How to Fix US Cellular Phone Error Code 408

If you are an US Cellular user, you may often get the ‘error code 408’ on your mobile phone. Sure, this issue is very annoying, all the more you really need to make a call, send a message or even access the internet on your phone.

Since the U.S. Cellular is the fourth-largest mobile operator in the United States, many users who seem to be wondering why this big company often experiences the error codes and even ‘no service’. If you often encounter the error code 408 on the U.S. Cellular, you may have to know the cause why it happens and how to fix it to get it better. Let’s dive into our article below!

How to Fix US Cellular Phone Error Code 408

What Is the Error Code 408 on U.S. Cellular Phone?

Many U.S. Cellular users have reported that they often got an error code 408 on their mobile phone screen. Some of them also experience bad signals or even so signal at all. When this error code appears, they automatically cannot make a call, send a message or even access the internet through their mobile data service.

According to some sources, the error code 408 commonly occurs on the users’ mobile phone when they are in a specific area. Why? As we’ve mentioned, the U.S. Cellular actually offers its mobile network services across a lot of states in the United States.

When people use U.S. Cellular in an area that is not reached by U.S. Cellular network, their mobile phone will show the error code 408 or no signal at all. We think that’s so normal, as it is more of a geo-restricted issue where a U.S. Cellular tower in a specific area will be having the issue of users experiencing the error code.

Apart from problems with geo-restricted issues, there are some reasons why the error code 408 appears on your mobile phone’s screen. It can also occur, because of a temporary U.S. Cellular service outage.

Furthermore, the service outage can also be caused by maintenance, upgrade or also a technical glitch on the U.S. Cellular telecom equipment. When you face this error code, the U.S. Cellular mobile services commonly get restored after a few hours.

Fixing the U.S. Cellular Error Code 408, Here’s How!

Since the error code 408 happens because of the U.S. Cellular network issues, you can surely try to fix it related to the network troubleshooting. It would be better for you to try fixing this issue, before calling the U.S. customer support and also waiting for the service to get back.

Here are some possible solutions that you can do to fix the error code 408 on U.S. Cellular:

Solution 1: Try to restart your mobile phone

The first thing you have to do in fixing the U.S. Cellular error code is to try restarting your mobile phone. If you restart your mobile phone, it can clear out temporary bugs in the device and also initiate fresh logs. Reportedly, most U.S. Cellular users succeed when trying to fix this error code.

Solution 2: Check your phone settings

Your mobile phone should be able to connect your network automatically. But in some cases, a glitch in your phone software can cause an issue in which your phone cannot find your network. If you find this issue occurring on your phone, you can try to search for the network manually.

Here’s how to look for the network manually on your phone:

    • First, go to the Settings menu on your mobile phone.
    • In the Settings menu, you should find the ‘Mobile Networks’ option. After finding it, click on it.
    • After that, you can click on the ‘Network Operators’ option and choose the US Cellular network provider manually.
    • Last, you can reset your mobile phone and check if it actually fixes the error.

Solution 3: Update phone software

You commonly encounter many issues including the error code 408 if you are using older software on your mobile phone. However, it is very necessary for you to check your phone software. To do so, you can click on the ‘Settings’ on your mobile phone and scroll down to choose the ‘Software Update’ option.

If an update is available, you can then update the software on your mobile phone. After clicking an ‘Update’ button, your mobile can start updating the software and will be restarted automatically. Hopefully, this solution will fix this issue on your mobile phone.

Solution 4: Check for service outage

The error code 408 mostly occurs when the US cellular is experiencing a service outage. To check the U.S. Cellular service outage, you can try to visit Downdetector site to check whether  the U.S. Cellular service is down or not.

Moreover, you can also check the comment section on the Downdetector site to see who else is having text, voice and broadband issues in your area. When you find that the U.S. Cellular service is down, you have to wait patiently and let the technician staff fix the issue to get the service back up and running again.

Well, those are a bunch of troubleshooting that you can take to fix the error code 408 appearing on your mobile phone when you’re using the US cellular. So, it’s your turn to try fixing this issue when you accidentally face the error code 408.

What Network Is US Cellular On?

It is said that US Cellular uses AT&T and CDMA networks. The U.S. Cellular company announced its 4G coverage to customers in the first quarter of 2012. Then, they decided to go with LTE for its 4G coverage.

Its LTE network was planned for selected cities in Maine, Iowa, Wisconsin, Texas, North Caroline and Oklahoma. For more information, they also planned to release its first phone with 5G support, the Samsung Galaxy $20 in both urban and rural parts of Winsconsin and Iowa in February 2020.

Okay, that’s everything about the U.S. Cellular company, the network used by the U.S. Cellular, the cause of error code 408 appearing on the US Cellular and also the troubleshooting to fix the error code 408 issue.

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