Legends Never Die Roblox ID Code

Roblox songs are such a fun, important thing that you do not have to ignore. However, you will really enjoy playing Roblox games while listening to your favorite songs. Of course, you can listen to your favorite songs while playing games, as Roblox has provided a number of popular songs which come from a lot of famous singers.

In Roblox, you will be able to add the audio or songs and play it as your background music, narration, sound effect and more. As there are many songs that you can add into your library, you may be a bit confused about what song is worthy to add into your playlist.

In this chance, we’ll give you one of the popular songs which is very reliable to add into your library, that’s Legends Never Die. So, let’s find out the Legends Never Die song ID from our post below!

Here’s the Legends Never Die Roblox ID Code!

Legends Never Die Roblox ID Code

The ID code of Legends Never Die is 1050582432. If you are playing Roblox for a long time, we think that you will fall in love with a song by an American pop rock band, called Against the Current. However, this song has been rapidly popular in Roblox. So, a lot of players select this song into their Roblox playlist.

After you know the ID code of Legends Never Die, you can then add the song into your library and listen to it while playing Roblox games. Do you already know how to add the Legends Never Die song into your library?

No worries! If you do not know yet how to add Roblox song into your library, this post will give you an easy guide to add the Roblox song into library. Well, once you’ve found the ID code of Legends Never Die, you can then add this song into your library.

You may already know that adding the Roblox song into your library is quite simple to do,  as long as you really know the ID of the song. After  you know the ID code of the song, you just simply add the ID code of the song in the ‘Add song’ option to allow you to play this song easily.

Here’s how to add the ‘Legends Never Die’ song into your Roblox library!

    • Load Roblox app.
    • Log into Roblox with your account.
    • Then, go to the ‘My Songs’ option.
    • In this section, you will see an option that says “Enter song ID”.
    • Here, you need to copy the ID code of ‘Legends Never Die’ song on the blank bar. Well, the ID code of this song has been mentioned above.
    • After that, you need to click the “Add” button and choose the song.
    • Get started to enjoy listening to Legends Never Die song while playing your favorite Roblox games.

Congratulations! You successfully add the ‘Legends Never Die’ song into your library.

How to Listen to the Legends Never Die Song in Roblox?

When you are playing Roblox games, you may want to listen to your favorite songs. Today, the Legends Never Die song will be your favorite song that should be added into your playlist as well. To listen to this song, you need to load the game. You may then find a gear icon.

The gear here is called Golden Boombox available in the Roblox catalog. Sure, it will allow you to play and listen to the songs in Roblox easily. After you’re at a Roblox game, you should click ‘Gear’ and then a GUI will appear.

Well, the GUI will provide a music ID. To paste the ‘Legends Never Die’ song ID into the GUI, you can click on it and tap ctrl-v (cmd-v on Mac). After that, you have to click the ‘Play’ button to start enjoying the Legends Never Die song.

More Roblox Songs ID

You may also need more Roblox song IDs that you can add into your library. To ease you adding more Roblox song IDs into your Roblox library, this post also shows you a list of Roblox Song IDs that you can listen to while playing the Roblox game. Here are they:

Song Code
egg 5128532009
Caillou Trap Remix 212675193
ZEROTWOOOOO 3951847031
SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS (100,000+ sales) 160442087
shrek anthem 152828706
Louis Vuitton – Original 4935996782
raining tacos 142376088
GFMO – Hello (100k!!) 214902446
Pew 2578125671
a 639750143
Fishy On Me 4908301571
ADHD 2725621620
asimo3089 , badcc, KreekCraft – You’re WeLcome 2232185283
Wide Put in Walking Audio 5356051569
Its everyday bro!!!???? 1033033034
A Roblox Rap – Merry Christmas Roblox 1259050178
Raining Tacos. (Original) 142295308
I play Pokemon GO Everyday! 482886779

About Legends Never Die Song

The Legends Never Die song is originally sung by Against the Current, an American pop rock band. This song was released on September 24, 2017. It was also included as an exclusive song for the 2017 League of Legends World Championship.

The Legends Never Die song was written by the Riot Games Music team, Justin Tranter and Alex Seaver and was produced by the Riot Games Music Team, Oliver and Alex Seaver. Eventually, the Legends Never Die song was created into a remix by Alan Walker.

The official music video of Legends Never Die was released on Riot Games’s YouTube Channel on October 18, 2017 and the official audio of Legends Never Die has been uploaded on the League of Legends YouTube channel.

The Legends Never Die official audio has been uploaded on September 17, 2017. This song has over 119 million views and has 1.6 million likes. This official audio gets popularity after this song is used for the 2017 League of Legends World Championship.

Listen to the Legends Never Die on some YouTube videos below!

    • An official music video of Legends Never Die (ft. Against The Current) | Worlds 2017 can be watched on League of Legends channel here.
    • An audio of Legends Never Die Roblox ID – Roblox Music Code can be watched on Roblox Music Codes Channel here.
    • A lyric video of Legends Never Die (Lyrics) Ft. Against The Current can be watched on Rare Vibes Channel here.

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