Cookie Run Characters Generator

Cookies are the playable characters that have their unique skill, which is useful to gather coins, run longer, and gain points. The players are able to buy cookies with coins or crystals. Cookies are available to purchase with coins after the players have completed the requirement. With the correct combination of Cookies and Pets, the pair will be granted an additional skill for the players to use.

When you come to this page, probably you are looking for information about Cookie Run characters generator. Actually, there are many Cookie Run character generators that you can use to choose a Cookie for you, but, here we are going to inform you about one of them.

Cookie Run Characters Generator

About Cookie Run Characters Generator Tool

The Cookie Run Character Generator is a web tool which will allow you to generate a character for the game Cookie Run. This generator will provide you with a list of random Cookie Run characters so that you are able to discover the perfect one for your game character.

By making the Cookie Run Character Generator tool, the creator wants to make it easier for you who want to play the Cookie Run game with you friends or family members but do not know how to name your characters.

Cookie Run is a game where the players need to escape from a series of cookies that are chasing them. Based on the research, the game has been around since 2012 and has over one million downloads on the Google Play Store and App Store.

What Can You Do with a Cookie Run Character Generator?

    • It will help you to generate Cookie Run characters, and you are able to use them for your character in the Cookie Run game. Also, you are able to share them with your friends.
    • It will provide your favorite Cookie Run characters like Gingerbread Man, Baby Ruth and other iconic characters in the game.
    • Cookie Run Character Generator can be used for fun and generate fake Cookie Run characters or sample Cookie Run characters.
    • Cookie Run Character Generator tool works well on Windows, Chrome, Firefox, MAC, Linux, Edge, and Safari.

Using Cookie Run Characters Generator

Here is a way to use Cookie Run Characters Generator tool:

    • At the first step, you are able to visit this link here.
    • To generate Cookie Run characters, you are able to click at 5 characters, 10 characters, 15 characters, or random. For example, you click at 5 characters, then there will be Cookie Run Characters such as Walnut Cookie, Cherry Blossom Cookie, Tiger Lily Cookie, Blueberry Pie Cookie and Pomegranate Cookie.
    • Also, to generate Cookie Run characters, you are able to enter a number, then click at the Generate button. For example, you enter 5, then there will be 5 results.
    • The last, you will also can click at the Show All button to generate all Cookie Run characters.

Cookie Run: Ovenbreak Characters List

Here is the Cookie Run: Ovenbreak characters list:

New Cookies

First Release

    • Space Doughnut (Epic)
    • Yoga Cookie (Epic)
    • Pilot Cookie (Rare)
    • Popcorn Cookie (Epic)
    • Dark Choco Cookie (Epic)

2017 Updates

    • Dr. Wasabi Cookie (Epic)
    • Mustard Cookie (Epic)
    • Dark Enchantress Cookie (Legendary)
    • Matcha Cookie (Epic)
    • Sparkling Cookie (Epic)

2018 Updates

    • Ice Candy Cookie (Epic)
    • Avocado Cookie (Epic)
    • Whipped Cream Cookie (Epic)
    • Chili Pepper Cookie (Epic)
    • Grapefruit Cookie (Epic)
    • Salt Cookie (Epic)
    • Squid Ink Cookie (Epic)
    • Pomegranate Cookie (Epic)
    • Millennial Tree Cookie (Legendary)
    • DJ Cookie (Epic)
    • Hello Kitty (Special)
    • Mimmy (Special)
    • Marshmallow Cookie (Epic)

2019 Updates

    • Fig Cookie (Epic)
    • Carrot Cookie (Epic)
    • Beet Cookie (Epic)
    • Purple Yam Cookie (Epic)
    • Milk Cookie (Epic)
    • Ion Cookie Robot (Epic)
    • Cyborg Cookie (Epic)
    • Plum Cookie (Epic)
    • Yogurt Cream Cookie (Epic)
    • Walnut Cookie (Epic)
    • Roguefort Cookie (Epic)
    • Mala Sauce Cookie (Epic)
    • Pitaya Dragon Cookie (Legendary)
    • Birthday Cake Cookie (Epic)
    • Firecracker Cookie (Epic)
    • Chestnut Cookie (Epic)
    • Pudding Cookie (Epic)

2020 Updates

    • Blueberry Pie Cookie (Epic)
    • Raspberry Mousse Cookie (Epic)
    • Rose Cookie (Epic)
    • Spinach Cookie (Epic)
    • Sandwich Cookie (Epic)
    • Mango Cookie (Epic)
    • Ananas Dragon Cookie (Legendary)
    • Cookiedroid (Special)
    • Cream Unicorn Cookie (Epic)
    • Leek Cookie (Epic)
    • Captain Ice Cookie (Epic)
    • Sorbet Shark Cookie (Epic)
    • Lobster Cookie (Epic)
    • Mocha Ray Cookie (Epic)
    • Truffle Cookie (Epic)
    • Melon Bun Cookie (Epic)
    • Goblin Cookie (Epic)
    • Croissant Cookie (Epic)
    • Timekeeper Cookie (Legendary)
    • Popping Candy Cookie (Epic)
    • Shining Glitter Cookie (Epic)
    • Chess Choco Cookie (Epic)

2021 Updates

    • Earl Grey Cookie (Epic)
    • Cookiemals (Epic)
    • Churro Cookie (Epic)
    • Ice Juggler Cookie (Epic)
    • Starfruit Cookie (Epic)

Returning Cookies


    • GingerBrave
    • GingerBright
    • Strawberry Cookie
    • Skater Cookie


    • Zombie Cookie
    • Angel Cookie
    • Muscle Cookie
    • Ninja Cookie
    • Soda Cookie
    • Rockstar Cookie
    • Devil Cookie
    • Cherry Cookie
    • Alchemist Cookie
    • Gumball Cookie
    • Pistachio Cookie
    • Vampire Cookie
    • Cheesecake Cookie
    • Knight Cookie
    • Princess Cookie
    • Cheerleader Cookie


    • Hero Cookie
    • Skating Queen Cookie
    • Kumiho Cookie
    • Pirate Cookie
    • Werewolf Cookie
    • Snow Sugar Cookie
    • Wizard Cookie
    • Tiger Lily Cookie
    • Mint Choco Cookie
    • Fairy Cookie
    • Cocoa Cookie
    • Pancake Cookie
    • Kiwi Cookie
    • Herb Cookie
    • Cream Puff Cookie
    • Peppermint Cookie
    • Orange Cookie
    • Moon Rabbit Cookie
    • Macaron Cookie
    • Carol Cookie
    • Red Bean Cookie
    • Pink Choco Cookie
    • Cherry Blossom Cookie
    • White Choco Cookie
    • Adventurer Cookie
    • Blackberry Cookie
    • Red Pepper Cookie
    • Lemon Cookie
    • Lime Cookie
    • Roll Cake Cookie
    • Cinnamon Cookie
    • Cotton Candy Cookie
    • Dino-Sour Cookie
    • Peach Cookie
    • Prophet Cookie
    • Apple Cookie
    • General Jujube Cookie
    • Onion Cookie
    • Banana Cookie
    • Licorice Cookie


    • Moonlight Cookie
    • Wind Archer Cookie
    • Sea Fairy Cookie
    • Fire Spirit Cookie

Cookie Run: Ovenbreak Best Characters Tier List

Here is Cookie Run: Ovenbreak best characters tier list:

S Tier

    • Wind Archer Cookie
    • Spinach Cookie
    • Moonlight Cookie
    • Blackberry Cookie
    • Marshmallow Cookie
    • Sea Fairy Cookie
    • Lime Cookie
    • Peach Cookie
    • Dark Choco Cookie
    • Peppermint Cookie

A Tier

    • White Choco Cookie
    • Sorbet Shark Cookie
    • Snow Sugar Cookie
    • Plum Cookie
    • Raspberry Mousse Cookie
    • Roguefort Cookie
    • Purple Yam Cookie
    • Soda Cookie
    • Cocoa Cookie
    • Herb Cookie

B Tier

    • Gumball Cookie
    • Fig Cookie
    • GingerBrave
    • Space Doughnut
    • Captain Ice Cookie
    • Avocado Cookie
    • Lemon Cookie
    • Dr. Wasabi Cookie
    • Kumiho Cookie
  • Fire Spirit Cookie

C Tier

    • Shining Glitter Cookie
    • Lobster Cookie
    • Earl Grey Cookie
    • Moon Rabbit Cookie
    • Ninja Cookie
    • Licorice Cookie
    • Alchemist Cookie
    • Cookiedroid
    • Firecracker Cookie
    • Onion Cookie

D Tier

    • Zombie Cookie
    • Pistachio Cookie
    • Muscle Cookie
    • Carol Cookie
    • Yoga Cookie
    • Popcorn Cookie
    • Princess Cookie
    • Angel Cookie
    • Ion Cookie Robot
    • Skater Cookie

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