Raspberry Cookie Run Toppings

There are a lot of cookies in the game known as Cookie Run Kingdom. One of them is called Raspberry Cookie. Everyone who plays the game will be able to choose the toppings for all the cookies, including for Raspberry Cookie. Toppings are important in this game as they are the ones with the ability to modify the states of the cookies. The best toppings for the cookies are the ones that synergize with the combat role and abilities of the cookies.

When talking about Raspberry Cookie and toppings, you may want to know about the best toppings for this cookie. So, what are the best toppings for a Raspberry Cookie? As stated before, the best toppings for the cookies are the ones that synergize with the combat role and abilities of the cookies. It means the best toppings for Raspberry Cookie should be the ones that synergize with the combat role and abilities of Raspberry Cookie. Then, what are these toppings?

Some combo of Swift Chocolate and Solid Almond are known to be the best toppings for Raspberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. For anyone who wants to go whole-hot on Cooldown Reduction, you are suggested to place Swift Chocolate on all five topping spaces. It is recommended especially if they are high tier. It should be noted that high tier Chocolate adds more than 1.8% to Cooldown Reduction. If you equip five of them, you will be able to get the extra 5%. There is no doubt that it is a pretty valid build, knowing that Raspberry is in charge of the cookie that is a damage dealer and she has a very powerful skill. Aside from that, you are also advised to consider throwing in at least one Solid Almond in there for Damage Reduction. Even by just throwing one high tier Solid Almond you will be able to get 1.7% Damage Reduction, which means a lot for a front line like Raspberry Cookie. Not only that, you can also consider three Swift Chocolates and two Solid Almonds or vice versa. However, it is better for you to only use one Swift Chocolate because Raspberry is not a tank but a DPS character.

As you already found out the best toppings for Raspberry Cookie, it might be a good idea for you to learn more about this cookie. If you are interested, you can check out the following information:

Raspberry Cookie Run Toppings


    • Rarity: Epic
    • Position: Front
    • Type: Charge
    • Pronouns: She/Her
    • Cookie Décor: Berry Tea Party
    • Bonds: Bombs & Cherry Blossoms
    • Release Date: September 2, 2021
    • Game Description: “Amidst the generous raspberry fields illuminated by the Hollyberry Kingdom’s hot sun, proudly stands the grand Chateau Raspberry. In this place of history and culture, Raspberry Cookie was born and raised. Just like her great ancestors, she began fencing even before she learned the intricacies of aristocratic etiquette and rhetoric. Raspberry Cookie has been molded to become the heir and defender of the noble House Raspberry, sworn to protect its legacy. With her sword in hand, elegantly glazed hair fluttering in the summer breeze, and the proud House Raspberry banners behind her back, Raspberry Cookie is about to claim another victory from the clasp of fate.”
    • Soulstone Description: “This stone holds a piece of Raspberry Cookie’s soul. Tempered with the honor and integrity of a knight, it’s as if it’s challenging you to a duel.”

Raspberry Cookie is known as an Epic Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. It was released together with Hollyberry Cookie in the first part of the Heart of Courage and Passion update (version 2.0.102). This cookie is of the Charge type and she is the position that is prioritized to the Front. This one has an appearance in the storylines of Grandberry Market and Hollyberry Palace. Plus, she also serves as a Stage Boss in Stage 11-27.

What is the personality of Raspberry Cookie? Raspberry is known as a fencer of House Raspberry. As a fencer, she is honorable and fair. This one takes dueling and the dignity of her family seriously. It is shown after hearing the negative opinion given by Princess Cookie on seeing Cookies fighting each other. That time, she challenges her to a duel. However, this cookie buries the hatchet as soon as possible and then lands her hand to GingerBrave and friends to stop Pitaya Dragon Cookie from getting rid of the Hollyberry Kingdom.

Just like any other cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, Raspberry Cookie has skills. For those who are wondering about her skills, they are as follows:

    • 14 second base Cooldown
    • Single hit DMG: 42.0% (+0.56% DMG per level)
    • DMG of final hit: 334.0% (+4.54% DMG per level)
    • ATK Reduction: -40.0% for 3.0 sec

There are some other interesting things about Raspberry Cookie. Some of them include:


    • Gacha Pre-Pull: Losing is not an option.
    • Gacha: Fear the scarlet crest!
    • Wish: Glory to House Raspberry!
    • Loading Screen: I challenge you to a duel!; En garde!; For House Raspberry!; Get back if you don’t wanna get hurt!; Let’s see who’s stronger!
    • Skill: It’s OVER for you!
    • Victory: You didn’t think I’d lose, did you?; And… done!; I won, fair and just.
    • Defeat: This can’t be!; I may fall, but House Raspberry will prevail!; Urgh… If only I trained harder…


    • Promotion: I shall not tarnish my legacy!; I don’t believe in miracles, only hard work!; The crest of raspberry is carved onto my very soul.; I will become House Raspberry’s greatest fencer!; Cookies of House Raspberry, draw your swords!
    • Ascension: Remember the scarlet raspberry!
    • Level Up: What do you think of my skills?; I’ve been practicing!; Ugh, enough with your talk. Pick up your sword!; Once again, I brought honor to House Raspberry!; I will become a knight with elegance and strength.; Only through vigorous training can I perfect my swordwork.; I’ve devoted myself to my sword.; I want to bring honor to my house!


    • Kingdom: House Raspberry! Remember this name.; I must become precise and swift!; Again, with grace!; Hyah! Tah! Haha!; I will persist until victory is mine!; Surrender? Never!; Giving up the sword… is giving up on being a Cookie.; Ha! Take that!; Up for sparring?; I may be young, but I’m a knight nevertheless!; My sword for House Raspberry!

Cookie Info: Losing is not an option.; I fight for victory, and victory only!; Please, my sword is faster than you.; The scarlet raspberry is much more than just beauty!; My sword carries my family’s legacy!; Fight me, fair and square!; You lack elegance and speed!; I do enjoy my victories.; I must not forget the strawberry jam shed on the raspberry fields…; You’re in the presence of the scarlet blade!

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