How to Get Money in Demonfall Fast

When playing the game of Roblox Demon fall, which is inspired of Demon Slayer, you will need a lot of Yen to purchase items from the Black Merchant. By the way, how to get money fast in Roblox Demonfall? Find that answer from this page.

How to Get Money (Yen) Fast in Demonfall

You are able to get money fast when you first start in Demonfall by selling trinkets and mining ore. Please take a look at its explanation below.

How to Get Money in Demonfall Fast

Selling Trinkets

One of the easiest methods for new players to begin obtaining money (Yen) in the game is by farming trinkets and selling them for Yen. Several trinkets have better rarities with gold being the most valuable. A good place where you are able to farm trinkets is in the Hayakawa Village. You are able to discover the trinkets in the hotel building. Also, you are able to find the trinkets in the yards and inside other houses. Five hours of trinket farming will be able to earn you 25,000+ Yen which is more than enough money in Roblox Demonfall.

You are able to tell something is a trinket if it gives you the “E” to interact option. It looks like a ring, cup, jar, or anything else out of place which looks valuable. Also, Hayakawa Village has a vendor that you are able to sell all your trinkets to make this village one of the best methods to farm trinkets for Yen. Another choice you are able to use, at your own risk, is an ESP script. This is going to allow you to see trinket names through the walls and their locations on your HUD (Heads Up Display). Please search for guide about the scripts in Demonfall to determine if you want to use this method.

Remember that you are able to go to the Trinket Mountain location where you will be able to get lots of Trinkets without looking around all over the map. On Youtube, there are some videos that show you where you need to go.

Please check out how much money you can get from different items.


    • Rust: You are going to get 12 Yen
    • Copper: You are going to get 16 Yen
    • Silver: You are going to get 32 Yen
    • Gold: You are going to get 48 Yen


    • Bronze: You are going to get 10 Yen
    • Silver: You are going to get 21 Yen
    • Gold: You are going to get 45 Yen


    • Silver: You are going to get 16 Yen
    • Gold: You are going to get 27 Yen

Ancient Coin

    • 120 Yen

Golden Crown

    • 100 Yen

Red Jewel

    • 200 Yen

Green Jewel

    • 1550 Yen

Perfect Crystal

    • 3000 Yen

After you have collected your Trinkets, simply you are able to visit the shop and interact with the Merchant. Do not forget to choose the option of “I want to sell all my trinkets” and then see if your money will increase by a lot.

Selling Ore

Ore is another commodity which you are able to sell that will give you some Yen. If you are focused on making Yen, then you have to be in the Haganezuka family. Please check out the table which breaks down every family in Demonfall. This family will give you 5x more Yen for selling ore and also deletes the monetary cost to forge items. One hour of farming ores will be able to net you 30,000+ Yen in a short amount of time. Currently, this is the best method to make money (yen) in Demonfall

To find ore, you only need to explore around the map and in caves. Similar to the trinket guide above, you are also able to use an ESP script which will show you the locations of ores that you are able to mine. Once again you are able to use these scripts at your own risk. But, selling ore is almost not productive as lots of the ores you mine will need to utilized to make the items. This is why we suggest you this method in the game after you have extra ore that you do not need for crafting items.

How to Sell Demon Horns in Demonfall?

In addition, here we will also share the way to sell Demon horns in Roblox Demonfall. If you are a Demon Slayer, you probably have some demon parts. You are able to sell Demon Horns in Demonfall to make money (Yen) easily. Just find out where and how to sell them.

You have to follow the steps below to sell Demon Horns in Demon Fall. You do not have to go to the Shop for this, there is a different NPC who can help you out in this situation.

    • At the first step, you have to go to Garry who will take you to any village for 100 Yens.
    • After that, you have to click on Okuiya Village.
    • From there, you are able to head to the Demon Slayer Corps Headquarters.
    • You are going to meet an NPC at this location, his name is John.
    • Please interact with him and he is going to ask you if you want to sell Demon Parts to him.
    • Now, you are able to click on Yes during the interaction.
    • As soon as you do that, then all your Demon Horns are going to be sold to him. Your Yen amount will increase according to it.

The players may discover it difficult to find the Demon Slayer Corps Headquarters location. Check out some videos on YouTube to know exactly where it is. Keep in mind that you are only able to sell Horns if you are a Slayer. If you do not have any Demon Horns yet, all you need to do is defeat Demons. You have to give Rengoku 20 Demon Horns to obtain Flame Breathing. Also, you have to give Grimm 20 Demon Horns to get Wind Breathing. Aside from that, it is important for the players to decide when to keep and when to sell the horns in Demonfall.

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