How to Play Cookie Run Kingdom on

Cookie Run Kingdom can only be played on iOS and Android. How can you play it on PC? No worries! If you’re unable to play Cookie Run Kingdom on a mobile device, instead you can still play it on PC through a mobile cloud called

If you do not know yet how to play Cookie Run Kingdom on, you shouldn’t worry, since this post will show you the guide of playing this game on Okay, you can just dive into our post to find out the guide. Here you go!

Can You Play Cookie Run Kingdom on

How to Play Cookie Run Kingdom on

After visiting the Cookie Run Kingdom page on, there is a notification that shows that Cookie Run Kingdom is currently not available on, so you cannot play this game on. Instead, you need to download Bluestacks X that will allow you to play Cookie Run Kingdom on PC.

Once you’ve downloaded Bluestacks, you can then click bluestacks-installer(version).exe at the bottom-left corner of your browser. If you do not see it, you can open your Downloads folder and then double-click the installer.

You can then click ‘Yes’ to let the installer to run. Then, click on the ‘Install Now’. If the installation is complete, a new window will open automatically. Then, click on the ‘Co’plete’ and Bluestacks is now installed and will automatically launch. So, you can start playing Cookie Run Kingdom on PC.

Okay, that’s how to play Cookie Run Kingdom on PC using Bluestacks, not on

What Is

It is known that is the ultimate platform used for playing games online for free without having to download them. Just like playing other online games, you can really play Cookie Run Kingdom on uses the mobile cloud technology that changes the gaming experience for game developers and consumers. When playing games on, you do not need to download or install the games and won’t also receive annoying updates, no more memory-hogging apps.

Through, you will be able to jump straight into your favourite Android apps and games. To play games on, you can just visit and find your favorite games. You can just click the ‘Play in Browser’ button and then play the game instantly in the browser.

How to Play Cookie Run Kingdom

How to Play Cookie Run Kingdom?

Cookie Run Kingdom is a RPG game that allows you to build your Cookie kingdom and also collect cookies through the game’s gacha to fight in a variety of game modes. At the beginning of the game, you will receive a piece of land to build structure and amenities and help you in collecting resources.

If you are new to Cookie Run Kingdom, you may need some tips and tricks that allow you to successfully build your cookie kingdom. Okay, there are some guides for beginners to play Cookie Run Kingdom. Here are they:

1) Choose a server for your play style

On Cookie Run Kingdom, there are two servers to pick from when you start fresh, they are Pure Vanilla and Hollyberry. If you choose Pure Vanilla, the game content will be harder. So, if you are a beginner, it would be better for you to choose Hollyberry, since you will not run into super experienced players who have been playing since day one. However, if you play with your friends, you should pick the same server.

2) Make sure to not hurry up to upgrade your buildings

You shouldn’t hurry up to upgrade your buildings, though you are tempted to immediately do it. What you should do is to wait to upgrade buildings which can help you make products like Jellybean Jam and Robust Axes.

When you are upgrading the production buildings, they will need more and more intensive time. Keep in mind, Tree of Wishes and the Bear Jelly Train will only require for those items if your buildings have them unlocked. If you are not ready, it will be expensive and overwhelming to make it.

3) Your buildings must always make something

You may need to keep your building cooking where it will continue to make items when your app is closed. If necessary, you can try to queue up as many things as you can. Well, it would be better for you to have a large stock of items rather than to make items to order. So you can just load up on stuff.

4) Always equip your Cookie toppings for power

On Cookie Run Kingdom, toppings are very important that can be used to increase your Cookie’s strength. As the equipment system, Toppings will perform differently to boost your cookie’s stats.

To equip your Cookies, you can just put defensive toppings on your frontline cookies and cooldown or attack Toppings on your healers and attacker cookies. On Cookie Run Kingdom, there are three tiers of toppings available.

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t invest too much into upgrading your Toppings until you can get the M-sized Epic Toppings, due to the fact that you will hit a point in which XS and S sizes are not useful.

5) Treasure is just as important as your cookies

 Aside from Toppings and cookies, you can also take three Treasures with you to every battle, each with their own effects. Some may raise your defense or attack passively, while others heal your party, put up barriers, revive a party member or also add a debuff to enemies.

However, those are very important, since certain bosses will have buffs you can negate or you may need an extra layer of protection when fighting a tough stage. Additionally, you can swap out your Treasure on the team edit screen which appears before starting a level.

6) Obtain cookie soulstones to gain new cookies and upgrade existing cookies

To unlock new cookies, you can always use Cookie Soulstones if you’re unlucky in the Cookie Gacha. You can get Cookie Soulstones from completing specifically labelled Dark Mode Levels, trading Rainbow Shells in at the Rainbow Shell Gallery or turning in PvP currency. It will take 20 Soulstones to make a cookie.