How to Catch Fish in Roblox Wild Savannah

For those who love animals, have you ever wondered how it feels to be one of them? If you always wonder how it feels to be an animal, now you are able to live as one of them thanks to a game in Roblox. Do you know which Roblox game that can make your dream to be an animal granted?

The name of the game that makes it possible for you to experience life as an animal is called Roblox Wild Savannah. This game is described as an open world animal survival game. This one was released on March 10, 2015. Actually, this game is not fully developed, meaning it is currently still in progress. If you are wondering which developer is developing this game, there are two of them, which are LudicrousCunningFox and Endershadow.

When you play a game named Roblox Wild Savannah, you can choose between one of the animal classes, which are between mammals, birds, and reptiles.

If you want to play as a mammal, there are a few options to choose from, including African cheetah, African leopard, African lion, blue wildebeest, cape buffalo, common warthog, grant’s zebra, impala, kongoni, lycaon, masai giraffe, savanna hare, spotted hyena, thomson’s gazelle, and topi. Besides, you can also play as Al mammals, such as African grass rat and rock hyrax. In the near future, you will also be able to play as aardvark, African bush elephant, common hippopotamus, fringe-eared oryx, and olive baboon. Aside from them, there are also some other mammals that have not yet been work on, such as African crested porcupine, African wildcat, banded mongoose, bat-eared fox, black-backed jackal, black rhinoceros, bohor reedbuck, bushbuck,caracal, common eland, defassa waterbuck, grant’s gaze;;e, gerenuk, honey badger, kirk’s dik-dik, serval, and vervet monkey.

If you are dreaming of playing as a bird, the options that you can choose include African fish eagle, lappet-faced vulture, martial eagle, marabou stork, and white back vulture. As for the Al birds, the options include African jacana, African wattled lapwing, bare-faced go-away-bird, black-bellied bustard, blacksmith plover, cape turtle dove, chinspot batis, crowned lapwing, fischer’s lovebird, giant kingfisher, grey-breasted spurfowl, hamerkop, heuglin’s robin, lilac-breasted roller, little bee-eater, long-tailed fiscal, pied kingfisher, purple grenadier, red-billed buffalo weaver, red-cheeked cordonbleu, red-knobbed coot, spotted palm thrush, superb starling, white-bellied bustard, white-faced whistling duck, white-headed buffalo weaver, and yellow-necked spurfowl. In the near future, you will also be able to play as a maasai ostrich, red-billed oxpecker, and saddle-billed stork.

As for the reptiles, there are currently no options to choose in the game. However, you should be able to play as a Nile crocodile in the near future as it is currently still under development. Besides, African rock python and Nile monitor are also planned to be playable.

As an animal in Roblox Wild Savannah, you are allowed to eat. One of the most popular foods to eat is fish. If you want to eat fish in this game, you will have to know the steps to catch it. So, how to catch a fish in Roblox Wild Savannah?

How to Catch Fish in Roblox Wild Savannah

One of the animals that usually catch fish in Roblox Wild Savannah is the eagle. If you are currently playing as an eagle and you want to catch a fish, below is the guide to follow:

    1. The first thing that you have to do is to look for wetlands. Apart from that, you are also able to find a pond or a river. If you have no idea which one to choose, you are recommended to choose a river.
    2. Once you manage to find a wetland, a pond or a river, it is time for you to fly closer to the water.
    3. In the next step, spam LMC. Please do it until you catch the fish.
    4. After getting a fish, you can land to eat the fish that you just caught.
    5. For those who want to eat the fish while holding it, all that you have to do is to press either LMC or RMC. By doing any of them, it can put it in a better position for eating.
    6. In case you just want to eat like you normally do, you can just drop the fish with B and then eat.

It is worth noting that the guide to catch a fish above is for Testing A, a testing place for Roblox Wild Savanna. The information that is included here may change in the future. While catching a fish in Roblox Wild Savannah as an eagle, you might also need to use some controls. Here is the list of all eagle controls:

    • Move mouse to look around
    • Hold W to move forward
    • Hold W and A/D to move left or right.
    • Hold S to move backwards
    • Tap shift to toggle running
    • Press Q to fly
    • Hold S to fly up
    • Hold W to fly down
    • Hold A/D to fly left or right
    • Hold space to slow down
    • Hold space and press Q to land
    • Press Q and then space and S to fly up fast
    • Press E to drink
    • Press E to eat
    • Press LMC on carcass to pick it up
    • Press B to drop food
    • Press 1 to call
    • Press LMC to attack and RMC to secondary attack

Aside from the eagle controls, you may also need lion controls, as follows:

    • Movement is controlled by W, A, S, D
    • To move forwards, hold W
    • To move backwards, hold S
    • Hold D to turn right
    • Hold A to turn left
    • To sit, press R
    • To lay down, press R again
    • Once laid down, to get up use the same steps this time with T instead of R
    • To sit again, press T
    • To stand, press T one more time
    • Press Z to trot (still hold W to move)
    • Press ctrl key to crouch
    • While crouching, feel free to walk or trot.
    • To run, hold shift whilst moving forward (W)
    • To use sprint, press X (press X again to go back to run)
    • Etc.

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