How to Get to Musk Reef in Genshin Impact

To activate the Spiral Abyss Dungeons and participate within, you need to reach the Musk Reef island as one of the ways to do it. Musk Reef is a secret island located in the eastern part of Cape Oath which is on Galesong Hill, Mondstadt.

Of course, your task here is to find the Musk Reef island by following multiple routes explained below. Here’s how!

Step 1: Go to Cape Oath

You need to go to Cape Oath that can be found to the east of Dadaupa Gorge. After you’re there, you can see a large purple portal which is floating in the air but cannot be accessed yet.

 Go to Cape Oath

Here, a puzzle should be solved before the island can be accessed. You can start by picking the 3 ghosts up to the altar.

Step 2: Kill your enemies

Kill your enemies

You can look around the area. Here, you have to see a small circular stone structure as well as some enemies moving around. Well, that’s wildy suggested that you need to kill off your enemies first in order to have no obstructions for the next way.

Step 3: Find three Mysterious Seelie

You can try and look for the blue spirit creature named Mysterious Seelie in a bigger radius around the initial stone structure. If you have found it, you will be able to lead them back to the stone structures by leading them in a general direction. If the spirit is almost closer at the very edge of the area, you just simply jump up and down near the edge to obtain it come in.

Find three Mysterious Seelie

Here, you need to catch at least three mysterious Seelie as one of the obstacles in finding the Musk Reef. First Mysterious Seelie can be found not far from the puzzle location which is in the north near the trees. Second Mysterious Seelie can be found at the north end of the cliff and the third Mysterious Seelie can be found on a steep hill to the south of the puzzle.

Step 4: Fly up to the portal

Fly up to the portal

if you have successfully returned all three Mysterious Seelie, an air current will show in the middle of the structure. To fly up to the portal, you can use your glider after which you automatically will be transported to the Musk Reef island.

Well, those are all steps that you can follow in order to find the Musk Reef island which is so secret and invisible to find. However, if you are really blank without knowing the route in finding the Musk Reef, we guess getting the Musk Reef island is just your illusion.

How about you? Are you ready to find the Musk Reef island by following our steps above? If so, make sure that you do not miss a step to make it easier to enter the Musk Reef island.

Knowing More Musk Reef Island

Musk Reef

As we’ve explained, Musk Reef island is a secret and invisible island that you can find in the Galesong Hill region. Of course, to reach this island, you will confront multiple complicated obstacles that may tribulate you to face them. But if you are already undergoing any obstacles ahead, you’ll think those are so handy to encounter.

The Musk Reef initially was a mountain known as Pilos Peak for two thousand years ago. This island is a home to mostly level 20 mobs with a notable supply or ores such as iron or white iron. Known, the Musk reef is a secret island as it’s not visible and the players need to enter the portal after completing some hard obstacles before.

If you deeply notice the Genshin Impact map, the Musk Reef location is at the very bottom-right. That’s directly to the right of Cape Oath where you have to go in order to find the Musk reef.

You actually can just reach the point at adventure level 20, however obtaining those levels is such a slow process at all. Don’t worry! You’re lucky enough to access our page here, you absolutely find the great ways to enter the Musk Reef island without waiting until a lot of points are reached.

How does the Spiral Abyss work?

In Musk Reef, there is a Genshin Impact domain called Spiral Abyss as an instanced dungeon which stores a great source of various resources and materials. Of course, the entrance can be found in Musk Reef as an unreachable island east of Mondstadt. If you wonder how the Spiral Abyss Dungeons forms and how it works, we also give our time to explain it in this post.

The Spiral Abyss here  is a valuable type of Abyssal Domain which can change over time. This place is unlocked at Adventure Rank 20 which can be accessed through the wormhole in the sky at the edge of Cape Oath

The Spiral Abyss is divided into 12 floors in which each floor has 3 chambers. Each chamber has 3 hard challenges that the players should complete while clearing a chamber. Once you have completed those challenges, an Abyssal Star can be yours. To enter to the next floor, it allows you to already obtain at least 6 Abyssal Stars from the previous floor.

Moreover, the Spiral Abyss is also formed of two parts: The Abyss Corridor and the Abyssal Moon Spire. To unlock it, you need to clear out 8 floors of the Abyss corridor permanently. To note, the royal treasures which are found in the corridor of Abyss, connecting the world to the Abyssal Spire cannot change or reset over time.

Of course, there are some restrictions in the Spiral Abyss and if you defy 5 chamber consecutively, you are forbidden for:

  • Consuming food or other consumables
  • Changing the  party members
  • Changing the artifacts or weapons
  • Leveling up or ascend characters

For more information, in the Spiral Abyss, each floor has different Le Line Disorder that can give buffs or debuffs to the characters, enemies or both. To complete the challenge easier, you definitely have to always take the effects of the Ley Line Disorder into consideration.

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