 50% Off
    • Days of Rose: 50% Off
    • Impulsive Activist: 50% Off
    • Sad Cupcake: 75% off

Steve Harrington

    • Scoops Away: 50% Off
    • Last-Minute Babysitter: 50% Off
    • This-Is-Not-Happening: 50% Off
    • High School Hunk: 50% Off
    • Jonathan Byers: 50% Off
    • Red Nosed: 75% Off

The Demogorgon

    • Escaped Specimen: 50% Off
    • Twisted Demogorgon: 50% Off
    • Geo Mutation: 50% Off

Why Did Stranger Things Leave Dead by Daylight?

Why Did Stranger Things Leave Dead by Daylight

The Stranger Things came to Dead by Daylight two years ago to create an enjoyable experience for prior fans of the game after two modern horror staples merged together. However, on November 17, 2021, Behaviour Interactive removed all contents related to Stranger Things.

A lot of fans are wondering why Stranger Things finally left Dead by Daylight, though it is included in one of the player’s favorite chapters. So, why did Stranger Things leave Dead by Daylight?

The reason why Stranger Things left Dead by Daylight is because of its license that has most likely run out for Behaviour Interactive. In this case, the developers prefer not to re-submit for a license. So, when it happens, the developer should remove the content from the game.

Just like Stranger Things in Dead by Daylight, the Lego Lord of the Rings also befell the same experience where the contents were removed from sale because of the soundtrack licensing conflicts.

Related to the Stranger Things IP, from November 17, 2021 onward, they would no longer sell subsequent maps of characters, though any previously Stranger Things content will still be available for players.

What Happens to Stranger Things Killer, Survivors, Map and Perks?

As a throwback, the Stranger Things content is still available in the game for the players who have already purchased it. After November 17, 2021, the Hawkins National Laboratory map will no longer be available.

Before November 17, 2021, the characters Nancy Wheeler, Demogorgon and Steve Harrington would be able to use, assuming they have been bought before they are removed from sale.

All Stranger Things Perks, add-ons and teachable perks that are related to the Stranger Things character continued to be unlockable in the character’s Bloodwebs. Moreover, the Daily Rituals are still available for players who have the Stranger Things characters.

Talking about achievement, the players didn’t lose their progress on the characters that they already have. However, the achievements were made generic, then if you already had completed the achievement, it would be automatically unlocked for them.

About teachable perks for Nancy, Steve and Demogorgon, they are still available to obtain on those characters who have them. In this case, any players who have already obtained a teachable perks will continue to own it available to learn on their other characters.

About Stranger Things

As we’ve mentioned, Stranger Things was the thirteenth Chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight. DLC here stands for Downloadable content as an additional content added to the game of Dead by Daylight.

This chapter was released on 17th September 2019 and Behaviour Interactive actually stated that Stranger Things will be available until 17th November 2021. This DLC brings A Killer (The Demogorgon), Two Survivors (Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington) and A Map (The Underground Complex).

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