How to Fix Error “You are not eligible to sign up for Zoom at this time”

Zoom is greatly used these days. You will be able to join a video conference for school, work or even personal uses. Also, you are able to do a group video call with your loved ones. But, some users complaining of the error message say: “You are not eligible to sign up for Zoom at this time” when they attempt to sign up for a Zoom account. You may also have the error message on zoom, so you are at this page to find out the solution.

How to Fix Zoom Sign Up Error

Method 1: Utilize Incognito Mode

 If you receive this message when you are using your browser in normal mode, so you have to try switching to private or incognito mode and check if that works.

By default, the display in Zoom Rooms displays the upcoming meetings scheduled for the room. For public meetings, this includes the meeting topic, the meeting time, and the name of the meeting organizer. While for private meetings, the meeting topic is not displayed.

Method 2: Delete your browser cache

Delete your browser cache

Your browser cache contains temporary files stored on your computer after you have already visited various sites. Its main role is to speed up navigation by loading data faster after having stored part of it on your machine. However, oftentimes, your browser cache might block certain features of the sites you are visiting. One of the reasons is the information in your browser cache. You may have already entered the wrong date of birth, that made you under the age limit. It may have already been stored in your cache and allowing Zoom to remember it. Please clear your cache first before signing up again. You need to clear the browser cache to strike it off as a possible cause of this problem.

In Chrome:

  • On your computer, you are able to open Chrome.
  • At the top right, you have to click More More.
  • After that, click More tools and then Clear browsing data.
  • At the top, you need to select a time range. To delete everything, choose All time.
  • Next to Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files, simply you are able to check the boxes.
  • The last step, click Clear data.

If you are not using Chrome, you are able to go to your browser’s official support page for detailed instructions on how to clear the browser cache.

Method 3: Disable some of your extensions

In fact, Certain browser extensions, especially ad blockers may interfere with Zoom’s site scripts preventing you from completing the signup process. For this case, you have to disable all the extensions while you sign up to Zoom and then you need to check if you are able to register on the platform now.

Method 4: Use a different device to sign up

Some users confirmed that they managed to sign up by using a different device. Maybe the one you are currently using fails to build a stable connection to Zoom’s servers. If you still cannot sign up for Zoom, you have to contact your school admin, partner job or organization and ask them for help. Or you are also able to contact Zoom’s support team.

Method 5: Ask Your Parents or Someone to Sign Up for You

Ask Your Parents or Someone to Sign Up for You

If you want to sign up or join a meeting in Zoom for a class, but you are having the problem with Zoom, so you are able to ask your parents to sign up for you.

Method 6: Check If Your Location Has No Zoom Restriction

If your country has a Zoom restriction, you will not be able to access Zoom. For this case, you need to ensure that your location has no Zoom restriction. Apparently, there are some countries or regions that cannot access Zoom. To know which countries or regions cannot access Zoom, continue reading the following text.

Here are restricted countries/ regions:

  • Cuba

Currently, the users in Cuba are unable to access Zoom services. (For regulatory reasons)

  • Iran

If you are in Iran, you also cannot access Zoom services for now. (For regulatory reasons).

  • North Korea

Currently, the users in North Korea are unable to access Zoom services for some reasons.

  • Syria

For certain reasons, the users in Syria cannot access Zoom services.

  • Ukraine (Crimea Region)

For those who are staying in Ukraine, currently you also cannot access Zoom Service for certain reasons.

Why does Zoom Sign Up Error Occurs?

How to Fix Error “You are not eligible to sign up for Zoom at this time”

If you are not signing up for school usage, you have to know that there is an age limit of 16 that the platform set in place for security reasons. Of course, it can be the reason why you cannot access Zoom services when you try to sign up for your Zoom account. you have to remember that Zoom only allows the users who are 16 years old and above for most countries to sign up for a Zoom account. Even, in other countries, access to Zoom is not allowed. As we explained above, there are some countries that cannot access Zoom including Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Ukraine. If you are below 16 years old or your country’s access is restricted, then you are going to receive the Zoom error message.

In other words, if you are not 16 and you already entered your date of birth confirming that you are under 16, Zoom will be able to remember that piece of information, even if you modify the date of birth afterwards. Zoom will be able to avoid you from signing up. Certain browser settings, the browser cache, or certain extensions which you are using may block some of Zoom’s site features, including the sign up option.

So, which of the methods above that helped you fix the error? Let us know in the section comments below.

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