How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact with Cooking Pot

Cooking is the great way to keep your party healthy. If you know what you are doing, it can produce a variety of special items and bonuses. While you are able to find most of the ingredients you need by buying them from The Good Hunter and General Store in Mondstadt. Also, you are able to process the raw ingredients you find to complete more complex recipes.

Cooking In Genshin Impact With Cooking Pot (Basic Cooking)

Cooking with basic ingredients is simple, however there are a few surprises along the way. Basic ingredients are picked up off the floor, dropped by creatures or scavenged from trees. To cook them, you will need to visit a fire with a cooking pot. The easiest place to do that in the early game is only by the bridge leading up to Mondstadt. If the fire is not lit, so you have to ignite it with a fire ability such as Amber’s charged normal attack. When it is active, you are able to use a cooking pot for all sorts of purposes.

When you interact with a fire, you are able to choose which recipe you want to make

When you interact with a fire, you are able to choose which recipe you want to make. Each recipe has its own ability. After you have made that recipe several times and maxed its ability, automatically it will be made for you once you choose it. When cooking a recipe manually, you have to time a button press to when the spoon reaches the highlighted area on the cooking bar. Please hit it perfectly, and you are going to cook an extra tasty version of the recipe you selected that gives additional bonuses when consumed. Remember that different characters in your party have different special dishes in their repertoire. Before you commit to cooking a dish, you are able to choose which character cooks it with Square on PlayStation4. For instance: Amber is best at Steak, while Kaeya is best at chicken skewers. If you choose one of those characters to cook their speciality, so you have a chance of bagging extra powerful versions of the meal that are better than the perfect dishes you can cook by yourself. It is very worth checking if you have a character with a particular specialty before you commit.

How to Process 3 Ingredients In Genshin Impact

Here is how you are able to process 3 ingredients in Genshin Impact, so you will be able to progress in your Adventurer’s Handbook and cook more recipes. Early on in Genshin Impact, your Adventurer’s Handbook is going to ask you to Process 3 ingredients. This task is in Chapter three of your Adventurer’s Handbook. If you are wondering how to do that, we are going to share the steps below.

go to a cooking pot

To get started, you have to go to a cooking pot. You are introduced to cooking pots even earlier in the game. You should already be aware that there is a cooking pot directly outside Mondstadt. Once you go to the cooking menu, you are able to move over one tab, and then go into the Process section. Here, you are able to discover a list of items which can be processed. For instance, the first item listed is Flour. For processing the items takes a few of time. For your information, Flour can take one minute to process fully. While Sugar takes three minutes to process fully. For your purposes, you are going to need 1 unit of Wheat to get 1 unit of Flour.

Also, you are able to enter the amount of an item you want to make with the slider which pops up after you choose to cook. If you stay in the menu after you start processing, you will be able to see the item’s processing time counting down in real-time. After your ingredients are done processing, you are able to go back to the Processing menu at the cooking pot, and then choose ‘obtain’. Now that you have gotten your Flour, you are able to process it more times to complete the process 3 ingredients task in your Adventurer’s Handbook.

It is also beneficial to process as many ingredients as you can at once. For instance, if you process 1 unit of Sugar, please wait one minute and process another unit of Sugar. Then the first one can finish processing before the second one does. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a method for the game to tell you once your ingredients are done processing, so you will have to check back into the cooking pot manually to get your finished ingredients. Luckily, you are able to regain your items from any cooking pot. It does not have to be the one you originally put the ingredients in. Well, this is all you have to know about how to process three ingredients in the game of Genshin Impact to progress your Adventurer’s Handbook and start cooking, even more recipes.

Processing ingredients in Genshin Impact. Where to find more ingredients?

Outside of the basic meals you are able to cook with meat and fowl. There are tons of more complicated recipes you are able to make with better ingredients. At Adventure Rank 15, you are able to purchase more recipes from The Good Hunter. But, before that you will be able to purchase all sorts of fun ingredients from the General Store which is located on the main street in Mondstadt. With those in hand, once you interact with a fire, you are able to press R1 on PS4 to switch to the Process menu. Here you will be able to combine your basic ingredients and process them into more complicated ones. For instance, you are able to turn multiple stacks of meat into a sausage. Of course, this will take time, but it is how you access the more potent recipes in the game of Genshin Impact and also to become a true culinary master in Genshin Impact.

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