How to Make a Player a Captain in Madden 21 Franchise

Are you playing Madden 21? If you are playing this game now, you may want to make a player a captain in Madden 21. How to do that? When I tried to search the information about making a player a captain, I found the information about how to get a team captain in Madden 21. The explanations can be read below.

Getting a Team Captain in Madden 21

In Madden 21, there is one of the modes namely Madden Ultimate Team. It was introduced way back in Madden NFL 10. Ultimate Team has a purpose to level up a custom team with tiered trading cards and then use it to compete online. These teams are able to be led by special captains who improve their abilities on the field. How to get one in Madden 21? According to the GameRant site, here is what you have to do.

How to Make a Player a Captain in Madden 21 Franchise

In Madden Ultimate Team, captain plays an important role, especially as starting teams are often very weak overall. Four legendary NFL captains are available to choose. In NFL 21, the available captains are RB Eddie George, DT La’Roi Glover, WR Ed McCaffrey and CB Aeneas Williams.

To start, you have to open Ultimate Team from the main menu. Then, you will be faced with a series of simple challenges which are arranged into a tutorial mode called Ultimate Team 101. After you complete the challenges, you will go back to the Ultimate Team home screen where you are able to pick your team captain.

If you want to start the process of picking a team captain, firstly you need to go through the Captain Tryouts. There, you are able to see four of these that need to be done in order, one for each of the captains in the game. First, Eddie George requires you to have obtained 15+ yards in the drive. Then, La’Roi Glover requires you to prevent 20+ yards on the drive of the opposing team. After that, the third captain is Ed McCaffrey who requires you to pass for 20+ yards on the drive. Aeneas Williams is the final tryout where you are required to allow 15 or fewer yards on the drive of the opposing team.

If you have completed the four tryouts, it will unlock the Team Captain Fantasy Pack which is able to be opened to pick between the four players. After you have selected one, then they will be added to the team. As a high-tier player, it is better that each team has at least one of these legendary captains.

Team Captains in Madden 21

Team Captains in Madden 21

According to RealSport 101, here are team captains in Madden 21.

    • Eddie George, HB
      He has 85 speed, 85 strength, and 85 acceleration and he is physically tough and very versatile. He comes with 85 break tackle and 86 truck 86 carrying.
    • Ed McCaffrey, WR
      He will be a great red zone threat at 6’5″ with 87 jumps. He has 85 speed with 86 acceleration. He comes with 86 medium route running, 86 catch in traffic, 85 catching, and 86 release. He is able to get open.
    • La’Roi Glover, DT
      He has 86 tackles, 87 pursuit and 85 finesse moves. He has got 85 acceleration and it is a great burst for a big guy and 84 strength to battle in the trenches.
    • Aeneas Williams, CB
      It is explained that his 87 OVR version will have 87 acceleration and 85 speed which is good but not great. The great thing about him is his 85 man coverage and 72 catching. So, he becomes a potential pick machine on man-blitz plays.

The Best Team Captain

After you know the list of team captains in Madden 21 above, now you may wonder who the best team captain is. As explained on the RealSport101 site, early in the game Eddie George should be the best option easily. It is because in MUT, having a reliable RB is important and he is able to be your bellcow when you grind out the early challenges and levels.

However, La’Roi Glover has a big boost to run defense early on.  So, according to that site, they both are probably the best options. However, it does not mean that you should choose them.

The Team Captain You Should Pick

As also explained on the RealSport 101, the team captain that you should pick is Aeneas Williams. Why? Here is the explanation about it according to RealSport101.

In NFL Epics, there is an 85 OVR Adrian Peterson who would quickly replace George in your lineup. Also, the future Barry Sanders and Bo Jackson cards that you may want to use. HB is always a well-stocked position which has the possibility to produce continually excellent cards that will be much better than George.

How about McCaffrey? He has immediate competition from Level Master Andre Johnson. If you have those two in your lineup, it will limit your ability to add speedsters like Tyreek Hill and future Randy Moss cards.

There are a lot of MUT players who use a 3-4 defense. The meaning is that you only need one DT and after Warren Sapp arrives that will be that for Glover.

Multiple cornerbacks are needed by you to compete with some of the spread offenses that players run in Weekend League and while he is not the fastest out there he is still good.

About Madden 21

Madden NFL 21 is a football video game from America. This game is based on the National Football League and this game was released for PS4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One on August 28th, 2020.Then, on December 4th, 2020, this game was released for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

In the game, there is Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson as the cover athlete. Also, there are Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis as its commentators in the game.

On iOS and Android, a mobile version entitled Madden NFL 21 Mobile, was released a few weeks before the initial launch of the game as a full rework of the 2014 mobile game Madden NFL Mobile.

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