The Controls for Roblox Wild Savannah

Since there are a number of playable animals with different classes in Roblox Wild Savannah, the controls that you can use for each animal will be different too. For example, if you play as an African cheetah, the controls you use will be different when playing as an African Bush African.

If this is your first time playing Roblox Wild Savannah, you may not know what controls for each animal, right? If so, you do not have to worry, as this post will show you the controls for all the animals that you can play in Roblox Wild Savannah. Hopefully, it will be easier to play the game whatever the animal you choose.

The Controls for Roblox Wild Savannah

Controls for All the Animals in Roblox Savannah

After you choose an animal in Wild Savannah, you can click the ‘Open Controls’ option that is available on your game screen. The controls can be used for any purposes when you play as a certain animal.

When you choose to be an African Lion, you will use the controls to hunt and kill other animals as your food source. First thing first, you can use the control to observe other animals as a target. After that, you need to lurk the targeted animals wherever they go.

Then, if you have good timing, it’s a great time for you to catch and kill your targeted animal. Well, you can use the controls to perform some actions in the game.

As we’ve mentioned, the controls for each animal in Wild Savannah will be different. If you really want to know how to use the controls for each animal, you definitely can see the controls used for each animal in the following section, here they are:

African Lion Controls

    • 1: Roar (Cancel by pressing SHIFT or attacking)
    • 3: Growl
    • CTRL: Crouch (X and Z to toggle crouching speed, R while crouching to lay flat)
    • LMB: Paw swipe attack
    • RMB: Pounce
    • SPACE: Quick turn while turning
    • Q: Dodge backwards (You can turn camera right or left to turn in that direction)

African Leopard Controls

    • 1: Roar
    • 3: Growl
    • Y: Climb up/down
    • CTRL: Crouch
    • LMB: Paw swipe attack
    • RMB: Pounce
    • SPACE: Click while turning to quick-turn

Café Buffalo Controls

    • 1: Grunt
    • 2: Low rumble
    • 3: Distress call (Can only be used when pounced by predators)
    • 4: Aggressive snort
    • R: Rest
    • SPACE: Quick turn
    • LMB: Attack
    • RMB: Turning attack

Grant’s Zebra Controls

    • 1: Call
    • 2: Alert stance
    • 3: Lip flutter
    • Click LMB: Kick left
    • Click RMB: Kick right
    • Hold LMB: Back kick
    • Hold RMB: Frontal stomp (Trampling attack when sprinting/cantering)

Impala Controls

    • 1: Call
    • 2: Alert Stance
    • 3: Alarm Call
    • LMB: Inflict damage

Coke’s Hartebeest Controls

    • 1: Social call
    • 2: Alert
    • 3: Alarm Call
    • LMB: Ram and damage

Painted Wolf Controls

    • 1: Lower head (You can press 1 again to call)
    • 2: Alert stance
    • 3: Alarm bark (Used when in alert stance)
    • 4: Sneeze
    • LMB: Bite attack (Latches onto herbivores)

Masai Giraffe Controls

    • 2: Alert position
    • LMB: Left kick while standing still (Stomp while moving forwards)
    • RMB: Right kick

Spotted Hyena Controls

    • 1: Long whoop call
    • 2: Short whoop call
    • 3: Laughing call
    • 4: Groaning call
    • 5: Bare teeth
    • 6: Raise tail
    • 7: Pin ears
    • R: Rest
    • Q: Dodge
    • C: Quickly turn and run
    • LMB: Latching attack
    • RMB: Bite attack

Thomson’s Gazelle Controls

    • 2: Alert
    • 3: Alarm Call

Topi Controls

    • 1: Grunting call
    • 2: Alert Stance
    • 3: Alarm Call

African Fish Eagle

    • 1: Loud Call
    • B: Catch fish
    • LMB: Catch fish by flying over water
    • LMB: Talon Slash
    • RMB: A lunge

Lappet-Faced Vulture Controls

    • LMB: Ground attack

Martial Eagle Controls

    • 1: Call
    • 3: Spread wings (Pose 1)
    • 4: Spread wings (Pose 2)
    • LMB: Primary attack
    • RMB: Secondary attack

Marabou Stork Controls

    • LMB: Catch fish by striking at water
    • RMB: Hit targets above you

White-Backed Vulture Controls

    • LMB: Attack

Other Wild Savannah Controls

    • C: crouch
    • 1,3: calls
    • T: let go of food/prey
    • G: make ears down/up
    • F: make tail flick
    • V: pounce/pick up the food (Note: You should have more than 10 to do this)

Testing A Controls

    • CTRL: Crouch
    • Right Click: Pounce (Note: You should be close to a prey item to do this)
    • 1: Calls

Well, those are all the controls for each animal that you can use when playing a certain animal in Roblox Wild Savannah.  With the use of controls, you can perform what you need through the command. So, make sure to understand each control when you are playing an animal in Roblox Wild Savannah.

How Popular is Wild Savannah in Roblox?

Wild Savannah is one of the fighting games in Roblox that is known as a favorite survival game for many players. Roblox Wild Savannah was created in January 2017 by LudicrousCunningFox.

According to the information seen in the official Wild Savannah page in, this game has been visited by more than 54.2 million where it can contain up to 20 maximum players in each server. It is also proven where Roblox Wild Savannah has been favoured by more than 429K users.

Currently, there are 96 active users who are playing Wild Savannah in Roblox at one time. What makes Wild Savannah so exciting is that the game offers challenges for the players to play a role as an animal. Certainly, they can choose your favourite animal as well.

Since the game is about survival, you definitely need to understand and master the skills and also strategies to survive in the wild full of threats where you may be killed anytime.

It’s highly recommended for you to understand how to survive in the wild before you play the game. After choosing an animal in Wild Savannah, you can then learn more about what skills you can need to survive in the wild, depending on the animal you choose.

For more information, the skill to survive in the wild will be different for each animal. For example, if you play as an African Lion, you will have a survival ability that will be different when you play as an African Fish Eagle.

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