Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters List

Cookie Run Ovenbreak is a Mobile game for iOS and Android. This is an endless runner game where you have some game modes like Trophy race, cookie trials, Breakout mode, and more. However, other than these game modes, in this game, there are also many cookies you can play as. Well, here is the Cookie Run Ovenbreak Best characters list for you.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters List

Here is the Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters List

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters List

New Cookies

First Release

    • Space Doughnut (Epic)
      Space Doughnut
    • Yoga Cookie (Epic)
      Yoga Cookie (Epic)
    • Pilot Cookie (Rare)
      Pilot Cookie (Rare)
    • Popcorn Cookie (Epic)
      Popcorn Cookie (Epic)
    • Dark Choco Cookie (Epic)
      Dark Choco Cookie (Epic)

2017 Updates

    • Dr. Wasabi Cookie (Epic)
    • Mustard Cookie (Epic)
    • Dark Enchantress Cookie (Legendary)
    • Matcha Cookie (Epic)
    • Sparkling Cookie (Epic)

2018 Updates

    • Ice Candy Cookie (Epic)
    • Avocado Cookie (Epic)
    • Whipped Cream Cookie (Epic)
    • Chili Pepper Cookie (Epic)
    • Grapefruit Cookie (Epic)
    • Salt Cookie (Epic)
    • Squid Ink Cookie (Epic)
    • Pomegranate Cookie (Epic)
    • Millennial Tree Cookie (Legendary)
    • DJ Cookie (Epic)
    • Hello Kitty (Special)
    • Mimmy (Special)
    • Marshmallow Cookie (Epic)

2019 Updates

    • Fig Cookie (Epic)
    • Carrot Cookie (Epic)
    • Beet Cookie (Epic)
    • Purple Yam Cookie (Epic)
    • Milk Cookie (Epic)
    • Ion Cookie Robot (Epic)
    • Cyborg Cookie (Epic)
    • Plum Cookie (Epic)
    • Yogurt Cream Cookie (Epic)
    • Walnut Cookie (Epic)
    • Roguefort Cookie (Epic)
    • Mala Sauce Cookie (Epic)
    • Pitaya Dragon Cookie (Legendary)
    • Birthday Cake Cookie (Epic)
    • Firecracker Cookie (Epic)
    • Chestnut Cookie (Epic)
    • Pudding Cookie (Epic)

2020 Updates

    • Blueberry Pie Cookie (Epic)
    • Raspberry Mousse Cookie (Epic)
    • Rose Cookie (Epic)
    • Spinach Cookie (Epic)
    • Sandwich Cookie (Epic)
    • Mango Cookie (Epic)
    • Ananas Dragon Cookie (Legendary)
    • Cookiedroid (Special)
    • Cream Unicorn Cookie (Epic)
    • Leek Cookie (Epic)
    • Captain Ice Cookie (Epic)
    • Sorbet Shark Cookie (Epic)
    • Lobster Cookie (Epic)
    • Mocha Ray Cookie (Epic)
    • Truffle Cookie (Epic)
    • Melon Bun Cookie (Epic)
    • Goblin Cookie (Epic)
    • Croissant Cookie (Epic)
    • Timekeeper Cookie (Legendary)
    • Popping Candy Cookie (Epic)
    • Shining Glitter Cookie (Epic)
    • Chess Choco Cookie (Epic)

2021 Updates

    • Earl Grey Cookie (Epic)
    • Cookiemals (Epic)
    • Churro Cookie (Epic)
    • Ice Juggler Cookie (Epic)
    • Starfruit Cookie (Epic)

Returning Cookies


    • GingerBrave
    • GingerBright
    • Strawberry Cookie
    • Skater Cookie


    • Zombie Cookie
    • Angel Cookie
    • Muscle Cookie
    • Ninja Cookie
    • Soda Cookie
    • Rockstar Cookie
    • Devil Cookie
    • Cherry Cookie
    • Alchemist Cookie
    • Gumball Cookie
    • Pistachio Cookie
    • Vampire Cookie
    • Cheesecake Cookie
    • Knight Cookie
    • Princess Cookie
    • Cheerleader Cookie


    • Hero Cookie
    • Skating Queen Cookie
    • Kumiho Cookie
    • Pirate Cookie
    • Werewolf Cookie
    • Snow Sugar Cookie
    • Wizard Cookie
    • Tiger Lily Cookie
    • Mint Choco Cookie
    • Fairy Cookie
    • Cocoa Cookie
    • Pancake Cookie
    • Kiwi Cookie
    • Herb Cookie
    • Cream Puff Cookie
    • Peppermint Cookie
    • Orange Cookie
    • Moon Rabbit Cookie
    • Macaron Cookie
    • Carol Cookie
    • Red Bean Cookie
    • Pink Choco Cookie
    • Cherry Blossom Cookie
    • White Choco Cookie
    • Adventurer Cookie
    • Blackberry Cookie
    • Red Pepper Cookie
    • Lemon Cookie
    • Lime Cookie
    • Roll Cake Cookie
    • Cinnamon Cookie
    • Cotton Candy Cookie
    • Dino-Sour Cookie
    • Peach Cookie
    • Prophet Cookie
    • Apple Cookie
    • General Jujube Cookie
    • Onion Cookie
    • Banana Cookie
    • Licorice Cookie


    • Moonlight Cookie
    • Wind Archer Cookie
    • Sea Fairy Cookie
    • Fire Spirit Cookie

Cookies Rarities

Cookies are the main playable characters in the game, each with unique theming and skills. They are the runners who have to dodge obstacles and pits and gather Jellies. The majority of Line Cookies returned to this installment, with the new Cookies introduced alongside. Each month, either one or two Cookies are released, and older Cookies are frequently buffed with Costumes, Magic Candy, or simple statistic improvements. As of the Season 6 Update, all Cookies in the game have the maximum level of 15. For your information, Cookies are classified into five rarities. Here are they:

    • Common
      Common Cookies are weak Cookies who are easy to get, all being unlocked from the start. Lots of copies of them are required to fully upgrade them. There are just four Common Cookies, all from previous games; GingerBrave, Strawberry Cookie, GingerBright, and Skater Cookie.
    • Rare
      Rare Cookies are available from every type of Chest in the Gacha, so they are naturally collected in large amounts. Several Rare Cookies are able to be surprisingly useful, as they receive Magic Candy and other upgrades, occasionally overshadowing even Epic Cookies. There are 17 Rare Cookies, with just one brand new one, Pilot Cookie.
    • Epic
      Epic Cookies are the most numerous rarities of Cookie, most newly added Cookies are Epic. They tend to be strong. The large amount of them means that there is a lot of variation in their power. The main method of collecting Epic Cookies is by spending Crystals on Special Cookie Chests and Supreme Cookie Chests, or utilizing Spirit Potions on them. Apparently, the amount of them is constantly increasing.
    • Legendary
      Legendary Cookies are a group of powerful and flashy Cookies. They are not easy to accumulate. They just appear in Gacha chests with a 1% opportunity, and Spirit Potions cannot be used on them. Usually, legendary Cookies are received from other shops, including the Guild Shop, Breakout Shop, and Medal Exchange, or as Breakout Rewards. They are extremely difficult to collect. Several Legendary Cookies have a Legendary Combi Pet, while other Legendary Cookies have an Epic Combi Pet, or no Combi Pet at all.
    • Special
      Special Cookies are promotional Cookies. They are available during Events, and are extremely difficult to earn without spending real money. For your information, there have been three Special Cookies; Hello Kitty and Mimmy promoting Sanrio, and Cookiedroid promoting the Google Play Store. Special Cookies need less copies to level up.

About Cookie Run: OvenBreak

Cookie Run: OvenBreak is a game made by Devsisters. It was released on September 26, 2016 in Canada, Sweden, Philippines, Hong Kong, Netherlands, and Australia, with a pre-registration event which is no longer running. On 27 October 2016, Cookie Run: Ovenbreak was released globally, except for China. This is the first game which Devsisters has released since they launched LINE Cookie Run in January 2014, and marks their departure from utilizing the LINE and Kakao instant messaging platform.

While Cookie Run: OvenBreak retains most attributes from the previous Cookie Run, including the gameplay and much of the graphics, it changes the scoring and leaderboard system significantly, while also introducing brand new Cookies, Treasures, and Pets. It includes mechanics not previously implemented in LINE Cookie Run and Kakao Cookie Run, such as Guilds, Champions League, and a Breakout Mode.

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