How to Get the Beans in Wacky Wizards Roblox

Beans in Roblox Wacky Wizards are a new-special ingredient to combine with other ingredients to make magic potions. As they are free ingredients, beans are well-hidden inside the volcano and the path there’s riddled with many traps. So, if you want to get them, you should go through a few steps within a volcano.

To complete the quest, you will need access to an Explosive, Giant and Tiny Potion. Getting beans is not too hard, however they do require some specific potions and some distance running to obtain. After completing the potion section of the quest, you may then have to create some specific jumps over a dangerous lava pool to eventually find the Beans.

So, how to get the beans? Thankfully, this post will guide you on how to get the beans in Wacky Wizard easily. So, let’s find out step-by-step for obtaining the beans in our post below!

Step 1: Finding the dynamite

Dynamite is the first item that you should find in the quest of getting beans. Dynamite is very needed to create an explosive potion to open a wall. After you get the dynamite, you can add it to  your table.

To find the dynamite, you need to go to the desert biome. Search for the sandy ground and green cacti to find it. Once you find the sandy desert biome, make sure to keep running into it until you find a bridge. Well, the dynamite can be found under the bridge.

Finding the dynamite

The dynamite is hanging on the side of the wall under the right side of the bridge. Then, click on the dynamite to pick it up. After that, take it back to your ingredients table. Once finding the dynamite, it’s a great time to create an explosive potion.

Step 2: Create an explosive potion

Once you place the dynamite on the ingredients table to unlock it, you can then add it to your empty cauldron and create an explosive potion. To create an explosive  potion, you can add 1x dynamite to your cauldron. Then, brew an explosive potion.

Create an explosive potion

Afterwards, take it to the Volcano and find an area with cracks in the wall. Last, you need to drink the potion at the wall. After the wall is destroyed, you can move on to the next part of the quests.

drink the potion at the wall

Step 3: Create a Giant Potion

After you explode, you can go back to your cauldron to create a Giant potion with the giant’s ear. Drain your cauldron and then throw a giant’s ear in it. You can then create the potion and don’t drink here.

Create a Giant Potion

You should take the giant potion with you back to the cave in which you used the explosive potion to clear the rocks. You will find a small spoon on the ground, inside of the cave. Click on the small spoon and pour the giant potion on it to create it enlarge which makes a bridge for you.

giant potion

Step 4: Create a tiny potion

Before you go traversing on the spoon, you should teleport back to your cauldron. The last potion you should create is a tiny potion. To create this potion, you have to add one fairy into an empty cauldron where it will make a tiny potion to complete the quest.

The tiny potion  here will make you smaller and lighter which will allow you to take the elevator  at the end of the giant spoon. Otherwise, if you do not create and take a tiny potion, you will fall into the lava.

Create a tiny potion

Once you’ve created a tiny potion, you can take it and run back to the volcano and go over the spoon to the second platform. Don’t jump on the wooden elevator yet. Make sure to drink the potion before you land on it. Drink the tiny potion and then wait for your character to shrink. After you are small, take the elevator up to the next level.

 Drink the tiny potion

Step 5: Complete the wall/obby obstacle

What you should do in this step is to complete the wall/obby obstacle. Here, you need to practice your obby skills, as you will have to jump your way on all of the platforms to reach the top. Complete the short jumping obstacle course once you take the elevator up to the next level.

Make sure to watch your head, so you don’t fall off. If you fall into the lava, please remember that you will have to grab another tiny potion before you run back. Well, at the end of the obstacle course, you will find the glarious beans awaiting for your arrival.

How to Get the Beans in Wacky Wizards Roblox

Step 6: Return with the Beans

After finding the beans, you need to teleport back to the cauldron button and throw the beans into the pot. However, it will allow you to have permanent access to the beans as an ingredient for making any potions.

Additionally, beans can be combined with other ingredients to make funny potions. However, making a potion out of just beans will create a beany potion that turns you into a living bean.

Creating Sus Potion with Beans

Beans can be used to create Sus potion. Aside from beans, you will also need another ingredient, that’s Hat of Gears which is a premium ingredient where you should buy it with Robux. The Hat of Gears costs 150 Robux.

Here’s how to create a Sus Potion!

    • After you already have two ingredients for making the Sus potion,  you need to add them to the cauldron.
    • First, add the beans to the cauldron. Ensure you only add one can of beans.
    • It’s time to add the Hat of Gears to your cauldron. Need to remember that this is a premium ingredient that you must pay for.
    • Well, that’s all that you have to add for the potion. After that, you will see a potion called ‘Sus’ show up on your potion broad.
    • Now, you can spawn the potion and move to the next step.

Congratulations! You successfully create the Sus potion by using the beans.