How to Fix DBD Error Code 8012

When you are disconnected from live services of Dead by Daylight game, you may encounter error code 8012. This error is caused by the game servers which are not working properly and maybe some other reasons. If you encounter error code 8012 in Death by Daylight, you may want to try the methods below to fix it.

The Methods to Fix DBD (Dead by Daylight) Error Code 8012

According to the Game Skinny site, here are some methods to try for fixing Dead by Daylight (DBD) error code 8012.

Checking the Server Status

You find that there is an error code 8012 in DBD, the first method that you are able to try to apply is to check the server status of the game. You can do that on the Downdetector site. If you find that there are a lot of reports on the graphic screen, the meaning is that there are server outages all over the globe. If so, there is no method that you can do to fix it. You just have to wait before servers go back up online. You may need to wait for some hours.

If this game is played on Steam, you have to make sure that you do not do that on Tuesday between 1 pm and 3 pm PDT. It is because during that period, Steam does its weekly scheduled network maintenance test so that all games including Dead by Daylight will not be able to be played. So, error code 8012 may happen.

Installing or Repairing Easy Anti-Cheat

There are a lot of PC games now which use the EAC system. It is done to prevent attempts at hacking and cheating in online games. This software is also used by Dead by Daylight. However, it is important for you to know that if it is not installed or it is installed incorrectly on your PC, it may cause game crashes and it may include 8012 error code.

If you want to install or repair EAC, here are the steps.

    • First, you have to go to the Dead by Daylight folder on your PC.
    • After that, you need to find the ‘Easy AntiCheat’ folder.
    • In this step, right click on the ‘EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe’ file.
    • And then, you need to choose the ‘Run as Administrator’ option.
    • If you find that it is not installed on your PC yet, then you need to choose Install.
    • However, if you find that it is already installed, then you have to choose Repair.
    • Now, you need to confirm by pressing Yes.

You need to wait for the installation or the repair to complete and then you can try to play the game again.

Rebooting Your System

Rebooting your system usually can fix any errors. So, you can try to reboot your PC or console to fix this error code or you can reset your wifi router.

If you find that your Wifi is laggy, you are able to switch to Ethernet connection or you are able to try mobile internet to see whether the problem I solved or not.

Furthermore, according to Game Revolution, you are able to check your network at home. You have to try to restart your PC or gaming console as explained earlier and power cycle your modem, router or gateway. Not only that, you are also able to move your gaming device closer to your wifi router if it is possible or you are able to switch to a wired Ethernet connection. You are also able to try to disable any active VPN. And at last, you have to make sure that the gaming device can successfully connect online through a network check or by loading another game, app or website.

Trying Flushing Your DNS

According to Game Revolution, you are able to try flushing your DNS to fix the 8012 error code. This method is according to a post on the Dead by Daylight forums. It is explained that it will be able to solve any bad or outdated connections between your PC and the servers of the game. Here are the steps to flush your DNS.

    • First, the Run dialog box needs to be opened. It can be done by pressing Win + R.
    • After that, you have to type ‘cmd’ to open the command prompt.
    • And here, you need to enter ‘ipconfig/ release’ to remove the current IP address.
    • In this step, you need to type ‘ipconfig/ renew’ to request a new IP address from DHCP.
    • At last, you need to type ‘ipconfig/ flushdns’ to refresh IP entries.

The Cause of Error Code 8012 In DBD

According to the Stealth Optional site, the cause of Dead by Daylight error code 8012 can be because of problems with the server. So, it is recommended for you to check the status of the server before you do anything. If you find that there is a problem in the server which requires the developer to fix it, then there is no way that you can do to fix this. The thing that you are able to do is only to wait for the developers to solve the issue.

Sometimes, this error can also happen because of a problem with your internet connection or Easy Anti-Cheat.

About Dead by Daylight

How to Fix DBD Error Code 8012

As explained on Wikipedia, Dead by Daylight is a survival horror video game and it is developed by Behaviour Interactive. In June 2016, this game was released for Microsoft Windows. In June 2017, this game was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On September 24th, 2019, this game was released on Nintendo Switch and on April 17th, 2020, this game was released on iOS and Android. In October 2020, this game was released in the Stadia version. In November 2020, this game was released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions.

In this game, most killers only have one form of locomotion. It moves at a pace that is moderately faster than that of a sprinting survivor. When the survivors are hunted, the killer needs to capture them by striking them with their weapon or grabbing them in one move by catching them unexpectedly.

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