How to Download Aimbot in Roblox Arsenal for Free

Do you play Arsenal game in Roblox? If you play this game, now you may need aimbot and you want to download it. However, the problem is you do not know how to download aimbot in Roblox Arsenal.

Downloading Aimbot in Roblox Arsenal

It seems that there are not many websites or blogs which talk about downloading aimbot in Roblox Arsenal. However, when I tried to find the information about it, I found some sources. One of the sources is a Youtube video of Verlociti entitled How to Get Aimbot In Roblox Arsenal! (OP) [With Download] which was uploaded on December 1st, 2019. Here are the steps that he uses for downloading aimbot in Roblox Arsenal.

    • The first step is to shut off anti virus. It is because it will detect it as a virus but it is not.
    • shut off anti virus
    • Then, you have to download JJsploit. He download it from He even gives the link in the description section of the video.
    • download JJsploit
    • After downloading JJsploit and then open it.
    • Now, you have to join the Arsenal game in Roblox.
    • Then, press Attach in your JJsploit.
    • After that, hit the Esp and then wait about 20 seconds and hit aimbot. After that, die once.
    • hit the Esp and then wait about 20 seconds and hit aimbot
    • Then, you have to let someone kill you once.
    • let someone kill you once
    • In this step, you are required to press Team Check and then enjoy.

If you want to use the aimbot, you have to hold right mouse button and it will lock on to the nearest enemy. To see completely how it works, you are able to watch the video on Youtube directly.

Talking about aimbot, it is important for you to know whether it is good or it is a cheat. So, make sure that you are wise in using any software when you are playing games. If it is categorized into cheating, bad things, or giving disadvantages to others, it is better for you to avoid it.

About Aimbot in General

What is aimbot actually? As explained on the site, the word aimbot is generally used to describe software which is created to run together with an FPS or as a modification to game files aimed at exploiting different aspects of the game code to the advantage of a player.

Then, what is the reason of people use aimbot? It is for gaining an unfair advantage on other online players. Besides, it is also used to enjoy a game more. Let’s say that you are bad at the game, so you can enjoy the game more with aimbot.

According to, let’s say that it is true that there are people using aimbots to have more fun in offline games. It is no doubt that from a developer perspective, aimbot ruins the way the game was aimed to be played by its creators. On the same website, it is also explained that it is no doubt that in the online world aimbots are viewed as a form of getting an unfair advantage over other players. Damien Mason, expert reviewer at ProPrivacy and freelance technical writer says that aimbots are just another means of cheating in order to get an unfair advantage in competitive video games. To the site, he tells that while aimbots are not punishable by law in the western world, they are against the terms and conditions of any video game and give ground for publishers to sue to perpetrator.

Well, if we look at the explanation above, the use of aimbot, exploit or any other form of cheating is not permitted. It is because actually it is the form of getting advantage which is unfair. So, it is better for you to play Arsenal fairly. You know that playing without aimbot will be challenging and if you can play it successfully without using any aimbot, cheat or exploit, you will be a great gamer. So, make sure to be honest and play fairly.

About Arsenal Game in Roblox

About Arsenal Game in Roblox

Arsenal is one of the FPS games in Roblox. If you like playing an FPS game, this game can be one of your choice. This game was created by ROLVe Community on August 18th, 2015. When this article was being created, the last update of this game was on September 5th, 2021. As of September 7th, Arsenal has been visited more than 3.2 billion times. It means that there are so many Roblox users who have played this game. This number also proves that this game is fun to play. It is important for you to know that you can play this game, but make sure that it does not make you abandon your main task or duty.

In Arsenal game in Roblox, you are able to race to the top through a massive Arsenal of weapons. You have to subdue the day in fast arcade gameplay, from bazookas to spell books.

There are a lot of badges that you are able to get in Arsenal game in Roblox. Here are some of the badges in Arsenal game.

    • Golden Touch

It will be given if you win a game of Arsenal.

    • Stepping Stone

It will be given if you achieve your first kill in Arsenal.

    • Just Business

It will be given if you get a kill with 42 different weapons in one play session.

    • Commander

It will be given if you reach level 10.

    • Right Person, Wrong Game

It will be given if you get a kill with the minigun with the Brute character equipped.

    • Evil no more

It will be given if you are able to get a kill with the double barrel shotgun with the Camp bell character equipped.

    • For Shame

It will be given if you win a knife fight.

    • The New Bebop

It will be given if you get a Peacemaker head shot kill with the Handsome Hoss character equipped.

    • Enforcer

It will be given if you reach level 20.

    • Multi-skilled

It will be given if you accumulate 500 total kills.

    • Sharpshooter

It will be given if you accumulate 1,000 total kills.

    • And many more.

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