How to Get Summit Shaper Sword in Genshin Impact Update 1.2

You are able to get the timed exclusive five star sword Summit Sharper from the event wish banner called Epitome Invocation. For your information, the banner is live right now and it has a limit of January 12, 2021, at 15:59:59 (Server Time).

The thing called Summit Sharper comes with a drop rate boost. You should clearly roll for the Summit Sharper sword, great offensive and defensive stats are offered. Aside from that, it is a sword and it is considered as one of the best DPS weapons to get in the game, if not the best, with the ATK % stats and the passive ability of the sword. With it, you will be able to obtain enough Primogems to roll for the Epitome Invocation banner.

Summit Shaper Sword in Genshin Impact Update 1.2

The nuanced version of Weapons banner named Epitome Invocation has introduced a new timed exclusive sword known as Summit Shaper. It is possible for this one to be the next best high DPS sword in the game.

For those who want to know more about the Summit Shaper, here is everything that you might need from the Summit Shaper weapon stats and a few more details on the weapons.

Summit Shaper is the name of the new five-star sword that was introduced by miHoYo to the Genshin Impact game with the version 1.2 update. The official description of the sword is “A symbol of a legendary pact, this sharp blade once cut off the peak of a mountain”. This brand new one is the main featured weapon in the update Epitome Invocation banner of the game, generally known as weapons banner.

There is one thing that you have to take note of. The Summit Shaper increases the shield strength of the wielder, granted they have any activated shield. Besides, it also has the ability to boost the attack damage that stacks up to five. On top of that, the ATK boost effectiveness is increased when under the protection of a shield.

Here is the official weapon stat of the Summit Shaper, a new timed exclusive five-star sword:

  • Base Attack: 46
  • Secondary Stats: ATK%
  • Secondary Stats Value: 10.8
  • Special Ability or Passive Ability: The special ability of the Summit Shaper is known as Golden Majesty. With it, the shield strength can be increased by 20%. The ATK is increased by 4% for 8 seconds by scoring hits on enemies. Max 5 stacks. It can only occur once every 0.3 second. The ATK increase effect is increased by 100% while protected by a shield.
  • Ascension Material: Hunters Sacrificial Knife, Luminous Sands from Guyun, Damaged Mask, and Mora. When the sword level increases, you will have to get similar items, but the high level variants to ascend the Summit Shaper.

Genshin Impact version 1.2 update is currently live and running. Everyone has already begun to dig into the offered content that is brought by the new update. Just like the previous major update, there are new banners to roll. Right now, two things are available. The first one is the Albedo’s banner called Secretum Secretorum and the second one is the Weapons Banner, Epitome Invocation.

Everyone agrees that Genshin Impact is currently a trend game. Visuals is not the only thing offered by this game, it also comes with one of the main updates last month. The newest update, Genshin Impact 1.2 has been released on December 23rd, 2020 and it is available for users on Android, iOS, PC, and PS4 at the same time. This new one is definitely bigger compared to the previous one with new characters, a new snowy region, new storylines, and some amount of changes.

One of the biggest additions to the game is Dragonspine, which is the new snowy region. It has sub zero temperatures along with the usual set of puzzles and quests and new mechanics. It is a new Freeze mechanic that will basically affect your character while exploring the new cold region. You will have to keep your focus on the Freeze meter because it is too low, you are slowly going to start losing health.

For the character, Albedo and Ganyu are the newest additions. For those who have no idea about these two, Albedo is known as a sword wielding Geo element character that has five star rating. As for Ganyu, he also has five star rating, just like Albedo, but instead of an alchemist, he is a Cyro fighter that uses a bow.

There are a lot of new events featured in the new Genshin Impact 1.2 update, including The Chalk Prince and the Dragon and Stellar Reunion and a few different kinds of quests.

If you want to know about the weapons as well, apart from Summit Shaper which is a 5 star sword, there are also some other ones such as Festering Desire a 4 star sword, Snow Tombed Starsilver a 4 star claymore, Draginspine Spear a 4 star polearm, and Frostbearer which is a 4 star catalyst.  The Festering Desire sword can be obtained by taking part in the event named The Chalk and the Dragon. You can get the Snow Tombed Starsilver and Dragonspine Spear by completing the corresponding quests in Dragonspine. As for the forging blueprint for Frostbear, the way to obtain it is by making an offering to the Frostbearing Tree.

In addition, there are also some new artifacts. The first one is called Blizzard Strayer and the second one is Hearth of Depth. Two of them are available by challenging the new Domain of Blessing Peak of VIndagnyr.

In case anyone hasn’t got the update, for PC, you can close the game, re-open the launcher, and click Update. Getting updates on iOS can be done by visiting the App Store and tapping Update. If you use Android, you can visit the Google Play Store instead and tap Update. As for every PS4 user, please highlight Genshin Impact on the Ps4 Home Screen > press the Options button > choose Check for Update.

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