Latte Cookie Run Toppings

Cookie Run Kingdom is known as one of the most popular mobile games. In this game, you will be able to control powerful cookies. There are a number of cookies in this game. One of them is called Latte Cookie.

Just like any other cookies in the game, as a player, you are able to choose the toppings for Latte Cookie. Talking about toppings, they are the ones that modify the states of the Cookies. That’s why it is important for you to choose the best ones, which synergize with the combat role and abilities of the Cookie.

So, what are the best toppings for the Latte Cookie? For anyone who is wondering about the best toppings for Latte Cookie, there are two optimal ways that you can choose for her toppings. The most recommended topping for this one is x5 Searing Raspberries (full ATK build). The reason why it is best for her is because it will give her a lot more Attack Power, which is good for an offense-oriented character like her. Aside from x5 Searing Raspberries, you can also choose x5 Swift Chocolate as the topping of Latte Cookie. By giving her this topping, she will be able to use her abilities much more often. While both are good options, it is better for you to go with x5 Searing Raspberries most of the time.

Toppings Latte Cookie

After finding out about the best toppings for Latte Cookie, you may want to check out about Latte Cookie. As a player, it is important for you to know about all Cookies in the game known as Cookie Run Kingdom, including Latte Cookie. So, what is a Latte Cookie?


    • Rarity: Epic
    • Position: Middle
    • Type: Magic
    • Pronouns: She/Her
    • Cookie Décor: Latte Atelier
    • Bonds: On a Graduation Day
    • Events: Parfaedia Institute, Light the Beacons!, The Expedition to Protect Earthbread
    • Release Date: March 5, 2021
    • Game description: Coffee or milk… that is the question. Why not both? Latte Cookie’s dough was formed with coffee most bitter and acrid, balanced with the creamiest and smoothest blend of milk. With her etched staff in hand, she gracefully draws beautifully patterned Latte Glyphs in the air while daydreaming. But watch out! By chance, one of these Glyphs could be a powerful sigil for a grand spell! During her years as a student, she spearheaded research on the development of Coffee Magic with a rather eccentric aficionado of coffee. Thanks to her efforts, Latte Cookie was granted a professorship at the Parfaedia Magic Institute. You’d think that a professor would be more punctual, especially with their own lectures. But not Latte Cookie! She’s more invested in savoring a warm latte before class. Though far from achieving the Professor of the Year Reward, she knows a thing or two about inspiring her students. With her genuine compliments and encouraging smile, Latte Cookie is the favorite professor of many.
    • Soulstone Description: “This stone holds a piece of Latte Cookie’s soul. Promise that you won’t forget how to relax and be confident, OK?”

Latte Cookie Run Toppings

Latte Cookie is known as an Epic Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. This one was released on March 5, 2021, along with Cream Puff Cookie in the Beacons of Unity update (version 1.2.001). She is included in the list of the Magic type. Besides, she has the position that is prioritized to the Middle.

Latte Cookie is apparently a professor at the Parfaedia Institute. There, she is in charge of teaching the art of Coffee Magic to the students through her Latte Glyphs. In the Parfaedia Institute Event, she was the main character. At the time, she taught Entry-Level Magic Circle in the General Course. Not only that, this cookie also makes an appearance in Light the Beacons Story. In addition, she plays a supporting role in its sequel called The Expedition to Protect Earthbread.

What is the personality of the Latte Cookie? Latte Cookie is the kind of one who loves to inspire others. As a professor of the Parfaedia Institute, she inspires her students to improve their work by giving compliments. Aside from that, she also does not hesitate to give encouraging smiles to her students. Sometimes, she comes late to work as she is distracted by the aroma of a good latte. Actually, it is not the only reason as sometimes it is also due to her own flawed sense of direction. While it is true that she seems a bit not serious, in some situations, especially in the dangerous ones, she knows her place and what to do. In these kinds of situations, she usually wields her Latte Magic to great effect.

Just like any other cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, Latte Cookie has skills. For those who are wondering about her skills, they are as follows:

    • 15 second base Cooldown
    • Single hit DMG: 109.9% (+1.33-1.34% DMG per level)
    • Periodic DMG duration: 5.0 sec, 5 ticks
    • Inner Latte Glyph DMG (total): 143.7% (+1.74-1.75% DMG per level)
    • Outer Latte Glyph DMG (total): 132.8% (+1.61-1.62% DMG per level)
    • CRK-silence.png Silence: 1.0 sec
    • Immobilized: 5.0 sec

There are some other interesting things about Latte Cookie. Some of them include:

    • There is a possibility that Latte Cookie is a combo of the Coffee and Milk Tribes as lattes in general are essentially the result of mixing coffee and milk.
    • Latte Cookie has an internal name of cookie0516.
    • Latte Cookie has a milk cat. This information is mentioned in the Latte Atelier.
    • According to the loading screen of Latte Cookie, she strongly believes that one should always remember where they started.
    • Both Latte Cookie and Espresso Cookie teamed up as research partners and remain old friends. There are two quotes said by Latte Cookie in her description that are likely to be references to Espresso Cookie. They are “I knew a Cookie who counted every second. What a Cookie!” and the “rather eccentric aficionado of coffee”.
    • There is also a quote from Latte Cookie that says “Turn to page 394. Oh, did we already cover this?” This one is the reference to Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series.

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