How to Get Mist Breathing in Demonfall

Demonfall is about getting the best breathings and abilities to come on top of the server. Mist is one of the breathing which the players search for. If you want to know how to get this ability, then we are going to share it for you. Keep reading this page to get information on the way to get Mist Breathing in Demonfall. Here is how to get Mist Breathing in Demonfall.

How to Get Mist Breathing in Demon Fall?

Here are steps to Get Mist Breathing in Demon Fall:

    • At the first step, you have to go to Frosty Forest.
    • After that, you have to pay 2000 yen to Mist Trainer Tokito.
    • After you pay him, then he is going to teleport you to a maze.
    • You will need to explore the maze to find Tokito.
    • After you successfully find him, then Tokito is going to bring you out of the maze.
    • Once outside, you are able to go back to Tokito and talk to him.
    • Now he is going to give you the Mist Breathing in Demonfall. There are more skills that you are able to unlock by accessing some forms after you unlock them.

To give you an idea, here is what you need to know about those skills.




1st Skill

Basic Mist Basic Skill
2nd Skill Eight-Layered Mist

The swordsman is able to do 8 slashes, and also a barrage in a sequence. This will deal 15 damage and has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

3rd Skill

Scattering Mist Splash The swordsman is able to mist, and for few seconds become invulnerable. This owns a cool down of 35 seconds.
4th Skill Shifting Flow Slash

The swordsman is able to strike enemies in a quick strike. This deals 20 damage and has a cool down of 40 seconds.

5th Skill

Sea of Clouds and Haze The swordsman is able to go behind the enemy by teleportation. This has a cool down of 75 seconds.
6th Skill Judgment Cut

The swordsman is able to step back and do combo attacks with the sword. This deals 30 damage and has a cooldown of 35 seconds.

7th Skill

Obscuring Clouds

The swordsman is able to do fast movements with a cloud of mist engulfing them.

How to Get Mist Breathing in Demonfall

Miss Breathing in Demonfall

Mist Breathing is a style of breathing in the game of Demonfall. To learn Mist Breathing, first you have to find the Mist Trainer Tokito in the Frosty Forest. Then you have to pay him 2000 Yen. After that, you are going to be teleported to a maze. Once you discover the Mist Trainer in the maze he is going to teleport you out. Now, you are able to talk to him again and receive the first Mist Breathing move. You are able to check the rest through the Slayer skill tree.

For you information, the Slayer skill tree is able to be accessed by using M or pressing the leaf button on the left of your screen on mobile. The slayers have three skill trees: Body, Breathing Style and Sword. The Skill tree will be able to affect your character. The breath part of the skill tree is where you are able to learn more skills for your breathing style. The sword part of the skill tree is where you are able to improve your swordsmanship. Need to know that the shape of every skill tree for breathing is different for each style. For note: The Slayer skill tree differs from Demon skill tree.

Here are some pros and cons:


    • Move set is extremely good for combos.
    • It is extremely hard to escape a combo if the user is experienced.
    • Third form, fifth form, and seventh form are very good for escaping combos.
    • Tokito family is not required to get the full potential


    • It is not many range.
    • It produces a lot of mist that can make it hard to see.
    • Seventh form does not do a lot of damage, usually only one clone hits the enemy.
    • Fifth form has low range and high cool down.

Other Breathing Forms

Besides Miss Breathing form, here are some other breathing forms:

Flame Breathing Forms

    • Rengoku: Summon a dragon that launches itself at opponents. You are able to charge the attack to deal more damage.
    • Flame Tiger: The spin slash with dash of the fire.
    • Blooming Flame Undulation: Spin and launch a fiery arc towards your opponent that will deflect incoming attacks.
    • Flame Bend: Launch your flames in a slash move.
    • Rising Scorching Sun: Run forward and swing a sword at your enemies.
    • Unknowing Fire: Rush forward while you are swinging a sword at your foes.

Thunder Breathing Forms

    • Heat Lightning: One brutal slashing attack.
    • Thunder Swarm: Generates a wave of thunder which hits the opponent and strikes all around them, dealing additional damage.
    • Rice Spirit: Splits 5 attacks all around your character.
    • Six Fold: Move forward and slash opponents in various directions.
    • Thunderclap and Flash:  Charge up and also dash forward to deal damage with some attacks.

Water Breathing Forms

    • Whirlpool: Generate a whirlpool around opponents and deal massive damage.
    • Striking Tide: Rush forwards and use a wave slash to damage opponents.
    • Flowing Dance: Slash at opponents to make images which disorient them.
    • Water Wheel: Dash at opponents and slash your sword to give damage.
    • Surface Slash: slash at opponents with a watery attack.

Wind Breathing Forms

    • Wind Typhon: Launch into the air and then deliver a gust of the wind which engulfs opponents and deals huge amounts of damage to them
    • Gale Slash: Jump backwards whilst releasing a gust of the wind forwards to damage enemies and push back them.
    • Lotus Tempest: Utilize a cyclone to dash forward with speed unlike any other creature
    • Purifying Wind: Jump backwards and generate a green tornado which knocks opponents around the area
    • Dust Claw: Bring your sword up and down to make a four-pringed attack which will damage all opponents in range.

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