How to Draw a Cookie Run Base

Tutorial of drawing Cookie Run Base and a variety of Cookies is trending on TikTok. Many TikTok creators who also live playing the Cookie Run game try to share their own creation on drawing Cookie Run Base and Cookies. Due to their followers’ request, they finally draw Cookie Run Base and various Cookies and share the tutorial on their TikTok account.

If you also want to draw Cookie Run Base, you can try to discover some TikTok posts showing the tutorial of drawing Cookie Run Base. In addition to discovering TikTok posts, you can also look for some blogs that show you the guide to draw Cookie Run Base.

To make it easier for you to get the guide, we’ll show you the way and reference to draw Cookie Run Base in our post below. Here you go!

Tutorial of Drawing a Cookie Run Base

There are so many tutorials of drawing Cookie Run based on various characters and cookies on TikTok, YouTube and also blogs. Of course, the creators commonly show you step-by-step to draw a Cookie Run Base, so you can mimic their tutorial and easily draw the Cookie Run base characters and cookies.

    • Tutorial on TikTok

TikTok is the most popular social media app in the world. So, it does not wonder if many creators switch to share their content on TikTok than on other social media apps. With either short or long videos, the followers can easily get the points of which the post talks about. So, it does not wonder if TikTok has a huge amount of users.

On TikTok, you can really find the tutorial of base drawing for Cookie Run characters. One of the TikTokers who posted the tutorial of drawing Cookie Run based on the character is Chuusvnilla.  In his post, he really shared the way on how to draw Cookie Run base.

Here’s step-by-step that Chuusvnilla account shared of drawing Cookie Run base:

    • First, you need to open a photo editor app or also use a paper to draw it manually.
    • On a photo editor app or a paper, you can start to draw a circle.
    • Then, face guidelines.
    • After that, you can try to draw its cheeks.
    • Then, make a line to draw the neck and then its shoulders.
    • You can then try to draw how you want to position the arms.
    • Try to draw its body and then legs.
    • Once it forms a base character of Cookie Run, that means your base draw is completed.

To get a clear tutorial of drawing the base character of Cookie Run with those steps above, you can try to watch the TikTok video posted by Chuusvnilla here.

    • Tutorial on Blog

In addition to getting the tutorial of drawing the base character of Cookie Run, you can also find the tutorial on blogs, including Tumblr. You may already know that Tumblr is a microblog platform that allows the users to post text, photos, links, music and quotes.

On Tumblr, there is a post written by terrascookiejar-achive that shares the tutorial of drawing Cookie Run base. In the tutorial, the writer allowed you to learn the sprite sheets of the characters that can be found on the Cookie Run Wiki.

Tutorial of Drawing a Cookie Run Base

To draw in a style, it will help to study the style too and find out the elements of how the characters are put together. For the Cookie Run Kingdom game, the writer revealed that it went hand in hand with the writer’s style, since a lot of it is very Geometric.

Tutorial of Drawing a Cookie Run Base image 2

The writer also stated how basic shapes can really go into making the character design solid and it seems to largely be the basis of how Cookie Run renders its characters. The writer also revealed the Cookie Run characters built like Purple Yam and Milk Cookie use the more basic geometry as building the foundation of the character. Of course, it all comes down to a simpler style based on form.

Tutorial of Drawing a Cookie Run Base image 3

The writer also used basic shapes to draw the CR base. Well, the easiest and fastest way to do so is to try drawing a Cookie Run base character, build them as you can see in the picture and then adjust that into how you draw.

Tutorial of Drawing a Cookie Run Base image 4

In fact, Cookies on Cookie Run are not all the same shape. In this case, shapes really can go into how you will interpret your CR character and their personality. You shouldn’t be afraid to think outside of the box and look at different shapes for different characters.

How to Make Your Own Cookie on Cookie Run: Kingdom?

As a player on Cookie Run, you can design a Cookie character like those they play with every day. Of course, you will also have a chance for your design to be featured in the game’s ever-expanding roster of Cookies.

If you are in the selected 30, you will also win an exclusive Sugar Gnome Plushie. The next 1000 players with the best designs will also win 3,000 crystals. Of course, every participant will get a reward of 500 crystals.

Furthermore, participation is encouraged since the minimum reward is about 500 crystals. These crystals will really help you get two of the new best characters in the game.

    • To enter the content, you can head to the Cookie Run Oven Website here.
    • Then, click on the start button in CRKINGDOM’s first anniversary Oven section.
    • Head to Cookie Run: Kingdom OC Maker.

At this page, there are many customization options that are available for you to personalize your Cookie designs including:

    1. Clothes
    2. Mustaches
    3. Glasses
    4. Necklaces
    5. Scarves
    6. Earrings
    7. Background
    8. Text
    9. Hairstyle
    10. Color
    11. Facial marking
    12. Eyes
    13. Eyebrows
    14. Shoes
    15. Head accessories
  • Afterwards, you can click the green tick mark on the right as the design is completed.
  • You can then click on ‘Save your design’.
  • Last, you need to fill out the Google Form link to enter participation details.

Unfortunately, this contest event has been over, so you can no longer participate.